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Avatar m tn Hello everyone, Few days ago , A prostitute kissed me on lips and few hours later I started feeling tingling/itchy lips .A week later I had canker sore in my mouth and my lips are slightly swollen . Do you think it is a case of herpes ? It appears to be healing but I am extremely worried . Any ideas ?
1245380 tn?1268601952 All yesterday and the day before I've been using chapstick non stop to keep them hydrated, otherwise I would catch myself licking them. I woke up after 2 days of using chapstick like this and now have swollen lips with tiny red sores all over the outside of them. Along with when I push my lips together it feels like puss is coming out of them. Theyre also very sore and itchy & when I dont pay attention I find myself trying to scrape off the skin with my teeth or lick them.
Avatar n tn A few weeks back both my upper and lower lip became swollen. My lips were tingly and bacame dry around the edges but other than that I had no other symptoms and no cold sores or lesions of any kind in my mouth or on my lips. I went to the doctor and they attributed it to being viral but couldn't pinpoint the cause and advised to let it run it's course.
Avatar n tn last week, my husband developed reddened lips. they then became swollen,then "cold sore" type lesions. After a few days they were back to normal.This week he developed a fever of 102. Now today, they are reddened and swollen again. Any ideas??
Avatar n tn I feel very emarrassed about this but a few ours ago my vaginal lips were itch on the outer side I thought this was due to pubic hair that had grown after shaving so after about an hour of really bad iching I shaved agian although that did calm it down I noticed my right lip was a little swollen then just minutes there im shocked to notice its 3x the size, it is swollen right to the back and as im a petite woman it really dose stand out.
1501714 tn?1289332152 They looked like a hamburger! It felt numb, swollen, and full of blood. It was extremely painful and sore, so I applied all over my vagina Vaseline: at least when I walked, they wouldn’t get dry that easily and burn even more by rubbing against my thighs. That day, my inflation was so severe and heavy (lasted for more than 4 hours), that I had the time to visit 2 clinics. The doctors who checked me asked me what happened, but were still clueless at the sight of my inflation.
Avatar m tn so i had sex last night and there wasnt a condom used and i was very dry, the sex was also very rough. i noticed this morning that my labia lips are extermly swollen an this is really freaking me out, they are about 3 times there size. it isnt sore but kind of numb at the top but near my openin is kind of sore when i walk. any ideas on what this would be?
Avatar n tn iv had sex with the same person for over a year now and two nights ago we had sex, i found it very hard to get wet which made sex ruff and now my vagina lips are swollen! and do i have a yeast infection ??
Avatar f tn When I have sex with my boyfriend, my vagina lips are always swollen.. Does anybody had this problem before and knows what to do about it? please contact me!!
Avatar f tn Four hours after we had sex after getting home from grocery shopping i noticed my vigina lips are very large and swollen. They dont hurt or anything at all. This has never happened before, the swelling still hasnt gone done yet and its been and hour since i found out. What has caused this???
Avatar n tn im 15 and i have found that my left lip of my vagina is really swollen, sore and has turnt a weird purple colour :( im really scared and im too scared to ask my mum or anyone else.. its a little painfull at times.. but im in real need of knowing anyway of getting it to stop !? please help!?
Avatar f tn Ever since the age of 5 or so I noticed that some days she wakes up with very swollen lips her face a bit too.I have taken her to the doc about this but they don't see it so its hard to explain to them what she looks like.When she wakes up this way she tells me she feels like cr**.Does anybody else have this happen to them if so what have u found out it is?
Avatar n tn i started to feel dry and funny feeling as if i was gonna have a yeast infection.(the prior night my husband and i had sex right after my vaginal lips were swollen)the next day i was in alot of pain had some discharge and i started treatment(over the couter 1 dose treatment) for a yeast infection.i woke up this morning and still in pain, irritated lips still swollen and now i am bleeding i assume my period.
Avatar n tn It's been about a month now, and though it's not swollen, my lips get enflamed ever so often, and pink, then when the swelling recedes, it seems as though the skin on the lip is peeling off. And the chapped lips (I don't know how else to describe it) caused my lips to bleed a bit. We have a suspicion that the allergy is something to pack-cake... Like Betty Crocker... I went to a doctor, and he prescribed an antihistamine and a steroid.
Avatar n tn I have had swollen vagina lips and they are also got hard lumps and white spots what could it be..........
Avatar n tn but two days ago i noticed something wasnt right. on the inside of the lips of my vagina there seems to be swollen veins and their sore?? is this normal from time to time?? im kind of worried...reply quickly please.
Avatar f tn Im 17 and 2day i was getting oral from my bf & when he gives oral he likes to rub my clit really hard. A little after i noticed my clit & vagina lips were pretty swollen. It doent hurt too bad but it does hurt. Idk what i should do, im embarrassed to tell my mother because she will be disappointed & think im a *****. What should i do?? Is it just swollen because its irritated??
Avatar n tn Hi girls, I had sex for the first time in a while with a new boyfriend 2 days ago and right after intercourse i went to the loo and found my lips were swollen and sore. they are still like it now and i can barely get one finger between my lips into the opening. my boyfriend is coming over tomorrow and have no idea what to tell him and how to treat this i might go into the pharmacy and see what i can get. any advice??
Avatar n tn I can relate to almost all of these symptoms. I have had swollen tongue, swollen lips and fingers, welts all over the body. One thing that I am sure about is that the lips and hands could be related to taking aspirin. I used to take an adult dosage and had severe reactions. Then I was determined to be able to take one baby aspirin. But if I have to get off the aspirin for surgery, then it comes back when I resume.
Avatar m tn I seemed to have developed a yeast infection and today my vaginal lips are swollen and painful. I do not have any sort of STD. Please any help would be nice.
Avatar n tn it also is slightly swollen following down in the shape of my vaginal lips and has been for a while. when i have sex it feels as though it is so tight its going to tear and it becomes irritated i think and swells up more. i've only been sexually active with one partner who is free from stds and i have had no other symptoms common to any stds that i know of. the swollen part of red skin is sore to touch. what could it be?
Avatar f tn The next morning I had a hard bump on the left lip of my vigina and both lips were swollen. Ive swelled before but the bump is new. It doesnt feel like a sore just a lump. Kinda worried and not sure if I should immediately take it to my gyno. Should I be worried?
Avatar n tn Along with being sore for a week and the clitoris being very sensitive, swollen vaginal lips, I am also having odorless white slough coming out of my vagina. I've never has a yeast infection and I thought it might be that - but I'm not sure since I started having sex. Any advise on what it might be?
Avatar m tn I rushed to the bathroom to examin it and my vagina lips were EXTREMELY swollen. It looked like a person sticking there tounge out ther mouth a little. Thinking it was the plant I took a shower and the pain went away for a little. Then about two weeks ago the itch came again. I scratched, and kept scratching. they got swollen again but not to the point to where I bleed. Also during sexual intercoarse with my NEW boyfriend I get sore really easily. not even lasting 5 minites.