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Avatar f tn Just wandering how many use either ice or heat for your migraines? Does it work? Which one is best?
Avatar n tn You might try a moist heat wrap. For your jaw, you might also try ice. Do you have a night guard or flat planed splint to try to protect your teeth or jaw joint? And try relaxing your face muscles, letting your jaw go slack and maybe even some massaging. You might even get the doc to prescribe for short term use if it is really bad some valium to help with the tension. I have very bad TMJ problems, with arthritis in my jaws. I use a flat planed splint at night.
9432311 tn?1432825085 Ice is used for swelling and why I asked if you had any....heat helps loosen tight muscles...and is also good to use for that purpose....but you should use ice if you have swelling and heat to help release tight muscles...confusing I know....but there is a different use for each. Swelling would be more then just a raised no I do not think that is swelling....
Avatar f tn i havent had the viberating feeling, but the muscles pain, i get even lying in bed, its like ive pushed weights for a month straight and left with them sore and tired, i get aching in my elbows, thats painfull, i have to emerge myself in a bath or spa to relieve it, oh i have had the viberating feeling, but in my head, and my back, do what you can to relieve it, have a soak, or ly in bed with a electric blanket, ot hotty on your sore spots, maybe even trying going for a walk, to get things mov
Avatar n tn With a muscle strain, pain can be felt when stretching, lifting, reaching or exerting the chest muscles. A moderate or severe strain will also result in weakness, due to a muscle tear. A pulled muscle due to strain or injury can also cause swelling in the chest area and muscle spasms. To relieve swelling, ice can be applied immediately after injury, but should be limited to 20-minute applications, according to the Mayo Clinic. You can reapply the ice treatment every few hours.
Avatar m tn Then see a doctor. In the mean time try ice 10 min. every hour OR heat the same way OR alternate ice and heat if that works better. Take ibeprophen like Advil -as directed -if you are able to take that. Best wishes for a easy recovery.
Avatar f tn The doctor knows best but it sounds muscular to me. Try alternating ice for 15 minutes and heat for 5, ice for 10 and heat for 5 and ice again for 10 and let me know that results. If it is muscular you will get some relief.
535882 tn?1396576685 In general, for bruising (or contusions in medical terminology) we recommend direct application of ice or cold compresses in the first 48-72 hours. Ice or cold compresses can be applied for 20-25 minutes at time and repeat as necessary. Additional recommendations for this time of injury include: some rest (avoiding heavy lifting, extreme exertion) but also stay active--i.e. walking can help loosen up tight muscles.
Avatar n tn This is extrememly common and the way to relieve it is to not exercise until it heals and apply ice or heat, and take maybe some asprin for the pain.
Avatar f tn Actually both heat and ice can help depends on the mom's preference.... Research options http://landmarkptclinics.
Avatar n tn Any pain in the leg? Any trouble urinating? Have you tried any OTC things for the pain? Ice, heat, ibuprofen, Tylenol? Do they give you any relief? I think if you give a little more information you may get some better suggestions.
Avatar f tn Alternate heat and ice 20 minutes at a time... Moist heat is the best, like a flax seed bag, so if you have to go purchase a heating pad, look for the one that says moist heat. Also, you can purchase a soft cervical collar from the pharmacy for only a few buck wear it whenever you are not laying down. It'll help the muscles to relax. When the pain calms down some try stretching it gently using only 2 fingers for pressure.
Avatar f tn t heal quickly. The fact you had a tear, though, makes it hard to know if ice or heat is appropriate -- ice helps injuries, heat helps sore muscles. Alternating the two might be useful. Hope it heals quickly.
Avatar f tn s an ache on one or both sides. Sometimes it feels like my tailbone is sore. Sometimes I feel pressure or pain in my groin and/or lower abdomin. I am not sure what to make of this. The day before these symptoms started I was trying to stretch my leg behind my head. That may be the cause but it is a full week later. Does this sound like injury that require medical attention or something that should go away on its own?
Avatar f tn Also take ibuprofen to decrease inflammation. Ice/heat therapy may also help. Heat relaxes the muscles, ice decreases inflammation. Good luck and I hope you find answers soon, take care!
539156 tn?1281818356 The glutes, hamstrings and calves are sore like sore muscles from a workout. I think my legs below my knees are swinging funny when I walk. Getting up from a chair or climbing up and down stairs is ......difficult. I have no foot drop at all. I know I am walking "funny" kind of like a penguin instead of a woman!
Avatar n tn This proceedure should be repeated about 8 or 10 times. Beginning and ending with the heat.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you might be swollen, tylenol and an ice pack can help some and avoiding the heat if possible...
535882 tn?1396576685 i fell on ice a week ago. bruised my rib area on back left side. was examined by MD .(told no breaks, just muscle and inflammation in the rib area) given usual treatment plan. ice first 48 hours. then heat anti- inflammatories. it's better but still sore on the one side. do you think chiropractic can help with this or just let time heal it.
Avatar n tn The area is also sometimes warm to the touch. No other muscles are sore, only the ones directly under the red area. Could this be an inflamed muscle or do I start looking at for something like a skin condition?
4722829 tn?1358377222 Ok thank u
Avatar f tn a commin misunderstanding...heat actually increases swelling/inflamation...putting ice reduces swrllingn/inflammation. that is why with injuries they rotate the two or just ice it.