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1997600 tn?1327258333 The area just before my right ear, where the jaw joint is, is sore to the touch with a slight raised lump. I additionally have a hard sore bump behind the same ear, as well as feel as if my gland is slightly swollen and sore. I have had headaches consistently, as well as an area on the right side of my scalp that feels sore to the touch,. with what looks like a slight rash.
13831784 tn?1431660603 I have a white sore in my mouth. Way in the back on the area where the top of my jaw intersects with the bottom of my jaw on the left side. I have had it for literally at least 3 months and it will not heal. It hurts so bad. The sore itself hurts, but it is making my whole jaw ache. Also my left ear is swollen at the opening. It is almost swelled shut. I am not sure if they are related. I do not have insurance so that is why I have not seen a physician. I do not even have a regular doctor.
1217614 tn?1333510259 i yawned and felt a pop below my right ear. now my bottom jaw really hurts and it feels like my mouth is tired. it feels like i have been chewing gum all day and i haven't. does amyone know what this might be? and anything to do about it?
Avatar f tn When I open my mouth to chew my left side of my jaw hurts up near the ear, I do get a lot o colds and sore throats, would it be a tumor tho?
358304 tn?1409709492 Well, just about a week ago or more, one day I yawned and I got a sharp pain on the sides of my head. Hurt like hell, but for only a second... as I closed my mouth after yawning... It has seemed to gotten better.... but now, it's only on my left side of my face/jaw. When I move my jaw from side to side it hurts near my ear. Almost as if felt like an ear infection... but I've never had an ear infection so I couldnt tell you what one really feels like. lol.
Avatar n tn I have had a similar symptom. First I would get get an occasional feeling of cool liquid in my year but nothing is there. About a month later, my jaw on the same side as the "cool" ear got real sore. It has been a month or so now, with the jaw still sore, and the ear getting those cool liquid feelings now on a regular almost constant basis. Hmm... TMJ? I have some rhumatoid arthritis in my family. Maybe I am disintegrating. Just my luck.
Avatar f tn e 3 i got sore lyumph node on the left side of my neck , behind the ear and it goes down to the neck . Then i got sore throat on the left side . These symptoms comes and goes. In the morning when i get up sysmptoms n soreness is not there and then comes during the day.... i went to the ENT specialist he said i dont hAve sore throat i have sinus problem . He gave me some antibiotics, nasal spray, sinus medicine .
2112219 tn?1334286044 I get similar, I have had a dry cough for months now , my eyes are sore and itchy, scratchy throat, ear pain in and behind the ear and other aches and pains , fatigue.I have now come to the conclusion doing some research its allergies caused by environmental factors .They are doing a lot and by a lot I mean every day aerial spraying you can see the trails up there, if you do some research you will see what it is they are spraying .
Avatar m tn we did discover that my bite is off alignment my bottom jaw has grown to far so I get TMJ from eating my jaw joints are always a little sore , and when i relax the jaw or when the jaw decides to relax my vertigo usually greatly improves , its very easy to miss the jaw pain because of the dizzy pulsating movement u get so it took me a while to realise how sore my jaw joint actually is , one day i went to a chiropractor and he put his hand in my mouth and put pressure on my jaw and I felt the mus
Avatar f tn You have to press on muscles of your face to look for sore points. To get some relief you can try massaging the sore muscles. Massaging the muscles does not help every one. Also if the procedure is nor correct, then it can further aggravate the problem. Then massage these points with short strokes. To massage the masseter muscles on each side of your jaw, place your thumb inside your mouth and squeeze the thick muscle in your cheek with your fingers.
1724105 tn?1309577226 it can occur on just one side. Press under the corner of your jaw (by your ear) to feel if it is unusually tender. If so, use a massage vibrator from behind the ear, to down under the jaw, working your way to where the clavicle meets the base of the neck next to the esophagus. I tend to see this in people that have stress build up or too much caffeine in their diet. You should see swelling (which is probably just the muscle in a contracted state) go down in a few days or sooner.
Avatar m tn and become sore/painful when left in this state (yes, it can occur on just one side and progress down the shoulder and in some cases all the way to the fingers). Press under the corner of your jaw (by your ear) to feel if it is unusually tender.
Avatar m tn i can at times , and I also see some people on here saying when they lay on a side they get more movement well that could be because if your jaw is sore on the right side in that joint putting pressure on it by laying on it can aggrivate it and make it pound more giving u more sensation this is what i have discoverd over time , u may have a TMJ issue and not even know, sometimes my jaw will feel normal because i am so used to the slight pain and then the muslce will spazm and then release and i
Avatar n tn have headaches, sore teeth and jaw and pain behind my ears and temples. There is a clicking sound heard from my ears but also hear similar crackling sound when moving jaw so believe it's not to do with my ears. Have had ent look at ears previously, says they are fine. Wondering if anyone has had anything firmiliar. haven't found any videos with this same sound. I am not opening and closing my jaw in this just holding it slightly open. https://youtu.
Avatar f tn I have a lump on my jaw just below my ear lobe. It doesn't hurt just looks like I have a gland swollen. Does anyone have any suggestions to what this might be??? I have an appointment next week to have a CT scan done but was wanting to maybe find some ideas before I have it done.
Avatar f tn A dentist can advise about TMJ. I had a sore ear for years and docs were undecided about what was the cause which was my tooth was necrotic. The dentist couldn't find the problem either for years until the filling broke and exposed it. So there are ways pain is transmitted in that area from one part to another which means you need to see doc or a dentist, rather than self-diagnosis. I doubt you will have something like I had that takes a professional years to diagnose.
Avatar n tn There is now a small bump located directly under my ear, behind my earlobe on my neck inbetween my jaw line and the large muscle on the right side of my neck, that little soft spot or pocket inbetween the skull and jaw.... The pain is moving into my ear and causing me to have headaches all through the day all on the right side of my head. Any ideas what this could be from? Is it worth going to the doctor for or should it go away? Thanks in advance for your help.
Avatar n tn Of course I have the jaw pain and ear pain associated with the biting down on my jaw. But I have never had muscle twitches in my neck. Anyone have any answers?
Avatar m tn Sinus allergies also cause neck muscle tension and pain that spreads to the scalp, causes lymph nodes to swell and put pressure on nerves that cause ear and jaw pain. Allergies can trigger pain in the face, ear, neck, head/scalp and jaw/tmjd, as well as put pressure on the perotid glands and salivary glands. I've had some triggered by using prednisone to help treat sinus and lung infections.
Avatar n tn more medicine and they removed the root... i have had permanant pain in my ear and jaw since then..finally cant take it anymore registered at a private practise and i have an infection, in the remaining molar that was injured when extracting the first one which they filled..
Avatar f tn I have had some of the same issues, swollen lymph nodes under my Jaw, ear and and near my temple the doctor had put me on antibiotics and they all went down, I had it another time but it was swollen on my forhead and down the side by my temple and ear and jaw once more but it looked like I had a scab just above my hairline where it was red and getting bigger so he perscribed antibiotic cream and it went away. He never told me what it was. Is this all happening on one side of your body?
Avatar n tn Certainly could be an infection...Regardless, not likely to be adequately diagnosed here. You need to be evaluated by a doctor!
Avatar f tn Thanks. I finished up the 7days of I just can't hear very well. It's only been 7 days. Now my jaw in front of my ear is sore and almost numb to the touch. I'm hoping to see the ENT doc tomorrow. I just need someone to tell me I'm healing.