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Avatar f tn Well, there is something called the Thomas Recipe. It will help. Look up the member "goingtomakeit", click on his name. It has listed in his journals. I would post it here, but it is long.
4041825 tn?1359292686 I'm so sick of coughing and hacking to no end! The cough syrup I'm using isn't working, nor are the cough drops, chloraseptic spray, gargling salt water, vicks vapor rub....ect ect. Any of you ladies know of a home remedy to get rid of a cough? My ribs and my belly feel like they're about to split! Plus I can't sleep.
Avatar f tn I just went to the washroom and whatever skin tag/wart that may be on my perineum is bleeding since I applied the tea tree oil.......I have no clue!
Avatar n tn hi welcome to the forum sice your tight onmoney tell us what is bothering you the most and will try to treat your worst symptoms like for restless legs walmart carys highlands restful legs its only like 4 bucks and works wounders if thats got ya as fro most symptoms a simple hot soak in the tub will do the most for you ebsom salt helps it cheep and forces magnesium into your system vitimin b-12 will help with energy again walmart 6 bucks but give us som feedback on whats tormenting you and will
Avatar n tn If ok with your doctor, have you tried an antihistamine/decongestant at night before bed .. sometimes what you describe may be post nasal drip but I'm not a doctor .. just my immediate thoughts reading your post. The decongestant may help dry things up. A sinus infection can do similar with the drip, too. The drip can also cause asthma-like symtpoms (bronchiospasms) to happen from the irritation. Just some thoughts to ask your doctor. WELCOME to our community!
1323047 tn?1279193919 Oh! Yes! Saddle sore! How common is that!! Well, I can say that once a week would give you the highest instance of saddle soreness, as the riding would not be consistant enough to use your riding muscles enough to condition them properly. "weekend warrior" symptoms can be painful, indeed (at any age!). That said, before riding, or doing any exercise, it is important to warm up your body with some light stretching exercises, and repeat after exercise as a cooldown.
Avatar f tn My muscles and joints have been really sore the past couple of days and I haven't done anything for them to have reason to be sore? Especially in my left leg, foot and shoulder! I hate it bc I'm 26 years old and should be able to run and play with my kids and just can't!
Avatar n tn My muscles are so sore & They feel so heavy, like when I lift them to get in the car. I also have so much trouble with my feet I can't exercise. I have diabetes & I really need to excercise What do you think it could be?
4910090 tn?1361074617 Not that i am that hungry or able to eat much. Does anyone have home remedy ideas to ease the constant stinging pain?
Avatar f tn Can your partner give you a little massage? That is my best remedy for tired and aching muscles. A heating pad. Propping your feet up. Anyway, hats off to you for working so hard.
Avatar n tn I've got sore muscles all over my body,my legs,my back,arms,fingers etc. Could this be because I have a cold coming on or another reason?
Avatar f tn I wake up with avid relfux and it really *****, I am also trying to figure out a home remedy lol
Avatar m tn I am getting severe pain in my fingers and inside hands after getup from sleeping. I am working as a software engineer. Is this caused due to typing? Please suggest me to remedy this?. Why this happening to me? I got tears in my eyes. Please reply me. Advance thanks to all.
Avatar f tn Does having Peripheral Neuropathy mean that your whole body will ache? I am undergoing a treatment with lasers for my feet and legs and hands that get numb at night and other symptoms keep popping up like allover pain, itching and strange sensations. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/Sore-muscles-for-no-reason/show/1359518">Sore muscles for no reason</a>.
Avatar n tn Hot tea with honey is a good one!
8323481 tn?1405705654 In tapering, I am already experiencing extreme muscle pain in hips, thighs, calves, and my feet are sore!!! Came home from work after 5 hours at the garden centre. This was a shift I breezed through while taking opiates. I embrace the pain though because it is a sign that I am withdrawing off Subs. Had a hot bath and was in bed by 8pm. Took my prescribed dose this morning, and am feeling better. THAT's what has me cheesed off!!!! These subs are becoming a form of relief for me!!!!
8924846 tn?1410572901 The past few weeks my muscles have been sore and stiff. Sometimes right when I wake up. I'm a pole dancer and even though I haven't been dancing as much as usual lately I still do my normal stretching routine. I'm not really sure why I'm so sore and stiff. Has this happened with anyone else? I'm 13 weeks 4 days.
Avatar f tn I get cramps in my calves in my sleep which causes sore calf muscles. Try eating more potassium enriched foods such as bananas, spinach, or kale. It will help a little. But from what my doc tells me it's pretty common.