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Avatar f tn i havent had the viberating feeling, but the muscles pain, i get even lying in bed, its like ive pushed weights for a month straight and left with them sore and tired, i get aching in my elbows, thats painfull, i have to emerge myself in a bath or spa to relieve it, oh i have had the viberating feeling, but in my head, and my back, do what you can to relieve it, have a soak, or ly in bed with a electric blanket, ot hotty on your sore spots, maybe even trying going for a walk, to get things mov
Avatar n tn Tried changing my injections from Friday to Thursday it helped me to make it into work on Monday but I am now finding myself tired and burned out by Thursday. Stressing bills that need to be paid, tired of worrying about the bills but not feeling good enough to come into work everyday.But have to work to pay the bills, just getting tired of it all and ready to stop this treatment.
Avatar f tn I did my shots at night so I'd sleep through the sore muscles and flu like symptoms. One side effect I must stress on is loosing your eyesight.... It's rare but it happened to me. So have your DR. Watch for eye swelling. I ended up with 2 detached retinas. I am off treatment now because off my eyesight....
Avatar n tn And get your tsh tested every 6 weeks so you don't go HYPER which will make you feel bad too!! I'll let you know if or when my tingling stops! Anyone hear from MsFergy??? She hasn't been here for a while!!!
691935 tn?1421030690 As in suffering from anemia because of the tx. Yeah, I think you still have the same muscles, it's the anemia.
15206917 tn?1441194009 Kids are at school so I lay around a little longer lol Hope you are feeling better, weather changes make me feel down sometimes :-(
Avatar n tn Do you have lyme? How ill are you? How effective has treatmtent been? Yes it will make it worse. Do you get more fatigued and do not recover well? I had terrible face and neck pain; activity increased it. All my symptoms that kicked in at different stages were worse with exercise and general activity. One lyme dr. said do not have these patients do aerobic exercise as they are literally starved for oxygen. I believe it.
3517260 tn?1388880793 i'm on day 21 off methadone its not nice but your pain will soon turn to pleasure hang in there the end is worth it each day will be a better day after day 7 i love the pain swear it will be the sweetest feeling that morn u wake up and are like my legs aint sore ive no chills i've done it trust me you have the powr to beat it just make sure u keep your mind in the right place
Avatar n tn That would make them sore and you said you notice it when you wake up.. Noticed any changes like masses or tingling?? Are you SURE you aren't PREGGO!!?? Had an exam lately? Maybe you are developing Fibrocystic breasts... I have it and it can be very painful to one or both and it is worse when hormones are surging. Or maybe you are pregnant??? Could be..
Avatar m tn It is so extremely powerful, you make almost make it do what you want. Go look at the symptoms for anxiety, many of symptoms you describe such as twitching, pain, burning are ALL PART OF ANXIETY. It is the stress that is doing all this, the fact is we are HERPOcondriacs, and you testing negative both times on antibodies and still worrying completely confirms this. The .0000000000000000000000000001 chance that it might be herpes, who cares? Not caring is easier said than done, I KNOW.
Avatar f tn I know what you mean about surrounding yourself with things that make you happy. What a coincidence, you and I BOTH have smooth stones that we like to feel. And I keep mine in the same place as yours! My husband brought me a dozen BEAUTIFUL "peach" color roses yesterday and I love sticking my nose in them and inhaling the beautiful fragrance.
288459 tn?1201294929 ok i left a post questioning the the possibility of me having ms but left no syptoms which make it difficult for you to answer. so here goes, went to er with numbness in L side of face and up to crown of head. dizziness, weakness at times, blurred vision and no sense of taste to my numb tongue either. they diagnosed me with bells palsy. went to dorctor to find out they disagree. right side of face has less movement than the L.
1523516 tn?1330047857 hi yes oh yes am i with you on this !!!!! its my main complaint that my muscles get tired so easily i cant do things that i once could because of it. its so frustrating cos nothing helps to stop it i just have to take rests in between tasks ie,start stop start stop start .
Avatar f tn Also you said it can make you feel exhausted, I have been wife tired even more then usual were I'm alread always tired. But I've been blaming that on the cold or flew or what ever it is that I have had for at least a month now. But also I blame in general being tired all the time on I think I'm depressed and I know that's a symptom so that's my guess. Can cracking your neck or back make the nerves slip???
Avatar n tn My doctor just drew blood based on my symptoms but never felt my neck. Is sore throat and neck soreness a symptom of thyroid disorders? Thanks!
231441 tn?1333896366 Mild case can be treated with oral iron pills, severe cases may require injection. Iron from food comes from meats (make sure you include a vitamin c rich food at the same time to help absorption), dark green veges.... Key symptoms include: pallor (paleness), fatigue and weakness. In severe cases, breathlessness and trouble breathing can occur. For some people it may trigger unusual obsessive food cravings (pica). Craving for ice is a very specific symptom.
Avatar f tn Any problem with circulatory system can make you feel tired. Do moderate exercising and avoid heavy exercising till you can get back your energy levels. At your age you should not feel overly tired, unless you have a health problem. Hope your blood pressure is normal.
1207048 tn?1282177904 This has been going on for a bit now, at least a week. I'll be honest...I'm tired of seeing my doctor so I would like to *not* see him until after the LP on July 2nd. I'm not sure if I can describe this well, but it is my upper arms mostly. The muscles feel very heavy but they also ache and sting, like I've weight lifted a huge amount for a long time. I can do my regular daily routine...
Avatar n tn Of course you should have a baby if you want one, don't listen to people who tell you otherwise. There is absolutly no reason why someone over 40 that wants to have a baby shouldn't. In your 20's the chance for miscarriage is around 10% after the first month of pregnancy, and after 40 the chance is somewhere around 50%. If you continue to try, then I believe it will happen for you. A friend of mine just had a baby last year at age 42.
Avatar f tn So please look into all the medicines that you are taking and make sure that there are no side effects that are actually making you worse. My doctor is taking me off the Lipitor for four weels to see if the pain subsides. If not he then wants to consider sending me a "Reputable" Pain Management clinic.
Avatar f tn I am happy to address your questions, and my answer will be based on the information you provided here. Please make sure you recognize that this forum is for educational purposes only, and it does not substitute for a formal office visit with a doctor. Without the ability to examine and obtain a history, I can not tell you what the exact cause of the symptoms is. You provide limited information. However I will try to provide you with some useful information.
Avatar n tn the chemical digestion carbs takes a lot of water - you'll gret dehydrated if you have not taken in enough water before (or during?) eating. Dyhydration can make you feel drained and tired and sleepy. Also review you diet for balance - a big carby meal can make you sleepy anyway. just thoughts.
Avatar n tn i have been tested 6 years ago via sweat test for cf and i believe the result was negative, can that change over the last month i can not even run 100m without taking 15 minutes to recover because my chest kills me and i cant get any air in, i get tired, sore joints and it is really worrying me. in my recent spirometry tests last week i was sitting at 50% whichc is terrible.
Avatar m tn For a month I was very tired every day, but that went away, so that I am not more tired than normal now (though I do seem to get more physical pain if I miss sleep now than I did previously . . . i.e. sore muscles and the like instead of just feeling metally tired). For a while I had migrane like headaches, that were significantly worse than any normal headaches I get, but those have gone away.
798555 tn?1292791151 I found Mag Glycinate relaxes muscles way more than Mag oxide. But is make me sleepy to, so I only take it before bed. As to the reason why - there are several overlapping reasons is just one in my case. But no one doc can really say what it is- its to complicated. I was hypothyroid for maybe ten years before I was Dxed. It can mess up muscles and make healing of injuries incomplete. So I may have some permanent damage from this as I am more sore than I should be.
3051915 tn?1340209369 A few pounds of weight gain may occur due to water retention, but you are not likely to get fat due to hypothyroidism alone because your appetite and zest for food decrease rather than increase when you become hypothyroid. Your muscles may become sore and you may be awakened at night with leg cramps. Muscle swelling may occur and may make your tongue (which is a muscle) bigger. Your nervous system may be affected in several ways.
176889 tn?1234356182 I wish there was some way to make you feel even a little better... you sound more miserable than me...has anyone tried those aminos or supplements listed under the Amino Acid Protocol on the side of this page >>>??? I wonder if it helps?? Kim: Thanks for the encouragement! I need it muchly (as we say)...I'll try walking more and more often, specially before bed... do you know anything about the Amino Acid Protocol?? Has it helped someone??
557490 tn?1326797183 let your husband lay down on the bed and you climb him and sit over him and do sex, tell him not to move himself just lay down and you do all the moving job, try hard till you got what you want, sure you will be tired too much but keep moving within some days it will be normal for you.
Avatar m tn Ok so this is quite a complicated problem but would appreciate if you bear with me! I am 21 year old man about 2 months ago started getting cold like symptoms aching muscles tiredness etc. and two days later swollen red and painful tonsillitis. I went to dr. Next day who prescribed penicillin v for 7 days. The pain went after approximately 4-5 days but whilst the swelling went down it didn't ever go completely down.
Avatar n tn I thought I was weird because no one knew what I was talking about and I never knew how to explain it, mine only happens when I squeeze my eyes shut and only lasts a second but it's like a whooshing sound INSIDE my head but mine only lasts a second but I can do it repeatedly... Can you train yourself to make it last longer? I can squeeze my eyes shut and not do it, I have to purposely try to do it to make it work.