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Avatar f tn yesterday my tooth absessed i started keflex but when i woke up this morning my jaw is the size of a golf ball, i now have a sty and the sore on my arm that WAS almost healed drained infection from it and is now draining puss. i have an appointment to get the tooth pulled on march 7. what is wrong with me!
Avatar f tn You have to press on muscles to look for sore points. Then massage these points with short strokes. To massage the masseter muscles on each side of your jaw, place your thumb inside your mouth and squeeze the thick muscle in your cheek with your fingers. To massage the jaw muscles inside your mouth, use your index finger to probe and massage these spots. Moist heat or cold packs on the face, vitamin supplements, or biofeedback are useful for some people.
Avatar f tn Is it possible for TMJ to only be one one side? I tried looking on medical websites, and it seems from what I read it is on both sides. Since last Thurs (5 days ago) the right side hurts extremly bad. Seems to be getting worse. I've tried, heat, massaging it, and muscle relaxants. Can't open mouth wide, have trouble eating and talking. Comes with a headache too. I have lots of cervical problems, but this is new.
13831784 tn?1431660603 I have a white sore in my mouth. Way in the back on the area where the top of my jaw intersects with the bottom of my jaw on the left side. I have had it for literally at least 3 months and it will not heal. It hurts so bad. The sore itself hurts, but it is making my whole jaw ache. Also my left ear is swollen at the opening. It is almost swelled shut. I am not sure if they are related. I do not have insurance so that is why I have not seen a physician. I do not even have a regular doctor.
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago, I noticed a small sore lump half way down my neck, on the side just behind the right ear. After a few days it stopped hurting, but the hard immovable lump stayed (about the width of 2 fingertips). Then, a couple of days ago, I woke up at 3-4am and felt another sore spot, this time more on the front and a little closer to the collarbone, but still on the right side. This is still sore to touch.
1217614 tn?1333510259 To massage the masseter muscles on each side of your jaw, place your thumb inside your mouth and squeeze the thick muscle in your cheek with your fingers. To massage the jaw muscles inside your mouth, use your index finger to probe and massage these spots. Moist heat or cold packs on the face, vitamin supplements, or biofeedback are useful for some people. Usually people find a method that brings relief by trial and error. Consult an ENT specialist.
Avatar m tn can this cause my jaw muscles on that side to shrink. my jaw is quit sore and i notice that the muscles are smaller on that side.
Avatar n tn (If i feel for it) which the doctors say they cant. And also when i lie down on my left hand side only and feel my jaw on a certain point it gets quite painfull , when i stand it goes away THIS IS WEARING ME OUT PLEASE HELP !!
Avatar f tn Hi . M 32 yr female. Few weeks back i.e 3 i got sore lyumph node on the left side of my neck , behind the ear and it goes down to the neck . Then i got sore throat on the left side . These symptoms comes and goes. In the morning when i get up sysmptoms n soreness is not there and then comes during the day.... i went to the ENT specialist he said i dont hAve sore throat i have sinus problem . He gave me some antibiotics, nasal spray, sinus medicine .
Avatar n tn It has been 5 days and I notice a hard area on my jaw bone just under where the tooth was removed. My jaw is sore but this area is hard (like bone) and just smaller than a pencil eraser. What do you think this could be? Thanks for your help. I heard crack during extraction but assume it was ligament. It does not hurt when I clamp teeth down but obviously is sore (as would be expected). I have epilepsy and can't drive. My dentist is about 2.5 hours from me and feel ok.
Avatar f tn Had a domestic violence incident where the rite side of my jaw was hit fairly hard. I also had sprained ribs as well as dislocated shoulder.had gone to hospital and they said all was well and will heal in time. Well that was about 3 years ago, lately in the past 6 months i been having jaw pain and sevre discomfort.was told it was inflamation but within weeks i can no longer open my jaw wide. Before i was able to open up about four fingers high now i can only open it less than two fingers.
Avatar m tn Also sometimes i get mild pain in right ear and weird jaw feelings after waking up when i sleep on the right side of my body. Do you think my wisdom tooth infection has spread or moved. Can an infection be present with such mild symptoms? 4 can a tooth ache cause node to swell?
Avatar f tn On Monday felt a little pain and discomfort which gradually increased through Tuesday and still experience pain and discomfort on wednesday. When mouth is closed there is no pain. When moving jaw from side to side, no pain. I experience tthe pain and discomfort when opening my mouth. II also noticed my face get a little puffy on that side on Tuesday. Do think my jaw is broken, dislocated, or just bruised?
Avatar f tn All of a sudden, a couple days ago, I woke up with a sore jaw (only on one side), a white painful bump on the other side of my tongue, a sore cheek (like when you bite it really hard and it gets that painful crease) sore gums (only on bottom) and a white painful bump on my lip. Today the other side of my jaw has started to hurt, and my throat has been sore as well. Does anybody have any information? I've been brushing my teeth regularly, rinsing with mouth wash, and that hasn't helped.
1527510 tn?1392301344 It do sound like a migraine,as it is on the one side,you can often have this without the blurred eyes and sickness,but the other sypmtoms that you are having also relate to a migraine,go into a dark room and sleep if you feel tired,you should go to the doctors so they can give you the adiquate medication for this.
Avatar m tn s the first time I have had an ulcer on the inside of my mouth and have noticed on the same side my jaw under it is sore too touch. Could they be related? Someone I work said possibly and I did a quick google search though I didn't click the links.
Avatar f tn My jaw bacame sore in the beginning I thought I was having a bad toothache and had my dr call in an antibiotic but it didn't help. I guess its because our joints are loosening up and that causes the pain. Even in our jaws. Mine didn't last long maybe a week in a half.
497990 tn?1210076345 There are bones right under my earlobe on each side, right next to my jaw (they feel roundish) that hurt to touch. I sometimes have like a flare up when it will be terribly painful (like a headache but more in my jaw and around ears) and the next day it feels like a giant bruise all around jaw, ears, and to almost corner of my eyes. If you bite down and feel where jaw comes together near ear, it is incredibly sore. And one last thing, it feels like my top vertabre in my neck is really out.
1694492 tn?1372902994 Well that tooth had a crown which was starting to chip away, so my dentist wanted to make a new one. He had to numb me, so he can take the chipped one off and start working on a tempoorary. Okay, he stuck the novocaine needle in a muscle...and it was located by the molar. It did hurt to the point where I was whimpering, but it wasn't extreme pain. I was sort of wondering why he couldn't put the needle to where he was doing the work.
Avatar n tn This mainly on the right side. I went back to the P.A, who put me on 7 days of Levaquin and ordered a sinus x-ray. The sinus x-ray came back negative. The tooth pain continued and even got worse. I then had a CT scan of my face which came back negative for any issues in my bones, clear for sinus issues. I then went to my dentist yesterday for an exam. The tooth and jaw pain is significantly worse when I lay down or bend down. Also, if I drink anything hot or cold.
Avatar f tn Ive just found another big lymph node on the back of my neck on the same side this one doesnt move and doesnt hurt! I it feels absolutely terrified that this could be cancer!
3123268 tn?1342176937 A few days ago, I realized the inside of my mouth was hurting. At first it felt like an odd pressure, almost like I had cut myself inside my mouth. Feeling around with my tongue, I did find two area that seemed to be very small chunks missing in the gum, but pushing on them or around them did not cause any pain. A few hours after this occurred, it started hurting when I swallowed. The odd thing about it though is that my whole throat didn't hurt (technically it wasn't even my throat).
Avatar f tn I have had jaw pain for many days, only on one side, now i have ear and throat pain on the same side, and my jaw hurts so bad, like I had been punched (or so I assume) really har din the jaw. It hurts to eat, and I have pain in my ear and a sore throat.....can anyone give me advise? Bad sinuses? Time to go the Dr?