Sore muscles between shoulder blades

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Avatar f tn Not unless there are other symtoms with it. I also had SVT and got it taken care of w. an ablation but pains between your shoulder blades could just be muscular. With SVT that is not one of the symtoms. However if you start feeling nauseated, fatigued, short of breath w. pressure in your chest or pain the in facial area along with that pain you need to seriously call the doc immediately.
Avatar m tn comes from the intercostal muscles that are between our ribs (remember, we have ribs underneath and between our shoulder blades). It is the same thing as if we squeezed our hands really tight - after awhile, they will be very sore. However, pains in these areas are also commonly caused by, beleive it or not, gas. Not gas in our ribs or back of course, but regular gas in our digestive system.
1679858 tn?1346765181 Does anyone know the cause of the burning feeling between the shoulder blades? Sometimes it runs from the back of my neck and then down my back.
Avatar f tn minei s always between my shoulder blades. I was told it was because i was over compensating. my lower back was hurting because I'm off balance so then i slouch my shoulders to make that not hurt and them my shoulders are sore. thankfully we are near the end so your balance can go back to normal and it won't hurt anymore.
Avatar n tn Fell backwards on outstretched hands. Experiencing pain between shoulder blades and soreness in lower back. There seems to be excess cartilage over the right shoulder blade as well. I'm also experiencing slight nerve pain in both arms and my hurts slightly from typing. For the first two weeks there was severe nerve pain in upper back but now the pain feels more localized in the shoulder blades and feels more like muscles aches than nerve pain.
Avatar f tn for a while now I have been getting a dull ache just below the shoulder blades, it comes on all of the sudden usually when I am standing doing something like preparing dinner it can last for about an hour then just wears off pain killers do not seem to ease it but I can go for two to three weeks sometimes when it's fine,I have read that it could be a sign of lung cancer so very worried now.
Avatar n tn I do a lot of running and I have a lot of troubles with the muscles that run from my shoulders into my chest. Sometimes the pain goes over my shoulder into my back between the shoulder blades. I have had tons of Cardio test and have pasted them all. It feels like the muscle are always "clinched" or flexed. It seems to bother me more when I do faster runs then long runs. It has become a constant pain that flairs up on occasion. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn t raise that arm the rest of the night. Since then, I have a burning sensation between my shoulder blades, especially when raising my right arm,or leaning my head back. It's especially sore in the morning, heat relieves it temporarily. I have had lower back issues for years, could this be related? Or is it more likely damage to my lower neck?
Avatar f tn I've been having pain between shoulder blades, mid back for over a month now. It feels like something is out of place. I've started seeing a chiropractor but after about 8 visits, its not any better. It starts when I walk for a bit, do dishes or iron clothes. Does not bother me sleeping. Any suggestions appreciated.
Avatar f tn Severe Backach between shoulder blades. Experiencing muscles spasms in my upper back and stomach from coughing often happens when Im not coughing, sitting walking, standing. When my breathing is ok I don't have the back pain. The headachs have subsided, "Thank god" What els can I do? I'm at my wits end..
Avatar f tn Hi there! The majority of my migraines start in my neck and between my shoulder blades as "back and neck pain" like really sore trigger points, and then travels to behind one eye and feels like a regular migraine. The space between my shoulder blades is the WORST problem area on me... it is where most of my migraines both start and end... where the tension starts and ends up. The migraines themselves always move to one eye, but...
Avatar m tn I feel pain going down my right leg, but I have also been feeling numbness between my shoulder blades at the base of my neck. Like a tingly/burning feel. It used to come and go, but now it is constant. Could this be related to the back problem that I already have or is this something completely new? It is starting to get on my nerves (no pun intended) and I want to get it fixed, but I am not sure if I should go in or if it is something minor. Thanks for any help.
Avatar m tn I am a 28 year old male with pain in my back between my shoulder blades. This has been going on for about 3 years. I had my gall bladder removed about 6 months ago and thought the pain was associated with that but, the pain remains the same. The pain often occurs with burping and sometimes hard to get food and drink swallowed. It is usually worse at night when laying down and sometimes in the morning.
Avatar n tn My upper back has been feeling very tight and sometimes its hard to breath the pain is almost dead centered on my spine (upper portion of back, right between my shoulder blades) I also get a dull pain at the bottom of my shoulder blade on the right and like a pinching sharp pain where my neck and trap meet when I raise my arm past shoulder height....any help with this or maybe some questions to ask my Dr would be great..
1679858 tn?1346765181 I felt as though all the muscles in my body could handle it, but I got this extreme, weird, weakness between my shoulder blades and knew I had to stop. The next few days, I would have such fatique...but it was not a normal fatigue from simply just working out. I stopped those classes and decided to try Yoga. Thought it would be a gentler form of exercise.
Avatar f tn Is it normal to get really bad cramps in between shoulder blades and all through shoulders? It usually lasts up to five minutes and happens about ten times a day . I've tried back massages,heating pads ,warm baths, and Tylenol. Any other suggestions ??
Avatar n tn I recently had pain in the right side of my chest along with pain between my shoulder blades and neck pain. I had a horrible cough from allergies that lasted several weeks. My doctor told me that the cough had inflamed the muscles in my chest.
Avatar m tn The area where my spine is in between the top of my shoulder blades feels different, somewhat inflamed all the way up to where my neck ends at the back of my head.
Avatar f tn Put your right hand behind your back up between your shoulder blades. Lean your head to the right as far as you can with your ear toward your shoulder. Try to keep looking forward as you do this. Hold for a count of 20. Do the same with the left arm and lean to the left side. Do this about 5 times on each side. You can feel it stretching but its not painful. Sometimes, it feels good to me to slightly push my ear toward my shoulder by putting a little pressure on my head with my opposite hand.
Avatar f tn I too used to have nagging, annoying, dull pain in the area of the rhomboid muscles -- between the spine and shoulder blades -- that was due to a degenerative disc condition on my cervical C4-C7 discs. Your doctor can order films to make a proper diagnosis and offer treatment. For me, treatment involves medication, physical therapy, and bi-annual procedures to treat the nerves serving the cervical facet joints. Best wishes.
7074133 tn?1387750503 Itchy shoulder blades can be caused by dry skin, eczema, an allergy to detergent or even a condition of Diabetes Insipidus. I use Gold Bond anti itch lotion as I find it works better than any others I've tried. I have itchy shoulder blades also - but mine are from a form of eczema. Hope this information was helpful.
Avatar f tn But before it was gone, I read some articles and some people were saying they had twiches. So my lower back pain is gone, now I have twitches in my shoulder blades, tights, calves, buttocks and arms. I had thoses twitches over a week but might be anxiety. Since I had depressions and a lot of anxiety even before having sex. I've also seen that girl with a cold sore once! I've been in stress and I would like to know some advice. Never had any blisters or genital pain.
Avatar f tn Somedays the back pain is between my shoulder blades or in my shoulder blades. And one day the muscles in my neck were extremely sore. Then I also have weird random dull pains throughout my thighs, legs, arms, etc. I also have muscle twitching all over my body, but mainly in the buttocks and legs. My upper thighs and vulva area have a icy hott feeling. I don't really itch anymore I just still feel irritated (mainly after working out). I have also had a headache everyday since the 16th.
Avatar f tn I felt a crunch in the back of my neck, right between my shoulder blades. My neck remained stiff for 3 days after the incident and I was unable to turn my head due to muscle tightness. After about a week the muscles spasms calmed down but I still noticed a severe pinch right right in the joint of my spine between my shoulder blades.The area around the joint felt sore like it was bruised but there was no discoloration.