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Avatar m tn S and when I started using it..the corner of m lips sore and the inner membrane of both my upper and lower lip,I thought it was my lipgloss but it wasn't.I take anti allergy medication ( oral drug) . What kind of alllergy is this?What will I do with this?What cause it? Is it the content of the toothpaste?
Avatar f tn The next morning I had a hard bump on the left lip of my vigina and both lips were swollen. Ive swelled before but the bump is new. It doesnt feel like a sore just a lump. Kinda worried and not sure if I should immediately take it to my gyno. Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn Yes...the doctor asked me to apply this on my lips. She also specifically said that, only this time I should apply this cream, as she has seen the sores on my lips.And next time when outbreak occurs, I shouldn't apply it without checking with any doctor.. I am confused now..
1245380 tn?1268601952 Hi, Itchy sore lips upon continuous use of chap stick could be due to irritation, secondary bacterial infection or allergy to the product. You need to see a physician for further confirmation on this after physical examination. Best.
Avatar n tn Once I went into the salt water my bottom inside lip began to tingle and has been sore sine. I went back into the sea a couple of days later to swim with the sea turtles and now my bottom lip is really swollen and is white inside, has anyone had this before?
Avatar f tn Many tiny bumps (the same colour as the skin they appear on) emerge on my lips on the second or third day and begin to spread on the skin around my lips, usually above my upper lip. My lips tingle when I touch them. These symptoms last almost a week and in the last days my lips start to peel a little and they begin to feel normal again - as in, I can freely move them without feeling discomfitted. Years ago, I used Nyal Cold Sore Cream because I thought I had a cold sore.
Avatar n tn last week, my husband developed reddened lips. they then became swollen,then "cold sore" type lesions. After a few days they were back to normal.This week he developed a fever of 102. Now today, they are reddened and swollen again. Any ideas??
Avatar n tn I am 39 years old and have been having problem with my peeling lips(whole layer of lower lip and about the vermilion border of upper lip).It's not like chapped lips. My lips keep peeling off several times a day when it get contacts with water or liquid in the food(both upper and lower). There is no pain or bleeding or cracking except for some occasional, burning sensation. I have to use straw drinking water or other liquid and eating with small portion of food to avoid contact with the lips.
Avatar f tn I am very careful with what I put on my lips no and I do need to drink more water. Thanks. I thin what I really need is to get an allergy skin test, because this is just not working for me. I do follow all the advice given though. again thnks..
Avatar f tn A few hours after I had taken it I began to develop an itchy red rash on the corner of my lips and by the next day it had spread to cover the entirety of my lips. I also felt a tightness in my throat. I called my physician and she recommended I take Benadryl and go to the ER if the symptoms worsened, they didn't and the Benadryl seemed to help with the rash on my lips. I traveled overseas a few days later and I started getting the itching, discharge etc of a yeast infection.
Avatar m tn one day i was laying down and i got up to use the bathroom then i felt this weird feeling on my bottom lip and wen i looked into the mirror my lip was swelled up a little bit and its red and it look like it have littlebumps i was perfectly fine before it happen i'm starting to get scared cuz i hope its not herpes/cold sore but before it happened i remember i took a cup from the cabinet and i didn't wash it properly n i drank out of it sigh.
171768 tn?1324233699 It wasn't an allergy, but rather kind of an abrasion from how caustic tomato sauce is. Sounds like maybe the cinnamon is that way for your daughter.
Avatar n tn My lips are dry and sore. My outter lips (around my mouth) are red and extremely itchy. What can I do to get rid of this problem?
Avatar n tn My 1 year old cat develops canker sore like lesion at the lips. I have taken him to the vet 3 times. The vet said he has allergy. He had received 3 cortisone shots with no improvement. Has anybody had similar problem with his/her cat? Any suggestions how should I treat this condition. By the way, my cat has no symptoms. He seems to be playful and has good appetite. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn And the chapped lips (I don't know how else to describe it) caused my lips to bleed a bit. We have a suspicion that the allergy is something to pack-cake... Like Betty Crocker... I went to a doctor, and he prescribed an antihistamine and a steroid. The anti-histamine is finished (substitued by Allegra) and the steroid is done as of today.
Avatar n tn I developed an allergy to burt bees and thought I was doomed to chapped lips for the rest of my life but I tried clinique full lips it's a splurge but it's a thick gloss that doesn't irritate me of course I might develop an allergy to it so I always have just Vaseline lip therapy %100 petroleum that maintains some moisture
Avatar f tn You tested negative for both, having a sore throat is something that happens to most of us at some time or other I don't think it is related to Herpes,the burning lips I am thinking is an allergy to something although finding what it could be can be a mammoth task ...... Don't read stuff on the Internet an certainly don't look at pictures they always show the very worst cases which few people ever experience.
Avatar n tn They still felt irritated and whenever I pressed my lips together it felt like there was something on my lips. When I took a closer look in the mirror, I noticed tiny clear bumps on my lips. Does anyone know what this is and what caused it? Also, how can I get it to go away?
Avatar n tn About six months ago, seemingly out of the blue I developed a red, itchy, flaky, and sore rash around my lips. My PCP diagnosed it as perioral dermatitis and prescribed a steroid called Desonide. Later, after my lips began to be affected as well, my dermatologist and a specialist in oral pathology diagnosed the condition as exfoliative cheilitis, or exzema of the lips.
Avatar n tn Maybe mold spores let off by them? Anything??? My allergy tests show high on trees (mixed), grasses and weeds. Sore, swollen, painful, oozing lips is my only symptom. It will be gone for another winter in September.
Avatar m tn For me, this time around, after using a facial cream that made me breakout on my face and was also putting on lips. I do have very dry lips. I get my annual doctor checkup plus blood work - not sexually related. The first time i went to the dermatologist and she had me change my toothpaste to more natural, no fluoride. That helped then. Carmex lip balm helps moisturize.
Avatar m tn This resulted in sore throat for 1-2 days. I have dust allergy also. Due to this I have a feeling that I have fever. One moment I feel like I don't have fever and other min I touch my neck to check if it is warm indicating any fever. But, I don't have any fever nor fatigue nor weekness anything like that. I am quite not sure if this fever like feeling is because of my anxietyor running nose/sneezing etc or if this is HIV infection.
Avatar n tn I feel like my spine and brain are burning, I have burning pain down both arms,, down my neck and on my torso. My tongue is sore and my lips and nostrils are burning. A trip to the er and 50 mg of prednisone made me feel crazy. I am about two weeks post blood patch. While the redness is gone around the injection site, I still have horrible burning in my spine and head. My neurologist just shrugged his shoulders and said huh". like he didn't believe me. Pease help.
Avatar n tn Age - 19 Non-smoker History of eczema, but not on or around the face, and not seen for years I don't lick my lips, I use Chap Stick quite a lot because I do get chapped lips easily Iron deficiency runs in family, but is usually not a problem for me because I include lots of iron and Vit-C in my diet As far as I know, I'm perfectly healthy otherwise and haven't been ill in months.
Avatar n tn Today I received laser surgery to get it removed as I was told (after seeing a physician and two dermatologists) that the procedure was my only option. My lips are a little swollen and kind of sore but I'm glad to finally have it done. According to my plastic surgeon, the oil glands are because I am naturally oily. He also says my excessive use of lip ointment could be a reason as well. He says use lip ointment scarcely on specific areas. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Hi girls, I had sex for the first time in a while with a new boyfriend 2 days ago and right after intercourse i went to the loo and found my lips were swollen and sore. they are still like it now and i can barely get one finger between my lips into the opening. my boyfriend is coming over tomorrow and have no idea what to tell him and how to treat this i might go into the pharmacy and see what i can get. any advice??
Avatar m tn About 2 months ago, I went to visit my physician regarding a problem I had with a ring of redness around my lips - more prominent on my bottom lip - it was a lighter, tender pink shade and kind of looked like I had been drinking lots of red kool-aid. I also had constant dry, cracked and bleeding lips, and tried everything from drinking plenty of water and making sure I wasn't licking them.
Avatar n tn Does this sound like a typical cold sore, something bacterial or allergy related? I have been under some pretty intense stress lately.
Avatar n tn 2 years ago a whole new set of symptoms emerged, in my mouth with burning, swelling of tongue and tissues of my cheeks/lips and sores on roof of mouth and under my tongue. Included in the symptoms is sore throat and dry mouth. Last year my lip was biopsied for autoimmune (mother died of sarcoidosis...other autoimmune disorders run in family). The results showed "suggestive of sjogren's" but I've seen 3 rheumatologists and there is doubt in that diagnosis.
Avatar m tn later in the day the red bumps spread all over the bottom of my lips with a tingling sensation. this morning when i awoke, parts of my lips (top and bottom) are swollen. its like when i sleep and wake, it gets worse. there is no pain, and i know it can't be a cold sore. i am so confused and i need help. i went to the emergency room because i thought it was a cold sore and they prescribed my acyclivor, i have been on it for two days but i don't see a change.