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5248641 tn?1367590847 Many people with Fibromyalgia may have problems with decreased oxygen flow to the muscles, resulting in lactic acid build-up which leads to pain. Leg cramps and pain can be due to restless leg syndrome common in fibro patients. There may be burning sensations in the leg. Contractions due to pain may cause trapping of nerves and further adding to pain and twitching. Recommended treatment usually involves stretching and exercise to help maintain muscle health.
Avatar f tn Hi, One of the consequences of vigorous exercise—heavy weight lifting, a tough day of speed work on the track, or the stairclimber at the gym—is an accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. Lactic acid is a normal byproduct of muscle metabolism, but it can irritate muscles and cause discomfort and soreness. Take a hot shower for two minutes. Then turn on the cold and let it run full throttle for 30 seconds. Repeat the process five to ten times.
Avatar n tn I need to know how do I know if my lactic acid levels are okay? Some side effects of lactic acidosis are muscle pain. My hands have been sore and the muscles in my hands ache and have been weak since yesterday. I worked out in the yard yesterday and was wondering if I overstressed every muscle in my hand or is this feeling related to something caused by my medication. If you know anything about this topic please lend your advice and information. Thanks!
Avatar n tn OR if you added more weight to what you normally use. Lactic acid builds up and it takes awhile to get worked out. Take a nice hot bath perhaps with some empsoms salts, they relax your muscles. Over the counter magnesium may help also. Make sure you keep moving and stretch. But if you are that sore wait till you feel a bit normal again before working out.
Avatar m tn It can be a build up of lactic acid. Increase stretching, stay hydrated and careful of training hard. You always need to increae progressive muscle condition and strenght if you practice a sport. If the symptoms persist please consult with your doctor asap. thanks!
Avatar m tn People who regularily suffer from anxiety often have pain in their ribcage. Do you work out? Muscles release lactic acid, which can cause your bones to be sore in your rib cage.
Avatar f tn Recovery sports drinks are superior to water because the body needs more than just water after exercise to replenish energy stores. During recovery, the body is busy removing lactic acid and replacing depleted glycogen supply. Sports recovery drinks improve the quality and rate of recovery after strenuous exercise, according to John M Berardi, reporting in a 2008 "Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.
Avatar n tn The muscle tissue releases a hormone called lactic acid to meet this need. If you don't use all of the lactic acid, then you get sore or have a charlie horse in the muscle. If you continue to use the muscle alot, then the body will start building more blood vessels in the muscle tissue to provide energy instead of making so much lactic acid. These extra blood vessels take up room in the muscle tissue and push the muscle outward so the muscle will "get bigger".
798555 tn?1292791151 My reps have decreased….When I lift, it feels like I have a lot of lactic acid build up and it limits the contractions of my muscles much too soon and i cant "push" it one more, like i use to. Also I notice that if I’m just focusing on one muscle group ( say just my bicepts with curls) I often feel fatigued in the rest of my body…whereas before all of this started the only area I felt fatigue ( the good kind I might add) was in the muscles I was working out.
Avatar n tn When I do any form of exercise, my muscles fill with lactic acid and ache, then I feel like lead, cold heavy and numb. My hair has been falling out for 7 months, about 200 hairs per day. My lungs feel damaged and don't seem to work properly sometimes. My abdomen hurts when I apply slight pressure to it. Ihad a chest x-ray in July 2005 which was clear. I have had blood tests to check for thyroid, anaemia which were fine.
1841872 tn?1324669689 Malic acid changes the chemistry of lactic acid build up- the cause of muscle pain. The result is similar to Magnesium so far, but it does not interfere with thyroid med (no time 4 hrs from thy meds) and does not make you sleepy. About $10 for one month. Great to take both of these - so far.
Avatar f tn It doesn't do its job with low thyroid hormone levels. And all this leads to abnormal levels of lactic acid build up in muscle tissue. When thyroid levels are corrected, muscle recovery speeds up. But it is not uncommon for hypos to have some permanent damage of muscle and tendon tissue if they continuously injured themselves before being Dxed hypo - or were not on the correct thyroid dose to prevent hypo symptoms.
Avatar f tn I asked my sister-in-law to rub it (because she has had a lot of massages) and she said it was a build up of lactic acid. After she worked some of it out, I stood up and felt so sick... like I had the flu. It was very odd... any suggestions or comments? Do you think she was right about the lactic acid? To answer you question about the pain: I believe its mainly muscle/nerve pain with my back, hips, shoulders, legs and arms. I think my wrists, fingers, ankles and knees could be joint pain.
Avatar f tn Muscles while in a hypothyroid state can have the ATP rebuilding process out of whack, leaving a toxic buildup of lactic acid, which normally will gradually get flushed out of muscles in a healthy body. Lactic acid that sticks around displaces healthy nutrients and blood flow from the effected area, leading to tightness and weakness that leave muscles in a constant 'firing' state, never relaxed - leading to further injury.
Avatar n tn about 10 days after exposure, 9 days after starting PEP, my chest muscles became very very sore. it felt as if I had taken part in a heavy workout, but I had not worked out. My primary care physician indicated to me that he did not have much knowledge re Combivir side effects. He said in reading about Combivir that it can affect lactic acid levels in the muscles and that this may contribute to muscle soreness. I am waiting to also pose this question to the specialist he referred me to.
Avatar n tn I had terrible cramps in my feet, legs and hands for months. I think it was lactic acid from their being little oxygen my blood. I don't have the cramps now, but have severely weak, sore and painful legs muscles. I also have started with a tingling on my face about a weak ago. I suspect a new lotion I was using, but, I also started having headaches more frequently. I don't know, it's probaby a coincidence, but, when I saw your symtoms, it caught my eye. Good luck and post your results.
Avatar f tn I think it may be in part caused by lactic acid build up in the muscles. But am not sure. I know there are oxygenation treatments like food grade hydrogen peroxide that can help.... but....I'm told the treatment is killer. But you supposedly feel great after it's done.
Avatar m tn The only things that consistently show is an mildly elevated CK and a reduction of acid maltase enzyme but not enough to label anything definitive. Most other tests are either normal or excellent. I have existing Hashimoto's (15 yrs.) well controlled. If you have a thought, I'm all for it! Thanks for any suggestions, and your time.
Avatar f tn Weight lifting is anearobic. After which he has sore muscles (lactic acid build up). So basically, during the T3 deficient cycle of ATP production (KREBS cycle) potassium and magnesium are driven out of cells in order to dilute the high levels of lactic acid developing in the muscle tissue. Next sodium is driven into the cells to replace the potassium and magnesium. This is abnormal. This is also what hypo-fibro-THR-undertreated patients experience.
Avatar f tn 1. Is the muscle soreness that's described for fibro like a lactic acid build up feeling or just very sore to touch like the muscle is bruised? ( I have both these feelings ) 2. With the heel pain do you find it comes and goes througout the day and is often worse after a couple of hours walking on your feet? 3. Did anyone here prior to fibro have a muscle strain injury and do you find that the fibro is often worse in that area? 4.
Avatar f tn Hypothyroid drives out magnessium in muscle tissue allowing lactic acid to set in longer than it should leaving muscles in a constant burn state. The ATP muscle rebuilding process is then severely slowed or even stopped, that is why you can be sore for days on without muscle recovery. Deep muscle knots then form cutting of new blood flow, along with possible tendinitis, bursitis ect. I can only imagine that the race is a annual event, so there is always next year.
Avatar n tn Once you get home, eat some food with carbohydrates and protien and make sure to get adequete rest so your muscles can repair. There are ways to sooth sore muscles too, but I think I'm writing way too much so I'll stop here :) Hopefully some of this helps!
182493 tn?1348056515 Yes please keep me up to date with anything new... I am gonna try to get mine to start me on elavil next time on my appt the 1st... I think if I start getting more quality sleep I will feel better overall.. at least I hope so..zanaflex is working well for the muscle spasms.. using heating pad everynight b4 bed.. Burts Bee's theraputic bath crystals a few times a week.. they help "break up" lactic acid build up in the muscles..
Avatar n tn When someone is low in T3 or magnesium, which can happen with hypothyroidism, the ATP chemistry of the muscle rebuilding process is hampered, and lactic acid will build up causing pain. Chiropractic adjustments can not correct these issues. Fixing the chemical imbalance and then manually releasing tight muscle knots via manual physical therapy (massage) can correct this.
798555 tn?1292791151 ATP chemical process for rebuilding soft tissue can be unbalanced from magnessium deplettion while taking thyroid meds and a build up of lactic acid, a bi-product of muscle breakdown and contraction.
Avatar f tn Tired sore muscles, not like lactic acid build up, just sore. Bruises that I can’t explain, usually small like tip of finger (no nail mark), usually on thighs, stomach and arms. They heal quickly.
Avatar m tn I have been on synthroid for about 5 weeks now. Also very active. Spend 2-3 hours a day at the gym. I have done a lot of research online and read three books already, I read somewhere that until your thyroid is back on track you have no metabolism so you can actually hurt your muscles if you are working out and your thyroid isn't in the normal range. Of course I still work out anyway. I see no results on the scale.... or inches lost...but, keep on waiting to feel normal again.
Avatar n tn Should I go to the gym more then the 3 days, If i am walking over 5 miles a day between work and home 5 days a week? Is there a point of working out to much at the gym? I heard Lactic acid needs time to go down or something. Or maybe 3 longer days at the gym and 2 shorter days?
Avatar n tn I began prematurely aging...muscle loss, major lactic acid build up in my muscles, hair loss, memory issues, fatigue, the list goes on. Anyway, I suggest you see a naturopathic or homeopathic Doc asap for thourough bloodwork...they will check things a regular Doc won't. Most aren't covered by insurance anyway...but worth the money. I started taking an adrenal supplement and prescription DHEA(low dose for short period) and the changes are amazing. Please try can't hurt.