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1108412 tn?1258343608 but infection is one thing you dont play around with, especially since its effecting the glands in your neck. i would go to my general doctor since the OS hasnt helped. it may actually be the lymph node in the neck thats infected. you never know and it cant hurt to ask. good luck!
Avatar n tn Besides, I had seen my dentist the day prior to this happening and all I had was an x-ray and he drilled a tooth down a bit on my left lower side to prepare me for a false teeth fitting, because my teeth are falling apart due to a lot of meds I take (bipolar meds and pain meds for my back) and it causes dry mouth and from the purging it all causes tooth rot.
Avatar m tn Cold weather seems to affect all this, mainly throat and neck. Tongue remains continually sore and I have tried the thrush medication prescribed by doctor but it hasn't worked; also tried rinsing with salt water + bi-carb soda. Any help/comments would be appreciated.
1108412 tn?1258343608 I woke up one morning around a month and a half ago with a huge lump in my neck on the left side. It was extremely painful so I decided to visit the urgent care. The doctor there said he thought it was an infection from my two bad teeth or could be MRSA because I also had a small spot on my face but I just thought it was a pimple (which I had picked at the night before). He put me on a 5 day round of Augmentin.
Avatar f tn The next day I started noticing some neck discomfort, not really a sore throat, but stiffness and soreness in my throat area, when I turn my neck or put my head up or down to my chest. I thought maybe i might have an infection. I went back to my dentist yesterday, and he said he sees no sign of any infectiion, and that everything is healing nicely. I was glad, but am still concerned about the discomfort in my neck and throat area.
Avatar m tn I constantly worry about my health and half of this stuff is probably in my head, but recently, i have had constant neck pain with a stiff neck, my armpits and groin are sore and hurt and the above symptoms continue to occur. Has anyone with mono and wisdom teeth problems had these symptoms? What can it be?
Avatar n tn Hi, I had 3 wisdom teeth removed on 4/1. They were able to remove the teeth intact without cutting my gums or breaking the teeth. I know some swelling is normal, but I'm having slight pain on the glands under my ears. Is this normal? Mainly, the glands feel swollen, but I have no temperature and the clots are still in place. On one side, the clot looks black like it was blood and on the other side, the clot looks greyish. Just want to be sure nothing is wrong and this is normal.
Avatar m tn what is the reason and medicine to cure my neck glands pain ? My esr is high. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/CAN-ANYONE-PLEASE-HELP-ME-UNDERSTAND-MY-ABNORMAL-BLOOD-RESULTS/show/1725669">CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND MY ABNORMAL BLOOD RESULTS?</a>.
Avatar m tn 2 weeks before Thanksgiving I have a really bad infection in my mouth. The dentist said that I had a few bad teeth and gave me Amoxicillin (500 MG 3 X per day) to kill it. I went back 3 weeks later to get molds taken for the new teeth he has to put in to replace the bad ones. The pain in my teeth went away about 5 days after starting the meds. A few days after Thanksgiving, I came down with a bad cough. The cough was dry and constant. Almost every time I breath I was coughing.
Avatar f tn I had a tooth extracted a couple of months ago from there so I know its not from my tooth. They are not painful but I noticed them. My glands on that side of my neck seem swollen and tender as well. Can this be herpes? I do not have a cold sore or any external symptoms on my mouth. Thank you for your time.
Avatar m tn 1.) I have pain on side teeth and it travels to the left ear and down side-neck. I guess it's a nerve issue? Is it solely a tooth thing or is it something more? It brings about a feeling of aching in the ear. Any dental advice here. 2.) Also, sometimes I've been told I have cavities. Then I had cleaning, fillings, flossed daily, and brushed 3 times a day. Yet, the cavities would come back. Why? How can the cavities come back if I'm doing everything I was told to do?
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago, I noticed a small sore lump half way down my neck, on the side just behind the right ear. After a few days it stopped hurting, but the hard immovable lump stayed (about the width of 2 fingertips). Then, a couple of days ago, I woke up at 3-4am and felt another sore spot, this time more on the front and a little closer to the collarbone, but still on the right side. This is still sore to touch.
Avatar f tn It has now been a month that my neck glands and my throat glands have been swollen steady. It is not sore, the only pain I feel is when they start to grow bigger, when ever i'm chewing and swallowing it will feel like a pinch sometimes, but not always. I went to my doctor early this week, but he's not sure whether to put my on antibotics for 2 weeks or not because he thinks it could either make it better or make me feel worse.
Avatar n tn hI; are the swollen glands behind the ears on each side of the neck? or you mentioned cheeks. If so it could be TMJ but if behind your ears it could also be your salivary glands. See, if they become swollen more often. mention it to your doctor. There is a disease of the salivary glands call sjogrens syndrome. I pray you do not have that.
Avatar f tn I initially thought it was a knot in my muscle, but now I have swollen neck glands with no sore throat.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if these tmj related symptoms could be caused by the swelling in my neck and glands? Im awaiting an ultrasound next week in relation to the nodules. If its related to my hashimotos will it go away on its own or do i need to see someone to get it corrected? It costs money to see doctors where i live and i dont want to have to fork out more money to see an orthodontist.
Avatar f tn Later during this day I developed a mild cold with a cough but did not and still do not have a sore throat. My glands however during this time were painful for about two days but very mildly. My glands now however are still swollen but do not hurt at all. On 22nd of January my sinuses began to feel stuffy making it difficult to breathe, but then would go back to its normal state. I also have mind muscle pains in my legs and arms. It would do this until Saturday 25th January.
Avatar m tn The exudate seems to be on only 1 tonsil; and the swollen glands are more pronounced on one side of the neck than the other. These symptoms were not present in the initial 2 weeks. Did I put myself at a significant risk of HIV with my activity? Has anyone ever known, or come across a documented case, of anybody who has been infected in this way?
Avatar f tn i had sore left side for about 3 month, doc did all blood tests then ultrasound scan and all was good, now i god swollen gland in my right site of neck , just ion top of collar bound,it not sore but all shoulder feel uncomfortable, went to doc yesterday and all what he sad if it wont go away in about 3 weeks we have to cut it out, that make me panic even more, dont know what to think, i m only 29 , single mum to my 2 years old boy, i m panicking like mad dont have any others symptoms, well, i
517095 tn?1214422127 hi thanks for your info, u asked me off my symptom ok here goes... firstly i had a bad virus got a cold sore on lip and felt really bad with it, never really seemed to recover fully, i started to notice first intense pins and needles in my right foot going up to my kne relly bad and this went on for weeks and my right foot felt numb when walking on it.... nausea and dizzyness was the next thing and an really itchy ear that felt blocked , which i still have now..
Avatar m tn I have had swollen glands in my neck for 2 months. They have gotten smaller however they swell up when I work out, drink alcohol, and consume any type of caffiene. I took every blood test possible. Everything was fine. All negitive HIV (always safe, even took a pcr at 7 weeks just incase), white and red cells are good,no lyme, no bacteria. Why are my glands still swollen? I did go to the dentist and they told me that my wisdom teeth need to come out.