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Avatar f tn forums=forums My TSH is within normal range, but for the past 2 years, I have had the same constant tension and spastic activity in my neck, shoulders, and back. I have trigger points, and my muscles feel as hard as rocks. The tension varies, but when it's really bad my left shoulder is noticeably higher than my right shoulder; the former is up and back, while the latter is torqued down and forward. The worst part is the headaches, which can be agonizing.
Avatar n tn you may want to try massage therapy on your neck/shoulder muscles...... do you have painful trigger points at the base of your skull on those two boney areas just right at the top of your neck/base of skull? some times you can cause micro tears and pulled muscles in your neck that go deep inside causing such symptoms..
Avatar f tn My neck is very stiff and I can't turn it very far in either direction. I have had an MRI but no answers to my problem. I had to stop golfing my neck is to sore. I have a problem driving now because I just can not turn my head at the corners. Where do I go to get some help?
Avatar m tn Unlike a migraine it is something that is present all day, although it varies in severity, it sometimes is mild uncomfort, and sometimes it aggravates to either a dull pressure at night or a hard pressure similar to a painful headache. This has persisted for several months, the only medication that somewhat works on the pressure is ibuprofen gel when administered to my facial area. The other accompanied symptom i have is constant eye spasms.
Avatar n tn You have to press on muscles of your face to look for sore points. To get some relief you can try massaging the sore muscles. Massaging the muscles does not help every one. Also if the procedure is nor correct, then it can further aggravate the problem. Then massage these points with short strokes. To massage the masseter muscles on each side of your jaw, place your thumb inside your mouth and squeeze the thick muscle in your cheek with your fingers.
602157 tn?1443565954 The nuro said i need to leave it alone for a while and go to physio and get light work on it, using heat and working on pressure points. Followed by accupuncture. He said it will take a while due to how bad it is. He has given me anti-inflamentires and special heat rub for my back/neck.
Avatar n tn You need to find the sore points on your cheek and jaw. You have to press on muscles to look for sore points. Then massage these points with short strokes. To massage the masseter muscles on each side of your jaw, place your thumb inside your mouth and squeeze the thick muscle in your cheek with your fingers. To massage the jaw muscles inside your mouth, use your index finger to probe and massage these spots.
Avatar f tn (Bottom of my neck/trapezius area) It started out as just a sore neck, but over the years, it has worsened into feeling almost like a pinched nerve I am 19 years old and have had the same pain in my neck for the past 5 or so years. It started when I was working in a restaurant and was on my feet for 6+ hours a night. The pain started off bearable, but over the years it has gotten worse and worse.
Avatar f tn So my question is; is there a corralation in blood pressure and MS? I normally run super low or great BP 116/60 and that is at the doctors office (no white coat syndrome for me) BUT I get really high blood pressure at times and it turns out a new "flair" of some sort happens, used to be migraines, maybe it's my pain but numbness, and list of strange stuff won't bore you. Is there any realtion in BP and MS?
Avatar n tn I recently started exercising again and after any type of physical exersion I have extreme pressure/pain in my ears, head and neck. It's mainly the bottom, back of my head, where my neck connects to my head. And my ears feel like they will burst. After stopping running, or other exercise, (because of the discomfort and/or pain), it subsides but leaves the muscles in the front of my neck aching. I'm assuming that it's some kind of liquid build up in my ears.
Avatar f tn On my worst days, I have headaches and tightness in the upper neck. Sometimes even pressure behind my left eye. I'm clumsy with my left hand, as well. My upper arm spasms quite often, usually on the lateral side. I also have severe itching in the same spot on the lower part of my scapula. My grip strength is significantly less than my right. This is obviously a work comp situation, so diagnosing me is taking longer than what is ideal.
Avatar f tn My shirts are all pulled out, I wear V necks, I put my hair up, I can't wear necklaces and I also cannot touch the front of my neck. It's hard to find a comfortable spot when sleeping because pressure below my jaw radiates. I can't wear a scarf or a winter coat with a high collar because it rubs on the sides of my neck. I began to live with this as annoying as it was.
Avatar n tn The pressure sometimes crawl up my neck into my head..but i awoke most mornings w this. I can take a lot..and i did for Aug and finally in late August sawa neurologist. It felt for me like i was going a million miles an hour on a roller would also cause me to feel like weakness going into my arm. The Neurologist said that this was most likly emotional I knew it was something. However , my MRI was NOt normal, and i have two spots . I came online to see what others had head pressure.
Avatar n tn I had noticed a small change for a while, the right side where the strap that attaches to the cup goes, that area is thicker than the left side and it feels sore (worse by wearing bra). This adds more pressure to my other problems. I doubt it's related to my thyroid. I'll tell my Dr next wk and see if she can oder some exam. About your mom I somehow understand her.
Avatar n tn I have no pain in the nodes themselves but have developed pain in the neck which seems like a stiff neck, and pain exists with any pressure from straining or lifting, also movement related pain in neck, chest and spine in the same region. No signs of infection at all, but do have extreme fatigue, back pain, some weight loss, among other varied symptoms. My Primary Dr said since no other enlarged nodes were found in other regions, he is not concerned about lymphoma.
Avatar f tn Hi there! The majority of my migraines start in my neck and between my shoulder blades as "back and neck pain" like really sore trigger points, and then travels to behind one eye and feels like a regular migraine. The space between my shoulder blades is the WORST problem area on me... it is where most of my migraines both start and end... where the tension starts and ends up. The migraines themselves always move to one eye, but...
Avatar f tn My shoulders and neck are sore and painful when I move, and sometimes I have a tight feeling on the side of my face and neck. I have also had pain in my tongue when moving my head and neck. The last ER doc told me he thought the chest pain was connected to my back and shoulders and told me to take Advil. It was nice to find this forum and to know that I am not the only one going through this stuff.
Avatar f tn I no longer can wear contacts as it makes the pressure 100x's worse. I can feel the pressure behind the eyeballs big time and the contacts seem to make that way worse. I hope we find our answers. I am afraid I might just fall over dead out of the blue, I hope not but I just don't know what else to do at this point or who to see. I am seeing an eye doctor next month to check my eyes and I am just praying at the moment it will pass. Maybe it is some strange post viral syndrome?
Avatar n tn I broke down and took two rounds of antibiotics for a recent bout of sinus pain and congestion,and sicker since, unable to work, fatigued with head pressure,had swollen nodes in the back of my neck/head that were sore. Never had that in my life. I went to a natural doctor who has put me on a detoxifying shake with many nutrients that clear the system out. Also homeopathic drops to put in water to build my resistence up to allergens. She also mentioned removing any mercury tooth fillings.
Avatar n tn Basically, for about 24 - 48 hours, an area of skin (generally from the size of a softball to basketball) will become extremely tender and sore to the touch ... almost as if it were bruised significantly. It is so tender that clothes brushing against it is painful. The problem is, there is no visual evidence of it. I went to the doctor and felt as though he was insinuating that I was making up the symptoms because he could not see anything. Very, very frustrating.
Avatar n tn felt fine, that evening my neck on the left side started getting sore, at first I thought I pulled a muscle, next day extreme pain on left side carotid area, felt like I had a massive swolen gland, but none there. I went to a NP she thought pulled muscle, I mentioned maybe parathyroid? so she did blood work, nothing there but pain got worse, so today I went back and a different NP along with a Dr. They examined me and diagnosed as Arteritis. She is sending me for a neck ultrasound this week..
Avatar n tn I end up having so much neck pain when the migraine is beginning to go away (muscular as well) that when I am rubbing the back of my neck and turning my head side to side I hear this crunching and grinding in my spine at the base of my skull where my brain stem leads into it. The day after a migraine, my neck is so sore and stiff it has a slightly numbing feel to it. (Every time I mention my neck pain, I am specifically talking about the spine part of my neck at the base of my skull.
Avatar n tn I think the tight chest/ restrained breathing could be from my bad back? And also i have a tight neck... i think its because of my tight back. My neck and bck could be from my computer posture. I spend alot of time on it and i have a laptop.. so my back is always bent... My breathing only sometimes restrained and happens after physical activitie. My numbness is in left foot, sometime right, and lower gluc's (sp). i know.. alot of problems.. and ive seen doctors.
Avatar f tn As a kid, my mother (an RN) would give me pseudoephedrine which would take care of the problem, but by the time I was in college it elevated my blood pressure and I can't rely on it. I have on a couple of occasions taken Tylenol Sinus with pseudoephedrine in it, and it does indeed help the symptoms for a few hours. My symptoms are sinus pain in the cheekbone and around the eye on the left side, sometimes some mild pain on the right but often nothing there at all even if the left side hurts.
Avatar m tn I noticed I was unusually achy and sore after a quick 10 minute run. Over the next 4 weeks... my legs were feeling achy, sore and tight; just walking 2 blocks to catch my bus was a struggle. After 5-6 weeks of this I knew something was very wrong. I went to family Dr to have bloodwork done (basic metabolic panel w/EGFR, ANA screen IFA w/RFL Titer afa). Blood work came back fine.
Avatar n tn ) wanted to discuss it with me and told me that she would explain how it all worked while I was laying down. She then felt my neck, explained how she was feeling my pressure points and then turned my head and cracked it. It popped. She then did the other side. This all happened very quickly. I didn't feel any pain or any weird sensations that something could be wrong following the procedure.
Avatar n tn I have noticed an increasing stiffness in my mid and upper back, along with frequent rib pain and stiffness over the past four years, since SVR. My neck also feels very tight and 'immobile' down deep in the spinal column. Often when I move my head quickly or twist my body when walking, I feel off balance. I also feel many more odd sensations along my back, and neck/ head when sitting or resting.
Avatar n tn It was interesting that I am not suffering these symptoms alone. I have been running and chasing for an answer to no such avail. I am currently suffering ear fullness and pain. My sinuses are somewhat better after 875mg Amox. I encountered a severe sinus infection 2 years ago.(CT scan finally confirmed that). Then still had ear troubles and the Ketek antibiotic didn't help ENT then gave me Levaquin and more steroids(pill & injection) At same time places a vent tube in my left ear.
Avatar n tn The sensation is as if my head and neck are throbbing with pressure and I have to stop walking or slow down and stop and stand still for a minute or so to make the sensation stop. Sounds are muffled in rhythm with the pulsations and I sometimes feel as if I will pass out, but never have. There is no pain. I have been checked throughly by my GP, a cardiologist, and an electrophysiologist and none of them could find a cause.
Avatar n tn I feel the worst when I sleep and am still. This supports the 'stiff neck' theory. Try to put pressure on various points on your neck around the sternocleidomastoid muscle and see how that affects the way you feel. You could try to see a Physio and have a bit of therapy on your neck. I usually don't go for Physios and Chiros, but the last couple of weeks I have. It seems to be helping. I even had the PT do acupuncture on my neck.