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Avatar n tn You will find a very complete list of Lyme symptoms on CanLyme ( and on Time for Lyme ( Good luck!
Avatar f tn I have a very sore throat, my neck hurts and the pain goes all the way up the sides to my ears, aches and pains, dry eys, very dry skin on my legs, feet and hands, I am always cold now, exteremly tired (I have slept over 40 hours in 3 days), trouble concentrating, forgetfullness, mood changes, stomache pain, raspy voice, and weight gain ( I have been going to a personal trainer and doing weight watchers and am still gaining weight). I just do not feel like a normal functioning person.
Avatar f tn , Joint pain (Neck, lower back, hands, wrists, knees, occasional hips, and ankle), blurry vision, UTIs often, Heart Palpitations, Rib Pain, Random Stabbing Pains, Headaches, Feeling of being lost, Horrible Jaw pain, tingling feeling in my face, swollen persistant gland in neck, persistant sore throat, persistant cough, and the infamous hard time reading more than 5 line paragraphs... Also, symptoms get a lot worse with stress.
255722 tn?1452550141 My knees never did hurt, yet mainstream docs are fanatics about sore knees being necessary to have Lyme. Ditto re having a rash. I never had one of those either. I'd say get the test results back from the doc, ask what she thinks, and if she shrugs and says it could be [fill in the blank here with anything but Lyme] or it's MS or something else uncommon, then my next step would be to find a Lyme specialist who understands about Lyme and its tricks.
Avatar f tn ) papillae full of small granulae on back of tongue bubbling, white saliva with leukocytes Immune defence low IgG3, low lectin pathway of complement sore enlarged lymph node in neck, then calcified ACE and lysozyme sometimes elevated, sometimes lymphocytosis, atypic lymphocytes, toxic granulae in neutrophils, TNF-alpha elevated ear symptoms often otitis when child, not when adult tinnitus vertigo in spring 2013 pain around the left ear (from lower corner to temple) in spring 2013, possibly ref
666921 tn?1254994218 I know - this will sound rather 'stupid' considering all the research I have done on lyme -----but----- does anyone know what lyme symptoms are ?!!
Avatar m tn That is, I think, part of what makes it hard for docs to recognize Lyme when they see it. Also, Lyme often comes with companion infections ('co-infections') that have their own array of symptoms to complicate the presentation and confuse the docs. I would suggest that you find a Lyme specialist for a work up. It's what I would do in your situation. The bad news is: Lyme is all over Connecticut; the good news is, there are Lyme specialists nearby.
1132574 tn?1271676066 Just wondering if any of you out there have experienced sharp achey like pains in your hands? Also have had a sore neck, burning pain shoulders/ mid-back. In my neck It sometimes feels like I hit my funny bone but it's my neck not my arm! Has any one had this? Leave it to me to have such weird stuff! Does this sound more like MS than Lyme?
Avatar f tn fever/chills/muscle pain can be amongst the first symptoms - and of course the 'bullseye' rash - for me the first symptoms were very stiff neck / headaches /night sweats - but I didn't know 'lyme' existed so my treatment has started late in the disease. I can tell that you are very concerned and rightly so - this is not something to be 'flippant' about - if the doc.
Avatar n tn I have been to lymenet's discussion room and found that a lot of Lymies have had significant weight loss like myself without even trying... and sore hip joints (this comes and goes)... stiff neck, back near shoulder blade pain... I have had pain that parks itself in one part of my body then later it moves to another part of my body. Ihatepvc, can you tell me what you're symp's were? My Kaiser Health Insurance doesn't cover lyme, so have to go to a LLMD and then to the IGENEX testing..
Avatar n tn Soon after I began having digestive problems, bloating, abdominal pain, indigestion and constipation. I also experienced ear ringing, persistent sore throats and insomnia coupled with periods of heavy sleep; low and upper back pain with a stiff neck. I saw an alternative MD who diagnosed me with irritable bowel syndrome with some yeast overgrowth issues. Under his care I followed a low carbohydrate diet with probiotics, coupled with adrenal support supplements.
183202 tn?1219857259 Hey all, I was wondering if my symptomology sounded like Lyme to you? On Sunday, I was out with some relatives where we had a cookout. I also had gone to my BF's business cookout a week or so before. I never found a tick, but yesterday I noticed numerous BUG BITES after the cookout on Sunday. All the bites appear normal, except for ONE. There is one located underneath my arm.
Avatar f tn Sounds as if your knee problems MIGHT be related to Lyme-- again, because Lyme can imitate so many different problems........... If you belong to Kaiser then I can safely say that unless you're extremely lucky with a doctor there who will risk his employment there by treating you for Lyme you will have to get treated outside of that HMO on your own nickel. I know many people (some personally) that were in the same position as you. Dr. Ray Stricker in S.F.
1458799 tn?1328761128 i get tired real easy my lower back stays sore all the time. my neck stays sore i feel it pulling all over my head.on bad days my face well get numb feeling and some times ill get a bad headache feels like its in the center of head. ill stay reel sore around my schoulder blade.i just find it hard to be anxeity because im not worried about nothing. im happy with my life . i like to deer hunt fish go camping. i live in ga.
435241 tn?1208579131 I did to different questioneers one on Lyme and one on Bartonellosis. If someone can please help me I would really appreciate it. Could I have one of these or something else?
1132574 tn?1271676066 Seems my pain has now traveled up to my neck/shoulders. I have burning pain in my shoulders/upper back/neck. Along with tingling and occasional aching type pain in both my hands, I have occasional shooting pains in both my calfs, Even some occasional tingling/pain in my face. I also have a hot spot feeling on my right ankle. I'm having an MRI of my neck on Wednesday to see if there is a pinched nerve/herniated disc. My ortho says if that shows nothing then I should next see a neuro.
Avatar f tn This year I've been to endocrinologist with nodules on lymph I have a very sore neck, (where neck meets back) and serious myoclonuc jerks every night the second I lie down.they feel like they're coming from base of my at my wits end and feel like a hypochondriac at this stage.i know doctors look at me like I'm cuckoo!any ideas would be hugely appreciated.
Avatar f tn Stiffness of joints, back, neck (rarely) Muscle pain or cramps Burning or stabbing sensations in the body pressure in the head Weakness or partial paralysis/stroke-like symptoms Lightheadedness, wooziness Sudden jerking of fingers or entire limbs Unexplained weight gain, loss Unexplained fevers (high or low grade) Continual infections (sinus, kidney, eye, etc.
Avatar n tn I need name of lyme literate doctor near Huntsville, Alabama or surrounding states. labcorp tests came back bands 23 41 66 they took more blood tests and i havent heard from them yet. Is there any chance this is something else and if so what could it be? I have shoulder stiffness, arms sore, range of motion problems in arms. swollen left knee sometimes twitching in eye or limbs. panic attacks, cant get my breath good sometimes as i am trying to go to sleep.
Avatar n tn intermittment soreness in hips and back and neck... really achie feeling even after light activity like walking.. the strange buzzing in legs has stopped. Has anyone experienced this? This isn't just typical muscle soreness from working out.. it can come and go with even the slightest activity... also strange warm spot on the heal of my hand that comes and goes...Has anyone else experience this? I am really perplexed... never felt this stuff before in my life...
Avatar n tn The cognitive problems appear to be the most troubling symptoms at this time and it's possible that they may be related to the prior episode of encephalitis, a rare complication of Lyme disease. Reports of Lyme encephalitis in the US describe the condition as usually mild and rather vague without many objective findings, leading to cognitive impairment, fatigue, joint pains, and sensory symptoms.
Avatar f tn Most of us have numerous crazy symptoms that change around a lot. I believe that sore throat and swollen lymph nodes are on the list for lyme, but I would bet most people with lyme disease have about 10 more symptoms added on top of that. My own story is more neurological and involves brain lesions and headaches, left sided numbness & paresthesias, fatigue, muscle spasticity and fibromyalgia like issues and joint some others.
Avatar n tn Next day symptoms started building again and until now have had- Whole body/facial muscle twitches - irregular and inconsistent strange cracking creaking noises in neck throat Whole digestive system feels wrong Strange eczema looking rash develop on my stomach Some eye pain + increased floaters parathesias in eyes, cheeks, nose, makes eyelids dry occassional tinnitus strange new headaches which radiate from my neck transient muscle and joint pain 1 time intense testicular pain 1 time shock lik
Avatar m tn I have had so many non-specific symptoms in the last year. foggy head, very sore neck, sore lower back, floaters in eyes, headaches, testicular pain, fatigue (periods of "waves" of fatigue), coldness and numbness in hands and feet. I have had a truck load of blood tests (cbc, ana, liver panel, homocysteine, thyroid, b12, lyme, hepatitis, etc.., ct scans, mri/mra/mrv of head, mri of neck, ncv/emg, vestibular testing, upper endo, colonoscopy, and so many more.
1132574 tn?1271676066 And as I sat there waiting I was thinking to myself if only I had seen (or even had) the bullseye then the past 6 months of my life would have been so different, and much much less stressful b/c then I would known for certain that all my funky sytmpoms are in fact lyme. I actually found myself so jealous of this person and even thought to myself I know that person likely has no idea how lucky they are to have caught this so soon.
Avatar n tn I also have low grade fevers that come and go with frequent sore throats and persistent lymph nodes in my neck. Rheumatological work-up was unremarkable. I was recently tested for lyme because I'm an avid hiker who's been all over the country on extended hikes. IgM blot showed a strong band for p39 and a band for p31. Lyme doc said these bands are very specific. IgG blot only showed p41, p30, p58 and was labeled "indeterminate" for p31 and p39 so technically a negative result.
Avatar m tn It began with a very high fever, then a stiff neck, a very mild sore throat for just a day and slightly swollen throat glands, and then severe arthritis that settled into all of my joints with migrating joint pain. During this time, I also had hives that would randomly appear on my trunk and legs. One thing that was strange was this little itchy red spot that formed on my index finger, that overtime just turned redder and eventually blistered and peeled away as the illness went away.
Avatar m tn Since completing the Doxy, I've felt better. Most of my joint pain (my main symptom) has gone away but my neck is still sore and I've noticed a couple lymph nodes that I haven't before. Has anyone had this after treatment or can speak to this? I'm pretty worried and not sure if I'm overthinking it.