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Avatar n tn Hello, I have been experiencing little bumps that feel like a small heat rash inside my lips, I have been really stressed lately with finals and such. My lips have been a little chapped and I thought maybe it was because of biting on my lips. I haven't felt them today or most of yesterday. Is it herpes? what could it be? I'm really worried and paranoid. I don't have any cold sore and you can't see the bumps, I just feel them.
Avatar f tn i could possibly have used a shower gel thats dried my vaginal lips out - they are sore and also so dry they look white ish in colour in places... i have looked inside and there looks like some white cottagy dischage.. its not really itchy there a cream safe enough for the lip area that wont burn? i do have some metronidazole tablets? shall i take these? or do i need thrush tablets?? im certainly not going to wash the area with anything but water for now any other advice?
Avatar m tn slightly a bit more relaxed, but still have much anxiety since I know I can't test for HSV for awhile. Yesterday I had soreness INSIDE my mouth on inside of cheek, under tongue and gums (felt like canker sores or like maybe I burned my mouth with hot coffee or something, but could not see any visible evidence, other than a bitten bottom lip). Soreness almost completely gone this morning. Currently: Minor but lingering scratchy throat for over a week now, and persistently dry/chapped lips.
Avatar m tn There are a few some on my inside cheek and lower inside lip. They usually heal with in 2 days as well. Any idea about what is wrong with me.
Avatar m tn the bumps are really small and you can hardly see them but they are in lttle clusters on the inside of both my top and bottom lips.
Avatar n tn a few weeks on and i have noticed a small, red, sore lump inside my vagina lips. i don't shave and i have never had anything like this before. i'm concerned and wondering what it is.
Avatar m tn This morning i woke up and my lips are red and quite sore, it got me quite paranoid and i ended up searching on the net and things like herpes was popping up. Is this a possible sympton?
Avatar f tn Saturday evening a girl kissed me on the lips at a bar and i pulled away after our lips touched. By tuesday morning inside my lips have begun to tingle with a burning feeling. My lips actually felt funny sunday morning but didnt think of anything to now. Sti or ?
Avatar f tn They don't look anything like cold sores as fall as I can tell, and I've never in my life had a cold sore near or on the lips. These little bumps occur primarily inside the lower lip, but inside cheeks as well. I've asked a doctor who took a quick look and said they were normal, but I'd like a second opinion. Thanks!!! Other details: I am sick with mono right now and have them, mouthwash tends to help the problem a little, and I occasionally bite/chew on my lower lip (where they are).
Avatar n tn white to clear clumps of dead skin on the inside of my cheeks and lips. No pain, just gross and annoying. So maybe there is some sort of chemical or flouride allergy....I am going to try Tom's of Maine toothpaste and see if that helps!
Avatar n tn My vagina was sore after and now I realise they are 2 small cuts inside the lips. What can I do about this? It burns a little each time i urinate.
Avatar n tn Once I went into the salt water my bottom inside lip began to tingle and has been sore sine. I went back into the sea a couple of days later to swim with the sea turtles and now my bottom lip is really swollen and is white inside, has anyone had this before?
Avatar n tn I have peeling lips on the outside and inside. I also get a sore on the inside of my nose which comes back all the time. I saw an ENT dr, my dermatologist, my internist, and none can figure out what it is. I use vaseline on my lips and chapstick and even some lipsticks make it worse. No one can figure out what causes this. I think it is something in the ingredients of lipstick or toothpaste. Anybody else have these? Thanks, KYkitty. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.
Avatar f tn I went to a walk in community doctors office type thing and was told that I had lichen planus, but the pictures i researched of the condition looked absolutely nothing like what i was experiencing and every doctor I saw after that diagnosis said that I did not have lichen planus. Is it possible that lichen planus can only affect the lips and no where else inside the mouth? Because the rest of the mouth is fine. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have this recurring sore that occurs on the inside of and on my nostril. I have gotten it three times in the past year, and this most recent time I got it at the end of a cold. It is both itchy and tender, and it starts off as red and inflames, and looks like a cluster of conjoining pimples. It then turns very dry and scabs form and will even turn white. It might be there for a week or so and then it goes away.
Avatar n tn last week, my husband developed reddened lips. they then became swollen,then "cold sore" type lesions. After a few days they were back to normal.This week he developed a fever of 102. Now today, they are reddened and swollen again. Any ideas??
Avatar f tn In addition to the flaky lips I lose all taste in the taste buds at the tip of my tongue and the inside of my lips feels dry. On both previous occasions I resorted to taking a multi vitamin. The problem eventually cleared up but whether as a result of the vitamins or just because it had run its course, I don't know. I'm currently recovering from a body-wracking cough and lost voice - could it be some sort of post-viral thing? Am fed up because I'm going away and would rather not be scabby!
Avatar f tn I have been to multiple doctors and demitaligest and they all tell me that they don’t know what they are or that they can’t help me. In the morning I have noticed that I do have some white fluid on my inside of my lips, I think it is from the small little bumps described above. The doctors say that it’s normal, I am telling you what I have is Not normal. Most of them don’t even know what it is! I think I contacted this from Oral sex form a woman that I met.
Avatar n tn I can't wear lipstick because it comes right off and crumbles. I have noticed that I got a canker sore inside my mouth around the lip area. Could this be a problem with iron or vitamin B. I have recently just started to work out, and changed my eatting habits. I did notice that the toothpaste i'm using contains SLS could that be a factor? Please advise, my lips need relief, as do I.
Avatar m tn i also have some other very small pimple like bumps on my upper and lower inner lips. i have braces, which might have triggerd the bumps and sore bump. i have been rinsing with salt water 3 to 4 times a day, which intially made the bump go way down. then i smoked the cigar, which made it inflammed again. PLEASE someone offer some advice as to what i am experinceing, whether it be herpes, an odd canker sore, or a cyst of some kind. please freaking out..
Avatar m tn A small swelling is appear inside the lips. it is break after some days and it will again and again form in my lips.
Avatar f tn canker soar or bit lip cani get hiv or stds I've been anxious these past weeks I suffer from anxiety so it makes it very difficult . I happen to bite the inside of my lips it wasn't a deep cut it was already healing but it look like a sore it happen like 4 days prior to licking the girls vagina with my tongue. And we did have protected sex I used a condom all the time but I'm worried about the oral part Is there any risk if it had any contact with any vagina fluids???
Avatar n tn I have a very painful sore inside left nostril. I am living with a female partner who tested positive 5.00+ for HSV 1 and 2 IGG. I tested negative so far for both. Could this sore inside nose be Herpes?
Avatar f tn Hello, This blister can be due to a mucocele because herpes rarely presents inside the mouth or lips. Mucocele is a rubbery, bubblelike painless swelling. It is usually inside the lower lip, under the tongue or the inside of mouth and caused mainly by biting the lips or trauma during eating of food. Usually it goes away on its own. But if it does not, then corticosteroid injections and surgical removal by scalpel or laser are done by a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn My dermatologist just told me that a biopsy has revealed that I have small warts on my lips, both on the outside and the inside. In fact, there is a significant concentration of these small warts in the center on the inside of my upper lip. There are also small warts scattered on the outside of the upper and lower lips. The dermatologist said that 1) there were too many to remove and 2) he could not remove the ones on the inside of the lip -- because of the procedure used.