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Avatar n tn I have a grape sized knot in my neck below my jaw on the left side. My neck is stiff and sore. It been here for about 4 days. ??? This discussion is related to <a href=''>I have a 'knot' on my neck</a>.
Avatar f tn My husband has been having something going on with his neck. It's a pain that is sore to the touch on the left side of his neck. Doesn't look swolen and doesn't feel light a knot. It hurts or is sore when he turns his head. Don't think it's a pulled muscle-he said it just feels sore right around his throat area, but on the outside. any ideas on what this could be?
Avatar n tn I think some of it may be caused by my fundoplication surgery which may be affecting my breathing (causing shallower breaths), but also some of it is due to stress. As for injuries, I had a sore neck for a while a few years ago after being in an altercation, but it went away at the time. It is amazing how many other problems a stiff neck alone can cause.
Avatar n tn my knot is on the back left side of my neck it is really hard and sore i also have a lil one. it just came out of no were and i have had them since monday.
Avatar f tn I found a knot yesterday under the left ear lobe. It moves when pushed on. Sometimes it sore and other times it's not. I don't anything about it until I get stressed or tired at the end of the day. Then it feels like it is swollen. I've had problems with the left side of my neck just swelling when I get nerveous. I can take a tylenol or just calm down and all is well. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn I've had small lumps that were sore to the touch in my groin area before. They're probably just fighting some little infection. Here's a good site:
Avatar f tn Since I have found the knot I have notice that it is a litt sore. The knot don't move and it's about half of an inch. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/227841'>I have a 'knot' on my neck</a>.
Avatar n tn Also, I have a knot in my right nipple that was sore for about 2 weeks before my period. The swelling has went down but the knot is still there and makes me nausaus to touch. I was trying to see if it had went away by feeling both nipples at the same time. I had my daughter 4 yrs ago and still have milk. Something that looked like pus or yellow milk oozed out and then blood. Now when I go to check it's still blood. I've had it going on 3 weeks now. Do you know what it may be?
Avatar n tn My 14 year old daughter woke up 3 days ago with a knot about 2 inches from her ear lobe towards the middle of her neck just above the hair line. It is sore to touch. She does not remember getting hit or bumping her head on anything. Any idea as to what it could be?
Avatar f tn I started feeling around on my scalp and the tender area led to a pretty large sized hard bump on the left side of my head in the lower area above my neck. It is sore and it is causing the left side of my head to hurt. I have never experienced anything like it before. The actual hard bump doesn't hurt to touch but the area surrounding it is tender. My head hurts and the area thats tender is pulsating with pain. I am not sure what to do.
Avatar n tn I went back to bed and they still were sore when I woke up. I am not large (34 a/b) and they did feel less sore as the day went on but were sore again when I woke up the next day. They don't hurt as much now but kinda feel tender right along the underwire bra. It's not just one boob but both? Any ideas? Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I have a bump on my neck at my hairline that hurts very badly and itched the first day. 2 inches below there is a small knot that hurts very badly and is extremely sore to the touch. Hurts when I chew...if I lay on it....should I be worried? What could have bit me?
Avatar m tn I once found a similar "knot" on the bottom in back of my neck. It turned out to be a sebaceous cyst (covering over a cyst with a normal body tissue that we have) Another reassurance the doctor told me that if it was moveable, it was a good sign. I could finger the outline and was able to slide it around in very short distances. It never got larger. I forgot about it. Years later I realized that it went away. This is just a comment, not a diagnosis is intended.
Avatar m tn I have some wisdom teeth growing in that really hurt, so there's a lot of inflammation. Also, my neck/shoulders are sore from overuse...could that be the source of the lumps? I'm really scared.
Avatar f tn I initially thought it was a knot in my muscle, but now I have swollen neck glands with no sore throat.
Avatar n tn I am having a hard time distinguishing between it being a knot in my muscles or it being a swollen lymph node. My neck on the right side is very tight and sore. How do I tell the difference and should I go to the doctor??
Avatar n tn For a while, I had a recurring sore throat (more like the little "knot" feeling you get just before it becomes very sore). My voice also came and went... got very hoarse and then would return, unexplicably and without rhyme or reason. Long story short, when I was finally diagnosed with a hypothyroid condition and began treatment, the sore throat feeling and hoarse voice discontinued, as well as major clinical depression I had suffered for 4 years. Just a thought; one never knows...
1575103 tn?1296025357 For the past few weeks I have been having trouble sleeping. I had a knot form on the back of my head on the left side, right at the base of my hairline, maybe a couple of inches from my ear. It was sore, hot and 2 or three inches around. I have no idea how it got there. It stayed on my head for about three days and was only sore for the first day. It went away on its own.
752298 tn?1233505581 I feel better now but my neck is stiff/sore and there is a lump/knot on the back of my neck just to the right of the center at my hairline. My range of motion is improving but I can't quite turn my head completely to the right nor drop my head to my right shoulder. I've been icing it but I'm too afraid to try and crack it in case it makes me sick again. Do you think it's out of place?
Avatar m tn Again, no bruising and it doesn't appear to be a knot or anything (or at least I can't find it). Now I have neck pain on the same side as the bad shoulder which started a few days ago. It's like it's adding a new spot every day or so. My lower back is now starting to mildly hurt. Am I being paranoid or could there be something wrong? I had some Excedrin Back & Body at my house, so I took some of that which helped for a few hours.
Avatar n tn what could it be,my son has a small lump or knot behind his left ear and it hurts when he holds head down This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/203260'>hard lump on head behind ear</a>.
Avatar m tn Also sometimes, when I push my neck neck towards that area (i don't really know how to describe that), I feel like a pinch in that area. Would just a muscle knot provoke all those symptoms? Additional details: I am athletic (soccer, running) and I also lift weight. I have cut down a lot on weightlifting due to this condition though. Weightlifting seems to affect it. I've had this thing for over 6 months now and I am seriously losing my mind. Someone help please !
Avatar f tn I have left shoulderblade pain. Last 2 weeks my neck has become stiff and sore to move to the left. I have stomach problems but also sit at a computer all day. Do you have any gastro problems?
Avatar n tn Since I was about 22 years old I have had lots of neck and back pain. There is a long knot that feels like a hardened muscle between my spine and right shoulder blade that gets really sore when I overuse my right arm lifting and pulling like I do at work. Otherwise it really does not bother me much but I still know its there. It never goes away.
Avatar m tn I have a small lump on my neck, it is on the right side about halfway up. It is quite small, probably not much bigger than a pea and it feels like it is located on the neck muscle (of course I suppose it could be behind it and pushing the muscle, I am not qualified to say but I don’t think so). I have played sport before and it feels to me exactly like the kind of scar tissue you can get after a pulled muscle.
Avatar n tn then after a few days it became an open sore that looks like a canker sore if anyone's ever had those. it really hurts and is sort of enlarged. There isn't really anything to "pop" in terms of blood and pus but there's this white coating. I looked at descriptions of herpes too and it doesn't seem like it because there's only one, but i'm worried. I've only ever had protected sex but oral sex a few times unprotected. any ideas?
Avatar f tn I have a knot on the back of my neck on the left side. It started about 1 week ago has a tender spot. Over the past week it's gotten wider but not taller. I have mulitple disc problems with my neck and am going to meet with the neurosurgeon on April 21. I have 3 places where the dics are pressing on my spinal cord along with severe spinal stenosis.I am only 22 years old and really isn't understanding what's going on.. The spot on my neck has kind of a jellly feeling when you push on it.
Avatar n tn I have no pain in the nodes themselves but have developed pain in the neck which seems like a stiff neck, and pain exists with any pressure from straining or lifting, also movement related pain in neck, chest and spine in the same region. No signs of infection at all, but do have extreme fatigue, back pain, some weight loss, among other varied symptoms. My Primary Dr said since no other enlarged nodes were found in other regions, he is not concerned about lymphoma.