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Avatar f tn It is very important to rule out diabetes and other causes of numbness like B12 deficiency. I would suggest you to do some neck and back exercises and make sure you have a good posture while standing, and sitting. Also learn some self relaxation techniques like breathing exercises and meditation. Hope this information will help you.
Avatar n tn t know whether i should try to stretch to improve or if stretching will make it worse, because after doing some neck exercises, severe shoulder pain got added to the frontal neck tightness.
6384874 tn?1385429806 I had my first PT session yesterday (I am 5 weeks post op) and it consisted of range of motion testing, some massage of my neck, scar and the base of my skull, and she stretches for me to do at home. I feel worse today than I have since surgery. The top portion of my scar is very sore (feels like its bruised). I was like that before PT. He really stayed away from that area most of the time.
Avatar m tn I also did arm exercises with weights. I noticed my arms were sore the very next day but my neck and back started feeling sore about three days later. Because of the delayed neck and back aches as well as strange throat feeling, I am nervous that the toliet water gave me meningitis. Does this make any sense or am I just driving myself crazy with worry? Is my pain simply a well times coincidence caused by the gym workout? Or should I be worried that the dirty toliet gave meningitis?
Avatar n tn HI I operator dozers at work and i have to turn my head around alot while reversing then the next day or so my necks a bit sore plus i get bad headaches that move around form the back of my head to my eyes feels like someone is poking your eye from inside to the out side and up sets my belly to the point i vomited
Avatar f tn my decompression was 2 weeks ago. i had a bit of nausea a couple days after i was released but that has gone away. i have begun to feel soo good! i haven't taken any narcotic pain meds in days.. but still regularly taking acetaminophen and ibuprofen just in case. i've gone shopping 2x this week already! i started cleaning around the house too.. just small things here and there. my husband has been great at fetching me things as i need them.. but not so well at keeping things tidy.
Avatar f tn The other day my PT started me on strengthning exercises in the gym portion of the office.....scapula pinches with pulleys, resistance exercises. Nothing really hurt until I went to work that evening. I wound up being in pain all shift....even a simple turn of my head to the left left me in spasms. Today the back of my neck and entire L scapula region is sore. I'm so discouraged. Do you think I did too much too soon?
Avatar m tn Virtually everybody in the entire universe gets tense, sore and achy muscles for many, many reasons. And yes, many of us are not aware of how we end up with them. Poor posture, lifting heavy things incorrectly, physical activities, being hunched over our computers for hours on end, the stress of day to day life..........all of these things can cause the problems you mention.
Avatar m tn After that it started coming on and off when I climb steps, bend down or do house hold work etc. My neck was also feeling rigid and sore. So I went to chiropractor couple of times, he gave some heat therapy but that didn't help. I started getting that headaches even after that. So I went to a physician and I was told not to do exercise for 6 weeks. 3 weeks after my headache started, I still didnt do any exercise, but still I am getting this headaches occasionally.
5536514 tn?1373500002 I am 65 and I am afraid my bones are falling apart. I have osteoarthritis. I also experience bone cracking in my neck. The same for my knees. I can almost tell when it's going to rain. The back pain starts as soon as I get up in the morning. After I have taken a muscle relaxer it is still there but only slightly. I do not want to become dependent on pill. I have hepc and cirrosis of the liver. Can you shed a little light on my problem.
Avatar f tn Just seeing quite an increase in facial tingling not pain though. And neck burning. What sort of neck exercises Selma? I do work at a computer all day so neck pain is higher during work week. Less when I am up walking more. Just started thinking more about cci. My ns was touted as a Chiari expert but I am finding she doesn't look for anything else. So when my results came in she said Chiari looks good and minor bulging disk in c3/4 but that would not cause facial tingling.
872994 tn?1247865206 sometimes alternating heat and then cold works,,be real careful of the pain meds highly addictive dont go down that road unless you have too, ask your doctor if physical therapy may help you, I didnt believe in it and just had my second session for my neck I am sore like I got beat up but its a different kind of pain, not what I usually have, she may be manipulating things back into shape I hope,,,
Avatar m tn My friend has a sore throat and neck pains on the ( right said ) of her neck she cant move her neck up or down or said to said . she went to the DR and they really didn't do much for her when it hurts her she takes pain meds and it go away until they were off what could it be ???
393685 tn?1425812522 Does anyone else out there have or had a terrible sore neck? it hurts so much in the back. Mythroat feels like I can't swollow where it feels like that little adam's apple won't move. even my jaw hurts. I went to the ENT - he wants to see the actual US films . I called the pharmacist and he said prednisone should not be the cause of any pain I am having. Would this nodule cause so mych pain ? adn IF it spread to lymph node could this be my pain too.
Avatar f tn My neck is so sore I think I slept wrong last night! Please help me what can I do I know massage is not good in the 1st trimester I've tried stretching it but it's still there, it's gonna give me a headache I can see it!!!
Avatar f tn I woke up two days ago with a really sore neck, im literally unable to move my head around and when i get up i cant lift it up, im constantly staring at the floor, why
Avatar n tn Hi, I believe the bulging disc is in the C5,6 region and causing continuous pain down my left arm and shoulder. My lower neck is also continually sore. I believe the terminology has been 'degenerative disc disease'. A series of 3 shots have been recommended directly into the affected area and if that does not help then surgery has been suggested. I have been going to physical therapy and using a device that stretches the neck. It helps temporarily but the pain always comes back.
8101930 tn?1420001456 m having the same thing and then my shoulder ends up staying sore for most of the day and makes my neck hurt. I have tried going to my chiropractor and that helps relieve it but it just comes right back that night.
Avatar n tn Been 8 days and still hurts to move my head and eyes. Neck is very sore- to be expected. Just thought by now the spinal headache would resolve. Maybe it is just a regular "you just had a hole cut out of your skull" stress headache! Ha ha!
Avatar f tn I am still pretty dizzy on a regular basis, and still sore. I have been doing the exercises and they help, but I am still sore. I do think in reading a lot of posts here, my case is not anything like what some of you have gone through. He is chalking up my dizziness and general not feeling right to emotional stresses going on in my life. Which may be the case, I don't know? My father is about to have a heart transplant, and I have other family issues that are very difficult.
Avatar f tn yawns with a lot of technical direction and stretches of the tongue against my front teeth. Worse thing to do: clear the throat! try not to do that and drink lots of water. You may benefit from these exercises and some more tests may be needed. Don't worry to much about things now: get married and then focus on getting a diagnoses. It rarely is life-threatening or cancerous or glands of any concern. Please let us know how you are doing. All the best!