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Avatar f tn My jaw bacame sore in the beginning I thought I was having a bad toothache and had my dr call in an antibiotic but it didn't help. I guess its because our joints are loosening up and that causes the pain. Even in our jaws. Mine didn't last long maybe a week in a half.
Avatar f tn My jaw cracks more then usual when chewing but I think its the weather changing not due to being pregnant.
Avatar f tn hi im 19 and just found out i have arthritis in my jaw i an chew steak it cracks when i chew everything even bread sometimes it locks up then cracks out and it really hurts the other night i woke up with back pains and my wrists were sore and stiff and same with my knees, my ankles are always sore and my neck thy get worse in colder months , is it possible that i have arthritis in all my joints i did gymnastics as a kids and been riding horses all my life .
Avatar n tn My throat has not been sore. My stool has been soft but not diarrhea since week 4. I also have from what i can tell indigestion (also around week 4). I feel full most of the time after i eat and i constantly have gas that comes in the form of burping. No vomiting . No fever. No rash. And i believe my lymph nodes are not swollen. I have taken the OraQuick Rapid test at 37 days (5 weeks 2 days) and it came back negative. The major problem i am having is joint pain.
Avatar m tn Usually a problem that is connected would affect all the joints of your body-- why just the jaw and not your knees or hips? Suggestions: -massage -daily exercise (even 15 mins of slow walking a day to start) -yoga-- does wonders for the mind, but most importantly stretches and strengthens all areas of your body and helps with pain, working with any restrictions you have. - check out your bed and pillow: is it a good bed? do you have a supportive pillow?
Avatar f tn I have RA through my whole body to the point i even get sore throats and lock jaw. Since i started taking Enbrel i have been alot better. Make sure you get the right meds and it can change your quality of life. I was diagnosed at 33 and that was 10 yrs ago now. I was almost in a wheelchair but now function normally each day as long as i take my enbrel and methatrexate. Hope everything goes well for you.
Avatar m tn we did discover that my bite is off alignment my bottom jaw has grown to far so I get TMJ from eating my jaw joints are always a little sore , and when i relax the jaw or when the jaw decides to relax my vertigo usually greatly improves , its very easy to miss the jaw pain because of the dizzy pulsating movement u get so it took me a while to realise how sore my jaw joint actually is , one day i went to a chiropractor and he put his hand in my mouth and put pressure on my jaw and I felt the mus
2836446 tn?1358457846 In December 2011 my RA decided to flair up after nearly 8 yrs of being remissive. I had a small flair in 2009 with my jaw according the the oral surgeon, but nothing else til December. The RA has moved into my hips and flailed badly in my knees again and I'm experiencing what feels roughly like acid dumped into my knees along with joint pain in hips, knees, and ankles. Anyone else have this symptom?
2836446 tn?1358457846 I was somewhat lucky and went into remission for the most part until late Dec of 2011. I had a flair a few years before with my jaw, or at least the oral surgeon blamed the RA. But my RA seems to have migrated into my hips in addition to reflairing in my knees. The odd part is that my knees keep feeling like they had acid pored into the joints instead of just aching. Hips and jaw just ache along with my ankles sometimes. Anyone have any idea about the burning?
776572 tn?1360290739 ve been having problems with my back and pelvis and joints but about a week ago it felt like the left side of my jaw popped out when I yawned and it is still sore. Does anyone know what I can do to help this? Exercises or something?
Avatar f tn And can TMJ also cause pain in knee joints? I know this sounds strange but my ENT thinks I have TMJ and has referred me to a specialist even though a few of my symptoms are neurological. I have already gone through the gammet of testing including MRI's of head and neck and blood tests. I also had all of the ENG tests. Everything is normal.
498623 tn?1212932319 I technically have only four teeth that touch (the back four) so I think I have over worked the joints and muscles in my jaw. I am to the point where I have to get cortisone injections in my jaw joint every three months to try and ease the pain.. and that doesn't fully take the pain away.. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help this terrible terrible pain??? I have tried cortisone injections, hot packs, splints, pain relievers, muscle relaxers.. nothing has worked!!
Avatar f tn I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain and don't have insurance to get things fixed. Unfortunately jaw joint problems are expensive. Grinding your teeth at night is a big problem because it wears down the joints. For about $300 (dentist) - $600 (orthodontist) you can get a bite splint (retainer) made. It covers your teeth so it prevents damage to the teeth themselves. But it also keeps the jaw joints slighly open at night so you aren't doing as much damage to the jaw joints.
Avatar f tn I started a short while back noticing that ALL my joints pop and crack constantly. If Im in bed and I roll over I can feel my shoulder pop and almost like a grinding sound like grissel. There is no pain with the popping when I pop. BUT I noticed a that my fingers started feeling tight, swollen and achy and sometimes dull pain in them. mostly it seems the middle, ring and little one. Then this past 2 weeks I started having a dull achy pain in my left buttock.
Avatar f tn My ear feels clogged. I have had problems with that same side my neck gets stiff and sore and burny and my arm hurts too and so does my upper back. It's all on the same side. Thats hte side my jaw is the tightest. I was gonna have an mri but my docotr won't let me she wants me to get a lousy xray. Does tmj cause all this stuff? Has anyone had these symtoms or similar ones?
Avatar f tn From next day.. I was so tired and fever around 100 F.. very fatigue till now.. my joints and muscles are paining like anything.. have swallon lymph nodes in neck and under jaw.. and rashes also.. I took blood test.. biliburin is greater than 3. So they told this is Jaundice... But am worrying whether this is HIV infection or anyother STDs.. swallon lymph nodes in armpits as well .. sore throat as well.
Avatar f tn I'm 22 female and a college student. For approximately 6 years I have suffered from TMJD, which got worse about 4 years ago. Around two years after my jaw got worse, I also started getting migraines with aura, these strange episodes where I felt like I was in a fog, and warm flushing of the face, ears, chest, and upper arms. I have been trying to find answers for a long, long time. Not much has come up until not too long ago.
Avatar m tn My Jaw From Time To Time And During This Period I Can Only Open My Mouth About Halfway And When I Try To Force It Open It Usualy Causes Pain.Is This Something Serious?
Avatar f tn s do not mention the jaw joints which are also weight bearing joints. I am not trying to give you a diagnosis online, but it could be also a possibility. Unfortunately there isn't much of a treatment for this condition except avoiding activities that exert excessive stress on the joint cartilage.The goal of treatment in osteoarthritis is to reduce joint pain and inflammation while improving and maintaining joint function. As far as your jaw joints.
Avatar f tn applying moist heat (heated rice pack) is really helpful...also massaging the jaw joints and neck muscles...well the whole body...try to manage your stress levels...hard but necessary with TMJ!