Sore jaw from clenching teeth

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Avatar f tn t always bother but I know that it can be damaging. Plus my jaw tends to get tight and sore kind of a lot. Thanks for the suggestions!
Avatar m tn Hi recently I have been having jaw pain/soreness and like a pressure feeling. I think ive noticed myself clenching my teeth. I also feel like my arms ache or like they are sore. I always think the worse and catastrophise like a heart attack or stroke but I say to myself I'm only 19 I cant be having things like that. I mean I know a heart attack, stroke can happen to anyone no matter what age but I try to tell myself young people rarely have heart attacks or strokes.
Avatar f tn Behind my last molar it is sore. My teeth do not hurt. Whatever it is has my throat hurting when I swallow ans feels like junk in my throat. My jaw hurts to open it and it wont ope all the way. I have a headache too. What is going on?
Avatar f tn For me this is such a coinsidence to see this post. I am always clenching my jaw.. Mainly subconsciously. Clenching it then swollowing. And I constantly feel as if my throat is going to close over or something or that something will just click in place somewhere and stop me breathing some how. I dont no if it is exactly what you are experiencing but maybe it is simalar.
17020225 tn?1455749597 I started taking celexa about 2 weeks ago and have noticed that recently I have been clenching my jaw a lot without realizing it. At night and during the day. I don't even notice I have been doing it until my jaw gets sore and my teeth start to hurt. I didn't have this problem prior to taking celexa. Has anyone else had this happen? Could it be caused by the medication?
358304 tn?1409709492 I have the same issues, my jaw is always sore. I try to catch myself clenching, and stop, but like I said, most of the time, I don't even realize I am doing it. This can cause ear aches, headaches, pain when chewing, it can wreak havoc on your teeth! My jaw gets extremely tired when I chew things like steak or gum. Try to be aware of it, and see if you can notice when you are doing it. Good Luck to you!
Avatar m tn When your dentist told you that you had TMJ, did he not recommend a mouthpiece be made for you to cushion it? It's possible your dentist doesn't specialize in TMJ -- some do, some don't. If you don't get this taken care of, you will grind your teeth down and crack them, so you need a night guard. Maybe even a day guard. Now, it might not be TMJ, clenching isn't always TMJ. TMJ is the jaw, clenching is clenching. See a dentist who knows how to treat this.
1305767 tn?1361192676 It went okay I guess. The dentist said my bite is off because I have several bad teeth and when I clench my jaw it's "misaligned" I got to thinking though when I my jaw gets tight from clenching my teeth don't actually touch so I don't see how my bite has anything to do with it.
Avatar f tn 2 weeks ago i had 2 teeth filled with white fillings, they were very sensitive to cold and still are, i noticed myself being woken up att night jaw clenching and the pain was excrutiating coming from these teeth. I can not bite on these teeth at all without pain! Brushing them is also painfull. A week later i had 2 bottom teeth filled and these are the sensitive to cold and when i apply pressure to the inside of them with my tongue its almost like a feeling that my teeth are loose.
Avatar f tn I must clench my teeth. I do suffer from bad anxiety and depression. I started this way 2 years ago. I do find that I grit my teeth. When I wake up my jaws are tight and they stay that way all day. They are not real bad but I can tell their tight when I open and close my mouth. I have had a weird sensation for over a month that doesn't go away on the side of my head and into my ear. My ear feels clogged.
Avatar n tn (Temporomandibular joint disorder) This is very often caused by clenching or grinding our teeth, usually during sleep, but often while awake as well. (I am a very BAD teeth clencher!) Left undiagnosed and untreated, this can eventually lead to joint damage, sometimes very severe, but often the first clue is a sore, stiff jaw, especially in the morning, pain when we yawn or try to open our mouths wide. Sneezing could conceivably cause pain.
Avatar n tn It started as a general feeling of my teeth not fitting together properly. When I closed my jaw, my teeth didn't fit comfortably, as if my jaw had shifted. There was more pressure on my right side. Then, I noticed one night that I was grinding my teeth in my sleep. Not sure if this has reoccurred. Since then, I've been waking up with a dull head ache, and the feeling of misalignment has been constantly bothering me. I would clench my teeth during the day.
Avatar n tn from 100-1000 times a day. i read about people losing their teeth from it. i suggest getting your jaw checked, also seeing how many vitamins youre taking, chewing gum, and meditation.
Avatar f tn I am finding that I am grinding or clenching my teeth a lot when I sleep now...could that be caused from stress too I don't really feel the stress but I know now that just because I don't feel it, it can still be there...any suggestions or comments to that?
1546631 tn?1321643204 I have been clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth since i was a kid. I have tmj. And no padding left in my jaw therefore it pops everytime i open my mouth or chew. It can be really painful. Yes my ns told me its chiari related. Go to rite aid and get a mouthpiece. You boil it and fit it to your teeth for nighttime. Way cheaper than one from dentist. It didnt work for me because im not comfy sleepin with it in my mouth. But maybe it will help you. There is no fix for tmj.
1550654 tn?1294747554 Oh mommy i should add that i suffered a dislocated jaw 2 years ago and thats how my addiction was born. but since then even the slightest clenching causes excruciating pain in my entire face and ears. pay attention and see if your clenching or grinding your teeth when you manage to catch some sleep. a dental mouthguard has done wonders for me.
1302779 tn?1287405029 Hello all i have dep/anxiety and i am on celexa along with low doses of klonopin and have been waking up in the morning with headaches. i know i have been "clenching" my jaw and bought a mouth guard from pharmacy sometimes helps but sometimes not. I know the clenchng is a side effect of celexa which i may be switching to cymbalta. Any input would be great Does anyone think a tmj dentist is the way to go?
Avatar n tn My neck is full of tension right now due to this constant clenching i keep doing. It's hard to's like i am clenching my jaw muscles (not teeth, teeth aren't touching) or i am clenching/tensing the back of my throat. I feel like this has started about a week ago. I have drainage in the back of my throat from allergies/sinus and i feel like it started as like a pseudo swallowing of the mucous. Now i can't stop doing it.
Avatar n tn They will check muscles in the area of the TMJ, look for asymmetry or inflammation in your face, listen for joint clicking or scraping sounds, test the range of motion in your jaw, and examine your teeth for evidence of jaw clenching or teeth grinding. With the diagnosis they will determining which treatment or combination of therapies will work best for you. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn About a year ago I started clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth in my sleep. I realized I was doing this after waking up a few mornings with horrible headaches and pain in my jaw. My dentist fitted me for a mouth guard (which I wear every night) and then things seemed a little better. Well for the past 2 months I feel like I am doing it more than ever. I wear the mouth guard every night but I am waking up with jaw pain. Is there anything else I can do or take to alleviate this?
Avatar f tn Hi! About a year & a half ago I had some worrying symptoms which I believe are related to the state of my teeth/jaw but were largely ignored by my doctor. One evening, quite suddenly, the right side of my face went numb and my arms & legs started shaking. I felt a slight discomfort in my right ear which felt clogged up & I developed tinnitus.
Avatar m tn Hi.I know its a long time ago,but did u get sorted and what did the doctor do. I have the same symptoms.