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Avatar f tn I have had three rounds of injections in the mandibular joint. I have a stiff jaw, hard to open wide enough to eat, sore but no visible swelling. Back in the 80's I was a chairside assistant and seem to remember something about gently chewing gum to exercise th e joint and get it to loosen. Is this still ok? How long can I expect it to take for my jaw to loosen up enough to eat with out difficulty?
Avatar n tn This was Saturday night, and today (thursday) it is still giving me problems. The pain is off and on but it is the worst when i move my jaw from side to side, when i chew, when i sneeze (very painful), and occasionally when i yawn or open my mouth wide. Like i said that is only occasionally. When im eating it hurts after a eat a little, at first its not to bad.
Avatar m tn After abscess drained, the cat irritated it a bit, a flap of skin came off revealing tissue, and bone on the right of the jaw/mouth. We went back to the vet, said she couldn't bandage it since it's literally on the mouth, and therefore couldn't eat. Also can't stitch since there's no skin to stitch together. My main question is there any way I could bandage it, or dress it for a while abd then take it off when the cat wants to eat? I will post pictures.
Avatar n tn begin to do jaw excersises....moving jaw right to left 10 times...slowly...then open and closing jaw 10 times....maybe 4 times a day.
Avatar f tn My tooth which is a molar finally feels no pain following 2 years of pain. Now my jaw is very sore and it's getting hard to open my mouth to eat. I have also devloped a pretty nasty sore on my gums. Is this normal? Do I need to call my dentist? I did refuse pain meds other than ibuprofen.
Avatar f tn I have mild pain during day otherwise I'm absolutely fine. Infact, pain after I wake up is so bad like my jaw is hit hard and is about to break and fall..!! It hurts bad!! :-( Then 2 days back, I just scratched my ear and discovered sudden, severe, piercing pain inside the ear; just at the end of hearing canal. Infact, if I've felt it correctly; there's small, pimple like swelling too.
Avatar n tn After about a year of this it became everyday and i just learned to keep my jaw shut up untill the point that it would click as i thought that this would make it better. About 2 weeks ago however it became EXTREMLY sore, not only when opening my mouth but now just at a relaxed position...the pain is constant chewing, talking, opening, sleeping, walking, eating, swimming...ALL THE TIME!!
Avatar n tn so again she needed my mouth to be very wide open. The pain doesn't seem to be getting any better. I find it very hard to yawn, cough (I have developed a very bad cold) or even eat very well. I've tried warm compresses and Motrin. I don't know what else to do. Suggestions? Concerns about this? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I am from Texas. Here dogs and cats are required to have a microchip ID. They are both safer and more reliable than a tag hanging from a collar. Thousands of cat get broken jaws or broken necks every year because their collars have been caught on something. Thousands more are picked up by animal control and brought to shelters as strays without identification because most cats can easily slip their collars. A microchip implant is safe and inexpensive.
Avatar n tn It feels sore in my left side of the mouth, it hurts when I try to open it, when I chew... and even when I put my tongue out. I remember before this happened, like a month or two, I had a cold, and I kinda had a hard time hearing, the inside of the ear would hurt and it felt itchy. And from time to time I would get like a sharp pain between my jaw and throat. Right in the line that the two meet... it still kinda sore if I poke it.
419792 tn?1208274426 I thought she was choking on something from the toy so I immediately checked her air way, her jaw was hard to open but i got it open pulled her tongue (it was jammed against the back so u had to pull it down to see) so we could check her airway and it was clear. I checked her toy and there was no parts off of it. So it seems like it just randomly started this time it lasted about an hour.
Avatar f tn Sometimes If I just stretch my mouth open to stretch out the muscles that get sore around the hinge, it helps the pain but usually it just lingers for several days at a time, and makes it hard to eat. My dentist told me I need to buy a mouth guard for when I'm sleeping, and that that will stop it from getting worse but the guard is more than $400 and I don't want the situation to stay the same, I want it to go away.
Avatar n tn I must also mention that I have had clicking in my jaw for the past 6 months to a year - all on the right side - if I open my mouth too wide or if I move my jaw side to side. It seems like the vertigo is brought on by eating, chewing and clenching...has anyone else experienced anything like this? I'm not sure what to do next, but I think there is a direct causal relationship between my vertigo and my jaw. Any suggestions/comments would be more than appreciated! Enjoy your evening!
Avatar m tn When the impact happened, I thought for sure I would have broke my jaw due to the force of the hit but as I laid there, all my teeth were still in and I was able to open and shut my mouth and move my jaw side to side and back and forth. By the time I got up and made it down the hill, I definitely started to see swelling from the impact. This swelling, on the right side of my jaw, got to be about the size of half a baseball.
Avatar f tn Your dentist should smooth down the new filling so that your jaw is aligned properly. My dentist made by top gold cap too large and I had to have my bottom tooth ground down to compensate. I got severe pain across my head and nearly fainted with the pain due to the wrong alignment of my jaw after the new gold cap was fitted. I was given a gum shield to wear afterwards because with having a Grade 3 jaw, my tongue was always being aggravated.
Avatar n tn I can't address your drug questions as my specialty is fiorinal but as far as TMJ/jaw pain, I can proffer some tips. About 10 yrs. ago an MRI discovered I had disc displacement & the joint had shifted from a time I'd fainted & landed not so flat on my face! Assoc. neuralgia, etc. etc. It was *bad*. I was in SUCH agony for so long & underwent treatment with a specialist for about a yr. & 10 yrs. later it very rarely bothers me. The best tip: Learn to do the silent N.
Avatar n tn My throat hurts and my jaw and neck ache, sore shoulders and back of neck. My throat is really red and veiney and my tonsils. And those veins are going up the roof of my mouth a little bit. There is white bumbs on my throat.
951847 tn?1271140522 It isnt throbbing or anything. But I noticed yesterday that it was kinda hard to open my mouth wide enough to eat my dinner. It doesnt hurt to chew or anything else. Also when I do atempt to open my mouth feels like it pulls on my ear a little. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I get dry mouth especially at night as I sleep with my mouth open and snore apparently.. Lately I have been experiencing burning tongue sensations even though I haven't been drinking hot tea or coffee.. I haven't got a white tongue but my tongue has alot of fissures..
Avatar n tn if i turn my head to the left the pain runs down to the bottom of my ear lobe. Also if i open my jaw very wide. Hochkins runs in my family and im kinda nervous. I had a sinus infection a month ago and am fine now. For more then a month ive been constantly itchy all over and never knew why. Also i have been sleeping alot lately. I dunno i will make a dr apt right away but still very concerned.
Avatar n tn Drainage dwn throat can irritate the eustachian tube openings. They run over to middle ear that controls 'the pop'. Nerve swelling in the area you mentioned can cause off/on symptoms. If it's ears & not unilateral, probably drainage in throat. Learn 'valsalva' (pinch off nose & lightly get air to open tubes to pop). Sleep w/ higher or 2 pillows to get drainage to by-pass the opening tubes. Never fly w/o using something like Afrin OTC before take-off. Acquired allergies can do this.
Avatar n tn whenever I have my stupid panic attacks my mouth gets really dry and sticky and I can't swallow, it's because when your really anxious your fluids go to other parts of the body to remain controled try to calm you down. So, suching on halls or any hard candies help return the fluids to your mouth better than water as I've discovered. I perfer halls to hard candies mainly because the menthol helps open up my airways after a panic attack which usually isn't easy for me.
Avatar n tn It is sore in my neck to the touch, and the pain radiates into my ear and lower jaw. Neither the jaw or the ear are sore to the touch. My primary care dr. gave me Ceclor for a sinus infection after a few days because it sounded sinus related to her. Has not helped. I went to the ER yesterday because of the pain and they thought I had torn my carotid artery! After an ultrasound of both sides of my neck, everything was normal so that was not the problem.
Avatar f tn Said his immune system was already weakened by the hand foot and mouth disease so his body was to weak to fight off the cat scratch fever. He was put on zithromax and released but he has to go back today to see the infectious disease Dr again to make sure everything is healing ok. They told me it could take up to 2 years for him to fully recover with the strong case of it that he got. They did an ultrasound and chest x-ray at the hospital plus ran a bunch of blood tests.
Avatar dr m tn If you answered yes to any of the above, what you will read below will show you how critical it is to breathe well through your nose. Chronic mouth breathing can not only affect your quality of life, but your life, period. As an ear, nose and throat specialist with years of experience helping people breathe better through their noses, I have seen hundreds of people have dramatically improved lives.
Avatar f tn The bump is hard but it does move when I open and close my mouth, when I touch it it is sore. Also the left side of my neck is sore too and a little stiff. I was wondering what this is and should I be concerned. I was going to go to urgent care today just because I don't feel like i'm getting better. thanks in advance.
3183999 tn?1344649018 My entire jaw on the right side of my mouth just hurts continually, it is painful to eat even the softest foods, my jaw on the right side aches, & my sinuses are so sensitive that I can barely touch them. When I went to the doctor yesterday (a walk-in clinic as my doctor is not open on Saturdays), he prescribed the antibiotic, but did not do any x-rays or blood work. I am afraid I have an infection in someplace other than just my sinuses, like my jaw.
Avatar m tn And did you get post-op instructions to NOT smoke, not to eat hard foods, to NOT spit (like a hard powerful spit) and to not suck through straws? If you did any of that, you MAY have set up dry socket. It's when you suck or pull out the clot in the area of the extraction and leave exposed bone in the socket. It can be very painful. I suggest heating pads until you can get in to see your doctor.... do indeed go see him or her soon though....
Avatar n tn I am going to have my bartholomew cyst cut open & drained tomorrow. He is going to put some kind of stitch to hold it open so it will drain & not fill up again. Wish me luck!