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Avatar m tn i assume swollen glands in the neck means inflamed lymph nodes? our 6 yr. old was seen today for a fever and sore throat complaint. the ped. said she has a throat infection and swollen glands and prescribed meds. she did check other areas of her body for glands (at least that is what i think she was feeling for). about 7 weeks ago she had the same thing (tho the whole family passed around a fever/infection). should we be overly concerned that she has been sick like this twice in two months?
Avatar m tn Ie wouldn't it be likely to have swollen glands in his neck and groin as well as arms? Are lymph nodes usually detectable by touch? Sight? We cannot feel any individual 'nodes' just a general noticable swelling and pain beneath the arms. There have been no other symptoms that we can think of. Are swollen glands/nodes also associated with other std's?
Avatar f tn I have had early in the mornings sore neck muscles, palpitation, tremor and sweating. I have no sweating during daytime. I don't know whether these are due to overmedication (Thyroid Erfa) or undermedication. I am hypercalcemic. The neck muscles are also weak and stiff when I have those other symptoms. Ihave also a slightly enlarged lymph nodule(?) in the neck. The parathyroids were not seen in MRI scannin for parathyroids. I have a lung tumour (not specified what it is).
Avatar f tn Digestive problems, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate (sometimes, night sweats (only occasional), reccuring sore throats, sore stiff neck, always tired and worn out feeling, recently noticed hard sore lump behind right ear-lymph node maybe? I am tired and what to know what is wrong. I have had blood work done 5 times over past year. I get up in the morning and just feel like I have been run over by a truck. Wouldn't someone notice an elavated white count, etc?
Avatar n tn Hello~ I would say you probably have pulled a muscle in your neck, purging causes the muscles in your neck to work harder than usual, so, this could be the ramifications of it.
Avatar m tn It is a disorder of the nerves which causes numbness, tingling, unusual sensations and sometimes pain. Other causes like vitamin deficiencies, alcohol consumption and certain medications can cause neuropathy. So, check with your doctor to rule out diabetes. It can be detected by a simple blood test. Good Luck. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Postnasal drainage can result in sore throat and also swelling in the lymph glands in your neck. This can be from allergic and nonallergic causes. Lots of people with chronic sinus inflammation, which is not always due to acute infections, wind up with these chronic symptoms. I think seeing the ENT is an excellent idea. Hopefully, at the time of the visit, the cause of your symptoms will be found and appropriate treatment started.
Avatar n tn I would check after 5 days to find out your results and, if the burning persists, even if your initial tests are negative, I would seek a re-evaluation, making sure to not urinate for at least an hour before you are seen (this improves the accuracy of some tests). 5. Finally, the fever, swollen glands under the neck are not particularly suggestive of STD per se and could be just about anything including a community acquired respiratory tract infection unrelated to your sexual exposure..
Avatar n tn and i came to a point where it says sore breasts.. caffein do causes sore breasts... i think its also the diet that we consume effects our breasts... what do u all think?
Avatar n tn So anyway, for the past 3-4 weeks I've had a good-sized swelled lymph gland on the left side of my neck. Some days it seems more prominent than other days (but I don't think the size actually changes). It doesn't hurt whatsoever. No sore throat. No fever. No aches or pains (except for the occasional lung pain as mentioned above). I have, however, for the past year, felt like something is in my throat (on and off). I'm constantly swollowing.
Avatar n tn I'm still getting VERY sore glands under the right side of my jaw months later. There's a lump there that really hurts and several lumps around my neck and throat. I get the pain in my ear and in part of the lower face too and lose hearing now and then in my right ear when my gland hurts. But it's coming from my gland. I've had really bad fatigue, REALLY bad, as in nearly fall over in the street bad. What could be the problem? I've seen my GP who refered me to a ENT who took a MRI of my ears...
Avatar n tn At first I thought it was a toothache because my lower back jaw and my ear hurt as well. I can barely touch the side of my neck and if feels like I have a sore throat when I swallow. This goes on for about a week and them the symptoms disappear. Then I will get the same pain back right around a month later. This has been going on for about 6 month now? What is causing this pain in my neck?
Avatar m tn Cold weather seems to affect all this, mainly throat and neck. Tongue remains continually sore and I have tried the thrush medication prescribed by doctor but it hasn't worked; also tried rinsing with salt water + bi-carb soda. Any help/comments would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Hi Charley/Duchess Ive had two lots antibiotics and the glands in my neck have stayed the same . Ive got swollen glands in my groin and under my arms as well soo hey sorry but I haven't got a clue what causes it.
Avatar n tn I have had a sore throat, which causes my voice to 'catch', for about 5 weeks. Some days it is almost none existent, others it feels quite raw. I don't have an elevated temperature although on one occasion last week, for no apparent reason, I broke out in a profuse sweat - I was soaked - but recovered within minutes with a drink of water. I have a slight sensation of cattarh in the back of my throat but not so much as to make me cough, just enough to cause throat clearance every hour or so.
Avatar n tn Since the op, large ulcers have formed on the back and sides of my throat causing quite a lot of pain and causing the glands in my neck to swell up and become sore.. i haven't been smoking (used to be a social smoker), nor clubbing for four weeks yet my throat doesn't seem to be healing.
Avatar f tn Thats the worst symptom, but I also have a little swelling and tenderness on the side of my face (in front of my ears and around my jaw) and it feels like I have swollen glands at the back of my neck (around my hairline). I've been taken ibroprofen and paracetamol, doctor said it was an insect bite, but that was when the pain was just on one side, its now all over my head. I also have occasional hot sweats and tingling in my head.
Avatar m tn I don't see the relationship with your neck pain and eyes. You have not mentioned fatigue. Sometimes Mono causes pain in the neck with swollen glands. ABT can cause strange reactions when you have Mono. Got worse myself in this situation. Sometimes the antibiotic needs to be changed too, So I would contact your doctor again. Your sinus infection should be improving by now. Best wishes for less pain and a cure this New Year and soon! You could ask an expert on here too.
Avatar n tn Your throat will be sore following your surgery and this comes from two main causes. First, you will be intubated so talk to your anesthesiologist first about the nodule making your throat sore and see if they can use a smaller size tube. You shouldn't have a scratchy throat. Second is the actual surgery pain. What you will experience is pain in the muscles of your neck (the front muscles have to be cut to access the thyroid).
Avatar n tn I wish I had a dollar for every time somebody told me their neck was sore. LOL Since you said that your family has tested negative on the antibody test, I don't see a correlation.
Avatar n tn In sore throat,which is the most likely case for your symptoms, the glands in the neck are most likely to swell—a common response to a cold or upper respiratory infection. But this type of swelling can occur only if sore throat is a result of infection(bacterial, fungal or viral). Treatment for inflamed, swollen lymph nodes, also known as lymphadenitis, depends on the cause. In some cases, over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers and warm compresses may be all you need.
Avatar n tn He confirmed that the glands in my neck and groin area were swollen. They were painful too. A few weeks later, I got a cold. The swollen glands seemed to go away, but I can't really remember whether they disappeared completely or not. In early April I had laryngitis but no cold, and then my glands swelled up and were painful later in the month and have stayed swollen for the most part ever since.
Avatar n tn Hi, for about a year now i have had this fizzing sound in my neck that occurs randomly, usually when i am just laying down. It doesnt occur when i am moving my head or anything, its usually just when i sitting still or laying down. It sounds like it is coming directly from the back of my neck and is starting to worry me. I also experience these weird pains in my head that come for about a second and then go and come back again every 10minutes or so.
429949 tn?1224695179 I'm in limbo, and while I don't have neck pain that is associated with sudden neck or head movements, I do have neck pain that feels like a "kink" in the neck that can last a month or more. I don't know if it's associated with everything else, I usually wake up with it, but I have heard people with MS talk about spasticity in the neck. Not sure if that helps at all, but hey, I'm trying!
Avatar n tn It feels like the sensitivity often associated with a flu--it feels like my glands are swollen and sore. I know it may be partly muscular but I don't feel that this is the underlying cause of it. What's strange is that the day before I came down with this, I was visiting my friend whose husband was away on business. Come to find out, her husband suffers from the exact same symptoms and has had them for 5 1/2 weeks now! He has been seen by his M.D., been to P.T.
665881 tn?1248930597 It started yesterday morning with a dull headache, sore legs then about noon fatigue set in, chills,fever,sore throat , lower back aches and that was it, I was in bed at 1 oclock till 8 next morning. I could hardly walk to the bathroom in the night my legs were so weak. thank god its over.
Avatar m tn They are situated on both sides of the back of neck..down near hairline and behind the ears. They are very sore to touch, feel like small round balls and keen be seen by others. There is now a total of 8 or so swollen glands/lumps? When I tilt my head back, it causes discomfort and I do have slight headache ? Is this a reaction to hairdye? Should I see a Doctor ...Quite concerned because they are quite sore...Could they be malignant,cancer?
Avatar n tn I always have and was wondering if anyone else out there that has these swollen nodes in neck also have problems with their teeth and also wondering if problems with teeth (infections and such) could cause the nodes in the back of the neck swell up. Also, the glands in the front of my neck have always been large... these problems I've experienced have gone on for years... So, I'm hoping its nothing serious because, if it is, and I have it for years.... what chance would I have?