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Avatar f tn But I have a bad cold at the moment and now the entire right side of my jaw is terribly sore, when I feel the lump under my jaw, it now hurts. I don't know if this is a swollen gland? I usually assume the worst and think cancer although I know it can't be true. If anybody knows what this might be it would help. My parents don't take my jaw issues seriously and probably won't take me to the doctor any time soon..
Avatar f tn i have a hard lump under the bone in my jaw i went to the dentist he gave me antibiotics but they dont seem to be working its really hard and a bit bigger than the size of a tooth its unmoveable and not sore more like pressure what should i do?
Avatar n tn One thing to bear in mind - I had (actually still have) a pea-sized lump on my jaw and had it checked out last year. My doctor said as a rule of thumb, if the lump is soft and can be moved around, it is generally harmless, but if it is hard, it needs evaluation. So it's a good idea to have it looked at as soon as you can.
Avatar n tn i found lump behind my son's ear who is 8 .it just apppeared over night and was sore to touch. went to docs who said much the same that was inflamed node.and if he becomes pale or sick or find more lumps to go back but my son's not been ill or even had a cold for months .after a couple of weeks it went down. then my son noticed it was back and within couple of days there was 3 lumps . sometimes his ear goes really red and hot and its sore as well.
Avatar n tn I thought it was nothing to worry about but then my jaw started to become sore on the same side as my bump behind the ear. I still havent done anything but now my throat is starting to feel it. Im not too sure what it is and what i should do?
1997600 tn?1327261933 The area just before my right ear, where the jaw joint is, is sore to the touch with a slight raised lump. I additionally have a hard sore bump behind the same ear, as well as feel as if my gland is slightly swollen and sore. I have had headaches consistently, as well as an area on the right side of my scalp that feels sore to the touch,. with what looks like a slight rash.
Avatar f tn I have found a lump above my jaw line it's sore when I touch it,would be a size of a marble
Avatar n tn I have also discovered a lump in my neck right behind my ear and by my jaw line. It doesn't move and it isn't painful but I'm very concerned about it. I've been gaining weight and have been extremely fatigued. I just moved to Florida and don't have a doctor yet. Do you think I should have it checked at an urgent care or hospital? Does anyone know what it could possibly be?
Avatar m tn Hi I noticed a lump behind my ear a few years ago and went to see a doctor about it who said it was a cyst and not to worry. On Sunday I noticed it had got really big (visible, about pea sized) and then found another one at the top of my neck too. The one behind my ear is hard and painless and the one on my neck feels bigger and softer and is a bit tender.
Avatar m tn i found a pea size lump just behind my ear at the corner of my jawbone.. it doesn't move or hurt. does anyone have any ideas of what it could be?
Avatar f tn I had one incident where the one under my jaw near the back left side was swollen huge and was sore and went to ENT and it was nothing. I'd have to ask her which lymph nodes swell exactly when she has a flare. I know the ones near/in her groin did, neck, armpits, under the jaw, probably the ones behind her knees. Since you're experiencing tingling, I would really suggest going tomorrow.
Avatar n tn I posted last week about some headaches, dizziness, pain behind my ears and my jaw. Went to family Dr and had some bloodwork done and a CT scan. I am waiting for my results back but over the weekend I felt like I had a sore throat. Then I noticed what felt like a sore spot on my uvula. I looked in the mirror and I can see what looks like a small (maybe pea sized) lump on it. It's sore and it it hard to the touch. I'm really worried now that there is something seriously wrong here.
Avatar f tn My tonsils themselves are never sore. The infection must be in the deep crypts or even behind the tonsil. During the last antibiotic in March 2014 I had Herxheimer reactions, which means that bacteria are being killed. The bacteria in my tonsil crypts have not been identified, but there may even be Borrelia among others. My ELISPOT LTT test for Borrelia came back as positive from Infectolab.
1394203 tn?1280291748 the spots behind my ears r the same way i get sharp stabbing pain the jaw an jawline around my ears so on an i always thought it was due to my acid reflux but i have noticed its usally when im having some pressure i have also noticed that this "lump" i thought that was just behind my ears also goes all the way to the back of my skull on both sides its like really hard to describe what this is cause its not bumps but its not lumps its kinda like if a snake is under my skin that is the
Avatar n tn I'm 23, and I just discovered a small lump on my neck below my ear, behind my jaw. It's only on the left side, and it's very hard. At the end of October, I went to the health center at my law school for an on and off fever, weight loss, and other miscellaneous symptoms. They did the mono blood test and I was positive. I seemed to get through it pretty easily, though my throat was miserable for 2 weeks or so and I was exhausted for those two weeks as well.
Avatar n tn There is one particular swelling just behind and between my ear lobe/jaw which is causing my a lot of worry. The pain seems to travel down into my neck muscles and the back of my neck, more recently my shoulders, and seems to radiate around on both sides. my neck doesn't look swollen particularly when i look in the mirror, but it feels it.
Avatar f tn ~About 5 days after the chest pain started I got this feeling like I had a lump in my throat. They said it was from anxiety. But it would come and go through out the day no matter what if I was anxious or not. ~About a week after the chest pain a muscle on the back of my left shoulder started twitching NON STOP. Even in the middle of the night I would wake up and it would still be twitching. That went on for 3 weeks straight! Then it stopped.
Avatar n tn I have a hard lump that is about an inch to 1.5 inches beneath my right ear right behind my jawline. It is also hard and presents with the same congestion/sinus issues that were described above. Has anyone received any answer's to what this is? My father passed from throat cancer that had spread throughout his lymph nodes and throat at the age of 48. My IM has brushed it off as sinus/allergy issues due to my age.
Avatar n tn I don't necessarily have ear fullness, but the area behind my ears near the jaw feels odd inside. Almost like they are swollen. It is hard to explain. I am at a loss of what do do next.
Avatar n tn I would be anything from schoolwork, to internet browsing, to watching tv, to eating, to even just laying down in the dark and I would get these intense sharp pains on the back of my head behind my right ear. This pain only occurs in this location and it comes and goes. At first the pains were simply a nuesance as they would come and go and weren't that bad, but lately they're getting worse causing me to stop what I'm doing until they go away.
Avatar n tn I have a swollen one (for over a year now from when I noticed it) behind my left ear (hard and small) and another one under my jaw (left side) soft and moveable. I had been concerned about lymphoma or throat cancer. I saw int doc & ent doc and had bloodwork which came back normal and both doctors were not concerned stating that your lymph nodes are infection fighters and I possibly could have had an infection at one time in my life and they just never returned to normal.
Avatar n tn I also have to constantly clear my throat during the day, which also helps the lump feeling. I have also had some discomfort under my jaw on that side. It feels like there is something in my neck and if I massage it it feels better. My gp says I have oral thrush and gave my a gel but it hasn't improved. I don't know how he could have diagnosed this when I have just slight white patches on the tonsil. Could thrush cause all these symptoms? And on just one side of my throat?
Avatar m tn I also feel like there is a lump in my throat and now I have a swollen Lymph node behind my ear. I feel exhausted all the time, Even if I have slept. I barely eat solids now as it agrevates the lump in my throat.
Avatar f tn I don't know if that lump was there when the jaw lump was, because I didn't check. However, both lumps worried me (i was thinking cancer), to the point that I fiddled with them and eventually they became really sore and painful to touch...I then, around a week later, got an aching sensation in my left armpit, running down the side of my breast. I also had the sensation in my right armpit, but not so much.
Avatar m tn Both doctors said it was not a lymph node which is positive but there is still a lump and I guess any unexplained lump is a worry. No other symptoms though.
Avatar n tn I had pain while urinating for 2 days but it went away itself. i have a small lump on my jaw which is not painful but it came out just 2 days back and just had some bleeding through it. my throat is hurting and lower side of my jaw (above the neck) is also painful.
Avatar n tn Found pea size lump, changes in size, year half ago. Sometimes feel tired, sweat at night, not drenching, no weight loss, feel swelling and pins needles behind knees and calves. Cough about 3-4 months, feel something in throat when swallow, not always though. Pea size hard boney lump feels like its attached to front bottom part of chin underneath. Noticed redness and white patches back of throat, no pain, small white pimple spots inner cheeks and constant ulcers bottom lip and tongue.