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Avatar n tn My lips were tingly and bacame dry around the edges but other than that I had no other symptoms and no cold sores or lesions of any kind in my mouth or on my lips. I went to the doctor and they attributed it to being viral but couldn't pinpoint the cause and advised to let it run it's course. It lasted about three days, however since then I have had it happen again and all of my children have had the same symptoms which last a couple days.
Avatar f tn If you have a look around the internet, there is a good deal of information on cold sores and how they are spread. All it takes is one adult with a cold sore to kiss a child on the lips and the child is infected. It might manifest initially as a mouthful of ulcers but it can lie dormant for many years before emerging again - usually when one has 'flu or is otherwise run down. Strong sunlight also brings out cold sores in many people.
Avatar n tn My history is just one partner in 9 years, hence the reason for my concern/ worry. I think that the blood in my mouth was mine as I had cracked and sore lips (I noticed when I got home later that as I sucked my lips, blood entered my mouth, so maybe this had happened when she kissed me?), but I cannot say for certain. Am I at risk here, or are the volumes of blood involved too small to pose a significant HIV risk?
Avatar m tn Hi. So I've been very scared lately. I recall having a cold sore years ago, when I was in the seventh grade; considering that I've only kissed one boy, and I've only been with that boy since then. I am not sexually active. But I don't remember ever seeing him have a cold sore on his lip; plus i was the only girl he has ever kissed. But recently I've been thinking about it a lot (I'm not sure if it was actually a cold sore either, I don't remember it blistering up, scabbing or peeling off..
Avatar n tn Hello, The flaring up of the lips after eating could have been due to contact dermatitis. The darkening is due to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation as a result of contact dermatitis. Although many skin lightening creams and techniques like laser, chemical peeling and microdermabrasion are available but looking at the age of your child,I don’t think any of these is suitable. You can however apply calamine lotion or a mild steroid cream on the effected skin . Hope it helps.
Avatar n tn At the same time he kept having huge swellings in different places. The most conspicuous were his lips. It did not occur in the same place every time. I witnessed these a couple of times and they were truly alarming swellings. He was sent to all types of specialists all of whom confirmed his diagnosis of acute giant urticaria with angioedema.
Avatar n tn Hi girls, I had sex for the first time in a while with a new boyfriend 2 days ago and right after intercourse i went to the loo and found my lips were swollen and sore. they are still like it now and i can barely get one finger between my lips into the opening. my boyfriend is coming over tomorrow and have no idea what to tell him and how to treat this i might go into the pharmacy and see what i can get. any advice??
Avatar m tn Some days it's more prominent than others and my lips tend to dry out now and then, but I'm trying to avoid putting any sort of ointment/chapstick on them in the event that something coming in contact with the lips is irritating them further. I've included a recent photo (not the best quality) that shows my bottom lip and my lip line is no longer definitive.
Avatar n tn It really doesn't resemble cold sores/herpes and while I cannot rule out impetigo, I would point out that almost all facial impetigo infections seem to be much more focused on the nostrils than the lips (in fact in pictures it often seems to avoid the lips). Meanwhile I have had no problems around my nose at all and, unlike what I see in most impetigo pictures, there are no spots or bumps. I'll post again to update on whether the hydrocortisone/bacitracin ointment combo works.
Avatar n tn So I've reached the age of 30 and never had a cold sore My mother in law gets cold sores but my husband does not because we think she didnt get it until after she divorced his dad and moved away. This week we spent together and i noticed she had an outbreak. I have 2 kids who are 2 years and 6 months She was pretty careless even though I begged her not to kiss the babies or share drinks or food. My 2yo is at that age where she wants to get in everyone's face anyway.
1358632 tn?1280353198 How likely is the spread of a herpes cold sore on my lip if I do not engage in ANY oral sex, or NEVER touch my lips with my hands? Because I make an effort to NEVER touch my lips even when I don't have cold sores. Can sold sores "realistically" even be transfered to other parts of the body if your not having oral sex? What would the chances be and so on? And lastly, a lot of the time I don't even know if the thing on my lip is a cold sore or a pimple--how can you tell the difference?
Avatar n tn It's weird that I am reading so many people having this problem with their children. I am of course in the same boat as many of you. I come from a pretty healthy family background with so strange health issues for me or my wife. But a few weeks a go, my wife noticed that our son was turning blue in the morning (his lips, nail beds, hands, etc). At one point he was very sick with a temp, diarrhea, etc. Also note that my child is just over one and has allergies and is on Pulmicort and Xeopenex.
Avatar n tn But I have this horrible bitter taste on my lips that just won't go away. Like when you use nail polish remover and then stick your finger in your mouth by accident... only I don't wear nail polish and haven't used any polish remover. No household cleaners either... It's just a really horrible bitter taste on my lips. Any clues???
Avatar n tn now today in the same area, it looks like I have a sore. It is oozing bloody fluid. I also have ingrown hairs on my bikini line, and this is actually near my bikini line-right near the crease of where my leg and pubic area meet. Not near my lips...I am wondering...if I did have herpes...would I have had an outbreak in 7 years? The only other time I have had anything like this was a boil and an ingrown hair that got infected...Does this sound ominous?
Avatar f tn They don't look anything like cold sores as fall as I can tell, and I've never in my life had a cold sore near or on the lips. These little bumps occur primarily inside the lower lip, but inside cheeks as well. I've asked a doctor who took a quick look and said they were normal, but I'd like a second opinion. Thanks!!! Other details: I am sick with mono right now and have them, mouthwash tends to help the problem a little, and I occasionally bite/chew on my lower lip (where they are).
Avatar m tn You could have caught it from your girlfriend, if she has oral herpes -- or from someone else in your environment. Have you been around young children? That's a common source both for herpes and for other severe kinds of viral pharyngitis. And by the way, another possibility here -- in fact, perhaps the best bet -- is that you have a garden variety viral pharyngitis, plus recurrent oral herpes of the face.
Avatar n tn I had the same thing - skin peeling off my gums and inner lips in sheets - the day after the first time using Cresh Pro Health! I emailed Crest right away and this was their response: Hi Jessica, Thanks for contacting Crest. I'm sorry about your experience with Crest toothpaste. The film you noticed in your mouth is safe and is a result of the natural process to remove dead cells from the skin surfaces in your mouth.
Avatar m tn 5 days ago i noticed small raised white patch growing on my upper lip. The dots were very small but so close together they were visible. I'm very concerned. I'm not sexually active at all and this is the first time this happened. So I made a stupid mistake and kept squeezing at it and on day 2 the white patch started peeling when i was wiping my face and lips after brushing my teeth and what was under the white patch look like wounds but it didnt bleed. So far it still is in the same spot.
Avatar m tn I didn't know how dangerous they are for newborns until recently, although I had taken care to not kiss my daughter on the lips or near her eyes since I didn't want her to contract them from me. However, my daughter is almost five weeks old, and I am still scared that I may have put her at risk if she touched my mouth without me noticing.
Avatar f tn Cracked corners of the mouth are very common in the winter months. I get them as well. Living in Chicago my lips are always dry, chapped and cracking in the winter. Like is said, don't worry so much. Live your life and enjoy it and the people you meet.
Avatar n tn I read that a person is contagious for MONTHS after the primary attack and a sore need not be present to be contagious. How likely is it that the virus will be in her saliva after the baby is born? What if my husband and I get it from her? Does this mean we have to all avoid touching the newborn baby for months since we will be contagious for months with or without sores? I woke up with a bad sore throat 2 days after her initial exposure, does this mean I probably have it now?
Avatar f tn We call it a sexually transmitted infection for good reason! We don't have that sort of contact with our children. In a household, everyone should have their own towel, washcloth , toothbrush, razor and body puff - for reasons far beyond herpes transmission. Very common germs can be easily transmitted through sharing those objects so each person having their own is important. As far as transmission through a towel - conditions have to be almost perfect in order for it to happen.
Avatar m tn ) but and woke up monday feeling really sore in mussels and not together, so i blamed it completely on it being a bad hangover.
Avatar n tn Also, I spent the night in the hospital with a friend, and I didn't have the chance to shower until this morning...would that have any bearing on the virus possibly staying on my person, or is it safe to assume I somewhat took care of it with the sanitizer?
Avatar n tn on my vaginal more on the pubic hair i dont wear panties that often but now i see them simular symtoms on other parts of my body-------1 on my upper thigh like a boil, another was in the middle of my back and upper arm i even notice i had one come 1time on the side of my face, eyebrow and now i have a sore in the inside of ear like a blackhead/scab.
Avatar f tn The lumps are actually somewhat difficult see except that they are making the lips droop and crinkle in a weird way. When I run my finger down the lips, I feel them easily, and they are painful when I press on them (and painful when I don't now too). They seem most like a large pimple that is under the skin. Today, 1 day later (September 10th), I noticed that the bumps on my vaginal lips look like they have risen more to the surface, and resemble large pimples.
Avatar f tn If you are able to press on it without much pain, then it sounds like a prolapsed bowel, uncommon in young people with no children, but still worth getting checked out, you dont want to have that problem forever :) Ive recently had similar issues to all you ladies, but my tests have come back clear, clear blood, urine and smear... But agony to sit down, masses of preasure and swollen and painfull to try pass stool. scary as it is within the skin and unable to see.
Avatar n tn The Doc said anytime it burns when you pea just pop one in (to be grose plus it doesnt hurt or feel uncomfortable) but honeslty i swear by them they solve alot of problems, and for the ladies who have the spot things, there actually a type of wart, not a sexually transited one but one that normally occurs in children, Doc says alot of women who use Sanitary Towels suffer from them, you can treat them with all sorts but they just keep cuming back my advise is go to you doc try get a female, show
Avatar n tn A few weeks ago i noticed 2 spot like lumps appear in my genital region, not on the viginal lips themselves but above in my pubic hair. I noticed them come a few days after using hair removal cream. At 1st they looked like 2 very small skin tags, but since then they have got a lot bigger, more red and the one on my inner thigh has started to itch, and has become a very large lump under the skin, its crossed my mind that it might be some sort of cancer.
Avatar m tn no testing either unless the child gets an obvious cold sore to be cultured. the blood tests we currently have are not accurate in children under 14.