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Avatar f tn Hey ladies! How early did you start getting like sore muscles in your belly? I guess growing pains..
Avatar f tn This sounds like ligament pain. Baby is now growing pretty fast and stretching the muscles in your uterus pretty fast. Ligament pain is very common. Try streching your legs out to strech the muscles.
Avatar f tn I'm 26+3 and mines sore. So is my butt muscles and hips and legs! No idea why but they're all definitely really sore.
Avatar f tn Mine did that too...just baby growing and ur stomach muscles moving. At least that's what my Dr told me and I'm due next Fri w a healthy girl (from what we what're told!
Avatar f tn My muscles and joints have been really sore the past couple of days and I haven't done anything for them to have reason to be sore? Especially in my left leg, foot and shoulder! I hate it bc I'm 26 years old and should be able to run and play with my kids and just can't!
Avatar n tn My muscles are so sore & They feel so heavy, like when I lift them to get in the car. I also have so much trouble with my feet I can't exercise. I have diabetes & I really need to excercise What do you think it could be?
Avatar f tn Anybody experiencing a sore spot on their belly?
Avatar f tn Your hips will widen and relax a bit more while pregnant in order to make room for your growing uterus. If it's hurting to the point that you are having a hard time walking then you may want to try a chiropractor to get an adjustment. I had to do it 3 times during my pregnancy but it was more toward the end.
Avatar n tn I've got sore muscles all over my body,my legs,my back,arms,fingers etc. Could this be because I have a cold coming on or another reason?
9341720 tn?1413325428 Just uterus growing and streching things :-) just as long as it's a little sore enough to be felt and noticed not hurt I don't think it should hurt. But what you said sounds normal.
Avatar n tn It's natural for this late in pregnancy to have sore muscles and aches. Being tired is just how you know your body is doing a lot of work making that baby. If it's really bothering you try a nice hot bath! (Not too hot) or have your partner rub the sore areas.
Avatar f tn I am 28 weeks and my belly button is always super sensitive and some days my tummy is really sore, growing pains are not fun thats for sure....
8924846 tn?1410572901 The past few weeks my muscles have been sore and stiff. Sometimes right when I wake up. I'm a pole dancer and even though I haven't been dancing as much as usual lately I still do my normal stretching routine. I'm not really sure why I'm so sore and stiff. Has this happened with anyone else? I'm 13 weeks 4 days.
Avatar f tn I get cramps in my calves in my sleep which causes sore calf muscles. Try eating more potassium enriched foods such as bananas, spinach, or kale. It will help a little. But from what my doc tells me it's pretty common.
558728 tn?1275442570 they tighten your tummy and can sometimes leave it feeling sore..... and your tummy muscles are probably growing and stretching (ligament pain) and that adds to the pain......Im sure all is normal.... But like the nurse said if your back starts to hurt or they tightening gets painful definitely call the doc back!
1610044 tn?1326170840 If more than a day, then call the doctor, but those muscles are getting a workout w/your growing belly, so chances are you are OK, just sore muscles.
Avatar f tn I am 30 weeks an I was up most of the night with THOSE pains and in the middle of my back...
2119134 tn?1350050210 My breasts trippled with my son years ago, then I added my own weight on top of that and then 3 years ago I lost 35 pounds and was down to a training bra (no joke) I was 110 pounds. Then I had surgey in Nov and quit smoking and gained all of the weight back so my breast have been streched out already pretty good.
Avatar n tn I'm 14 weeks and the same thing is happening to me. It's called round ligament pain. Basically our uterus is growing and the supporting muscles are stretching. We're bound to be sore! I had it earlier today and had to talk myself out of a panic attack by telling myself it was a sign all was going right, not wrong haha.
Avatar f tn Hi I am 27 weeks today and the side of my hips are hurting they are sore , Idk what it could be ?