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Avatar n tn i have this small lump under my jaw. it hurts whenever i tilt my head up and hold my neck back. its annoying sometimes, im a bit worried, i havent told anyone about this cuz i dont want them to worry as well.. can you help me identify what this is?
198187 tn?1190637930 Does anyone else have pain from time to time under jaw line and sometimes on the sides of my neck and it looks like one side is puffed out ..I cannot feel anything really thought I felt a small knot but Husband said "no" ...or he was just saying that..has anyone experienced this before.
Avatar n tn Left side under jaw.....I take so many Ibuproferin every day and it also feels like a tad bit of a sore throat but mainly on left side of gland....tip of tongue has red bumps on it and feels numb sometimes....feeling frustrated that this has gone on for sooooooooooo long but a little too scared to see doc...sad, i know! :( Any ideas////// is here everyday.....gets worse by the end of everyday. Thanks in advance! BTW...I'm 29 year old female, in great shape....?????? Who knows??
Avatar n tn The other issue has also happened a few days ago. I woke up with a bad ache like pain in the right side of my jaw, seems to be under the cheek bone. Again it varies from day to day but it does annoy when I move my mouth and eat. The thing is I was fine then all of a sudden I have these two odd pains in my neck and jaw which I have never had before.
Avatar n tn I am very scared about a small lump in my neck/under my jaw. Let me start off by saying that I am a healthy (hopefully) 25 year old male. Really, the only thing wrong with me is that I have very bad premature tooth decay which Iave not adequately dealt with that began about 6 years ago. Anyway, a while after having some extensive tooth work done about two years ago, I noticed that I had sore spot under my right jaw.
Avatar n tn Now I have a canker sore on the left, lower side of my mouth (not on the gum), and I'm experiencing jaw pain in the same area, under my neck. I can feel where the vein is pulsating with my fingers. My teeth don't hurt when I chew on that side, and there's no sensitivity to temperature (obviously the canker sore stings when things get into it). The jaw pain didn't start until after I started using mouthwash in addition to brushing.
Avatar n tn HI 4 weeks ago i had painfull glands come up under my jaw line and throat area , they have since gone down . this left me with discomfort that i am aware of under my jawline and in my throat and neck area . I have been to my GP twice, and on both occasions said i was fine , I have had full bloods done and thyroid check all ok. But i still have this discomfort on either side under my jaw , i can still feel a lump either side too touch , under jawline.
Avatar f tn Lymph nodes can be found in a variety of places in the body including the neck and under the jaw and chin. These can become swollen from infection, inflammatory conditions, abscess, or even cancer. When swelling appears suddenly and is painful, injury or an infection ( which is the most common cause) may be considered. On the other hand, enlargement that comes on gradually and painlessly may, in some cases, result from malignancy.
Avatar m tn A couple of weeks ago I noticed a swollen lymph node under my right jaw bone curve. It was painful to the touch, including painful sensation/sore throat when swallowing, in the general area. I didn't experience any type of severe symptoms, such as night sweats or fever. A friend who is an oral surgeon put me on amoxicillin and the pain subsided. He also inspected my throat and said my tonsils were a bit swollen as well.
Avatar m tn Hello, Lymph nodes swell in one location due to any injury, infection, or tumor developing in or near the lymph node. Which lymph nodes are swollen can help identify the problem. Glands on either side of the neck, under the jaw, or behind the ears are swollen in cold or sore throat. Glands can also swell following an injury, such as a cut or bite, near the gland or when a tumor or infection occurs in the mouth, head, or neck.
Avatar n tn While after having some extensive tooth work done (I have severe decay that still persists) about two years ago, I noticed that I had sore spot under my right jaw. When I felt the spot, I could feel a small (bean-sized) lump that was positioned in a hollow space next to the interior of my jaw. The lump seems round, firm (but not hard), and I can freely move it up the other (cheek side) of my jaw.
Avatar m tn For the past three months my son (19) has developed severe stiff neck, sore throat, and pain in lymph nodes (front side under jaw bones) The sympthoms come on suddenly, last a few days, then disappear for a month.. The first two cases were treated with antibiotics and anti-imflam but tests for bactical infection have been negitive. No fever. ENT Dr. does not see any significant inflamation and infectious desease specialist ruled out meningitidis (although no test performed).
Avatar f tn on Friday. I'm very concerned about the sore throat pain, jaw pain and now weird nerve sensation in my neck and throat area. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn But then after a few months I had extremely severe pain form between the tooth and my maxillary sinus on that side, and then pain back to my jaw, and below my jaw down my neck with swollen lymph nodes. Plus when I bite down that tooth and only that tooth hurts. Well, the dentist took new bite wing X-rays and didn't see an abscess or anything and gave me Amoxil which completely elminated the severe pain in 5 days...
Avatar f tn For the past year my symptoms have gone from mild to severe! It started off with light muscle twitching on my lower left jaw and i felt this area was quite swollen - then my gums have been slightly swollen and sore like pounding,pulsating!
Avatar n tn I've had a sore throat for months now and just recently swelling in the top of my neck just under my jaw. I've seen a doctor who put me on allergy meds (2) for post nasal drip, but these haven't made a bit of difference. I'm seeing a ENT doctor soon, but wondered if anyone else have suffered with this problem or have any idea of what it might be. I would really appreciate any info or advice! Thanks!
Avatar n tn I woke up with a tender spot on the right side of my neck, just under my ear, under the jaw bone. I can feel a little something in there, not sure where to start for medical help. I had my wisdom teeth extracted again 2 years ago. (2nd time for me, I was one of those lucky ones who got extras) There were major complications with my surgery, no anti-biotics were given and i ended up with a really bad infection.
Avatar m tn The glands in my neck (under my jaw) have been swollen for about 4 months now. They have never really hurt. But i've been getting sick (mainly just symptoms of a cold. Runny nose, post nasal drip or a headache a few times. And once i had a sore throat) off and on the whole time. Though, when i do get better i still have mucus that i'm hawking up throughout the day (its usually clear or bright yellow). I've been given antibiotics twice but it mainly just takes away my headaches and stuff.
210459 tn?1197085792 It has not changed over the last two years and the are ocassionally feels a bit sore. The lump is high mobile..I can move it from under my jaw, around the other side, and up a bit. It is not in my is in the neck cavity, below the skin and tissue. I dont think a lymph node or gland as I do not believe such structures are round or can move so freely. Also, I am under the impression that cancers tend to be attached to tissue, are largely stationary, and tend to grow. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn ) - Neck and back of head feels stiff. - Neck pops when turning head - Jaw pops more often than normal. - Small shooting pains on head behind ears upon turning head or looking in certain directions. - Fatigued My question is: What should I do next? What type of doctor do I need to see? Is this just something I have to live with? Could all of this be caused from TMJ? Are there any definite tests to confirm TMJ?
Avatar f tn ) My pain and lumps are primarily associated with my right side of my jaw ear and neck area. Often times the whole side of my neck feels tight and swollen on the inside and under my tongue as well. I feel like something is pressing on nerves causing tingling soreness and discomfort. I asked the doctor if antibiotics would be a consideration for treatment 6 months ago and I got the talk about the over use of antibiotics. I have still not taken any type of antibiotics in regard to this problem.
Avatar f tn On the left side of my neck just under my jaw bone (not back as far as ear) I have had some swelling without pain for about a week. Yeaterday I noticed it fely a little different & lastnight I noticed a mass under my chin on the left side with more pain & my jaw bone is now sore, also. There isn't a tooth in this area so i'm pretty sure it's not from teeth because it doesn't hurt around any of them. The mass is about 1 1/2 x 2 or so.
Avatar m tn I will be more specific. My submental glands are swollen and my submandibular gland is swollen. Under my jaw there is like a knot that has been there for 2 months. I am seeing an ENT next Tuesday. But what could i really have if all blood was fine?
Avatar n tn I suddenly had a sharp pain in the joint of my jaw, right under my ear, two weeks ago and my neck and throat were sore. I went to a doctor thinking I had an ear infection. The doctor said my neck had a cold. Since then the pain has increased terribly to my shoulder and back of left side of skull at the base and it is swollen. There is also some numb and tingling in my jaw and ear. Since Friday night I also started having this zapping feeling that is in my left foot.
Avatar n tn I do have the same type of problem, Inner Ear pressure, Neck and Headaches, A sore thraot and only now the jaw pain/pressure is extra, but it is a definate allergyto me, physio don't help stress relievers a bit, but an Anthistamien is the answer, takes a while before it clears up and then stay away for a while till the next one hits you .....