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Avatar f tn My jaw bacame sore in the beginning I thought I was having a bad toothache and had my dr call in an antibiotic but it didn't help. I guess its because our joints are loosening up and that causes the pain. Even in our jaws. Mine didn't last long maybe a week in a half.
Avatar f tn How old is your son? Are these baby teeth or adult teeth? I wouldn't pull any adult teeth unless absolutely necessary. Yes, the wisdom teeth could potentially fill in that space but there are complications with that. As the wisdom teeth come in, they don't move sideways into the space but rather, they tilt in and lean in sideways which causes problems with the jaw bone.
Avatar n tn Well I started biting down on my jaw (left side only) and now the muscles on jaw and in my neck on my left side twitch. Of course I have the jaw pain and ear pain associated with the biting down on my jaw. But I have never had muscle twitches in my neck. Anyone have any answers?
1217614 tn?1333510259 To massage the masseter muscles on each side of your jaw, place your thumb inside your mouth and squeeze the thick muscle in your cheek with your fingers. To massage the jaw muscles inside your mouth, use your index finger to probe and massage these spots. Moist heat or cold packs on the face, vitamin supplements, or biofeedback are useful for some people. Usually people find a method that brings relief by trial and error. Consult an ENT specialist.
Avatar f tn Recently I found a small soft lump in my throat under my chin at my jaw line. I have had a sore throat and then I notice the lump. My sore throat went away but the lump is still there. Sometimes I have pain in my throat near the lump but it only lasts a second and then goes away. It's on the right side of my face, nothing on the left. Should I be alarms or does it just sound like swollen lymph node?? Help!!
13831784 tn?1431660603 I have a white sore in my mouth. Way in the back on the area where the top of my jaw intersects with the bottom of my jaw on the left side. I have had it for literally at least 3 months and it will not heal. It hurts so bad. The sore itself hurts, but it is making my whole jaw ache. Also my left ear is swollen at the opening. It is almost swelled shut. I am not sure if they are related. I do not have insurance so that is why I have not seen a physician. I do not even have a regular doctor.
Avatar m tn Within the last two days my jawline has been sore with opening of my mouth and also I have noticed a sharp sting in my left armpit. Have not noticed any redness or enlargement in either area. Additionally had a one night stand awhile back and used a condom; however, noticed she bled. After noticing this we stopped and I washed up. Have talked to a few medical professionals and they said I am not at risk for HIV due to the condom and just having blood on me is not an issue.
Avatar f tn Alright so I woke up today and found that I have sore spot or soft spot on my head. If you touch it, it hurts. My health history is pretty complicated. I have Psoriasis, TMJ, an out of aligned jaw (I'm getting corrective jaw surgery soon for it), a very minor case of arthritis (it's off and on), and some other more minor issues. I've also had off and on (more on than off) headaches the last couple of months.
393685 tn?1425812522 Does anyone else out there have or had a terrible sore neck? it hurts so much in the back. Mythroat feels like I can't swollow where it feels like that little adam's apple won't move. even my jaw hurts. I went to the ENT - he wants to see the actual US films . I called the pharmacist and he said prednisone should not be the cause of any pain I am having. Would this nodule cause so mych pain ? adn IF it spread to lymph node could this be my pain too.
Avatar f tn About a week or maybe 2 after the incidents i got a slight sore throat for a few days but the itch still lingers. I also have a sore jaw and inner lip but no visable sores or anything. Could this be oral chlamydia or gonorrhea?
Avatar n tn The next day my gum started to swell where the shot was given. The swelling has went down but now there is a sore there and the left side of my cheek and jaw hurt. I've never experienced this before. What could this be?
Avatar f tn I am a 63 year old female and three months ago began having a sore mouth and tongue. Neither my dentist or doctor could find anything wrong but it has not gone away and now I have this tight feeling of pressure in my cheeks, a tired jaw and aching neck. my hands also don't feel quite right and hurt when I press down on them. I really don't know where to turn too and would welcome any insight into what is happening to me. Thank you so much.
Avatar n tn I have been experience constant pain for six months. It started with heart palpitations. After three days in the hospital with an echo, EKGs, and heart enzyme studies, it was determined that the issue is not related to my heart. The palpitations eventually subsided but that pain that presented with them has not. In fact, it's gotten much worse. Sometimes it's all of the way down my arm into my finger tips. It feels like it's in my muscle.
Avatar f tn My jaw cracks more then usual when chewing but I think its the weather changing not due to being pregnant.
Avatar n tn Sore throat is not a common manifestation of temporomadibular disorders. Limited jaw opening may be caused by mechanical blockage of TMJs or masticatory muscle spasm . Seeing a tmj specialist is advised.
Avatar f tn I have had a consistant sore throat, bit of ear pain, swollen glands and jaw ache, plus sharp pain in jaw when trying to eat, for over a month now. Dr gave me antibiotics but it hasn't helped. Has anyone else experienced this please?
Avatar m tn My baby boy is now 9 months old. A few days back I noticed his lower jaw quivering when he was feeding from bottle. It is not continuous, only in the time of relaxing after sucking. It is not seen otherwise. Is this normal. He also shows jerking movements while in sleep.
Avatar n tn Also a sensation that my tounge is too large in my mouth. I now also have a very distinct Tremor in my lower jaw and my mouth seems to be watering a lot. It imptoves slightly if I eat. I was diagnosed earlier in the year with Thyroiditis. Which supposedly got better. I have a serious brain fog and my eyes are very light sensitive. I have struggled with frequent herpes virus out breaks for over 30years. Could I be getting Mild meningitis?
1477436 tn?1287317905 my gum n cheek is extremely sore on the bottom left . no sighn of a tooth (being a wisdom ) but do u think thats what it is ... its hurts so much especially when i clench the jaw .
644083 tn?1282604175 your pain might get better when you have something in your mouth, because to hold something in your mouth, you must close your jaw a little bit, and that may take pressure off of the problem spot. Do an online search to reduce TJM symtoms. The main things are things we can try and do everyday. sleep well, exercise daily, dont chew hard or chewy things, heat/ice, antiinflammatories, gentle jaw exercises, stretching from jaw to neck to upper body.
497990 tn?1210076345 My jaw has become sore and hurts to try and hold it open. It cracks when I open it slightly. There are bones right under my earlobe on each side, right next to my jaw (they feel roundish) that hurt to touch. I sometimes have like a flare up when it will be terribly painful (like a headache but more in my jaw and around ears) and the next day it feels like a giant bruise all around jaw, ears, and to almost corner of my eyes.