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Avatar f tn My muscles and joints have been really sore the past couple of days and I haven't done anything for them to have reason to be sore? Especially in my left leg, foot and shoulder! I hate it bc I'm 26 years old and should be able to run and play with my kids and just can't!
Avatar f tn Try putting a towel in the dryer or a magic bean and put it on your neck (i have alit if issues with my neck and this helps relax the muscles)
Avatar n tn i am 4 weeks pregnant and my shoulder muscles are so sore to the point where i cant sleep and am in tears it started with one arm and now is both.
1724105 tn?1309577226 my left neckand undeneath my clavical have been sore for 2 weeks, it isn't sore to touch and seems swollen. It seems to radiate to my jaw and ear and the back of my head?
Avatar n tn My muscles are so sore & They feel so heavy, like when I lift them to get in the car. I also have so much trouble with my feet I can't exercise. I have diabetes & I really need to excercise What do you think it could be?
Avatar n tn You need to find the sore points on your cheek and jaw. You have to press on muscles to look for sore points. Then massage these points with short strokes. To massage the masseter muscles on each side of your jaw, place your thumb inside your mouth and squeeze the thick muscle in your cheek with your fingers. To massage the jaw muscles inside your mouth, use your index finger to probe and massage these spots.
Avatar n tn I've got sore muscles all over my body,my legs,my back,arms,fingers etc. Could this be because I have a cold coming on or another reason?
697772 tn?1228060328 Two weeks after my sexual encouter, a terrible pain on the right side of my neck developed. My sore throat got worse one week after that neck pain. I also had this mild fever (37.3 C), nasal congestion, watery eyes and sneezing. All of my symptoms gradually disappeared in a few days, all except the nasal congestion and the neck pain. Five days later I was with a sore throat again and also productive cough, mild fever (37.3), nasal congestion and this neck pain that never disappeared.
Avatar m tn The "sternocleidomastoid muscles" are most likely those which are giving you radiating pain from ear down to neck/shoulder/arm(Google for picture of this muscle if unfamiliar with its location). There are two of these muscles in the superficial layers of the anterior (front) portion of the neck that make the shape of a ā€œVā€, and they are primarily helpful in rotation, flexing and extension of the head.
Avatar f tn I have always been an anxiety ridden person,but here recently I have been clenching my teeth a lot more and I think it is causing the back of my tounge and the front parts of my throat to be sore but not like a sick sore really like a muscle strain sore. I carry a lot of anxiety in my neck and shoulders and I do find myself clenching my jaw quite a bit anymore,but I am now thinking that my tounge and throat muscles are now tensing up.
8908480 tn?1417916904 My muscles in my stomach, neck and back are so sore and Im very tired. Anybody else have or had this going on? This is my 2nd pregnany but its been 5 yrs ago, but I definately didnt remember anything like this.
Avatar m tn It is some type of muscles stifness or muscles injury or muscles spasm or muscles strain or muscles sprain....i dont know really. It is 3 years old injury when I turned my head right side forcefully to take some thing laying my back side. Suddenlly I experienced a severe pain in my lower neck for at least 20- 30 minutes. Since then I am feeling stifness in my neck muscles.
Avatar f tn We moved, and as we were house hunting, just turning my head back and forth as we drove through neighborhoods totally wore out my neck. I do carry my stress in my neck,and shoulders, and life has been very stressful since surgery. I still get headaches, more like tension migraines--still better than Chiari headaches--but I'm at a loss. Exercising my neck exacerbates the issue obviously, but I've been unable to get past this.
Avatar m tn Since the toliet incident, I have noticed my throat feels strange and sore muscles in the back of my neck and my back feels tight and a bit sore. I do not have a fever or headache, nor sensitivity to light. But, is it possible that I contracted meningitis from the toliet water after using the pipe and handling the keys? Last Sunday, I started the gym again and did vigorous ab exercises (sit ups and crunches) after a year-long haitus. I also did arm exercises with weights.
Avatar m tn 9 months...I'm finally throwing it out to the internet. In June 2020 I got a bout of laryngitis. I continued on for 10 days w/ progressing neck pain radiating up to my temple on right side. Sent for Covid test (neg). Worsened and went to ER. Xrays and CTs showed slight protrusion of C4&5 and C6&7, but otherwise - normal. CBCs normal. SedRate/Inflammation marker - normal. I am female, 5'8 140, overall good health. In the last 9 months, ENT for laryrngoscopy -> clear.
Avatar n tn i really think my muscles were overstretched both by my sitting in front of the computer and neck exercises that was given to me but was not really shown how to do it correctly. at least, the DO listened to me today. hopefully, this problem goes away, completely.
8924846 tn?1410572901 The past few weeks my muscles have been sore and stiff. Sometimes right when I wake up. I'm a pole dancer and even though I haven't been dancing as much as usual lately I still do my normal stretching routine. I'm not really sure why I'm so sore and stiff. Has this happened with anyone else? I'm 13 weeks 4 days.
Avatar f tn I get cramps in my calves in my sleep which causes sore calf muscles. Try eating more potassium enriched foods such as bananas, spinach, or kale. It will help a little. But from what my doc tells me it's pretty common.
Avatar f tn I have had early in the mornings sore neck muscles, palpitation, tremor and sweating. I have no sweating during daytime. I don't know whether these are due to overmedication (Thyroid Erfa) or undermedication. I am hypercalcemic. The neck muscles are also weak and stiff when I have those other symptoms. Ihave also a slightly enlarged lymph nodule(?) in the neck. The parathyroids were not seen in MRI scannin for parathyroids. I have a lung tumour (not specified what it is).
Avatar n tn Hi Vanessa and thank you for replying to my question. No I have not had any injuries. I was very silly for not having much of a warm-up or stretch before playing sports. And then after this I thought going to aerobics would help stretch me out. My neck, back and shoulders are still so sore and it has been 3 days. About two weeks ago was when I first started playing fastball again and that is when my headaches started around.