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Avatar n tn I have a swollen lymph node on my groin.. eczema all over my body, and sore gums could this be sympthoms of HIV or Herpes?
Avatar m tn There are times when even if the infection is resolved, these lymph nodes persist. A recent and ongoing infection can cause progressive enlargement of the lymph nodes. Do not worry too much. If it will give you peace of mind, you can push for a biopsy of one of the lymph nodes. That will give you a more definite diagnosis. Stay positive.
Avatar n tn After asking around, I found out they were swollen lymph nodes. They have been swollen since. And since then, I've had swollen glands around my collarbone, in and around my armpits, and around my groin. Its on both sides of my body, and some of the nodes are quite large. Anytime I notice a new one, its because its quite tender to the touch, and sometimes even general movement (especially in the armpit).
Avatar n tn After six months ago (a point where my gum/mouth had been swollen for about a year), I noticed that two of my submandibular lymph nodes were swollen. They aren’t huge, maybe 1 cm or 1.5 cm, but it’s hard to measure them because they’re sort of deep. They don’t really hurt, and I still have them to this day, which of course makes me concerned about lymphoma. But I’m not experienced enough to say if they’re “hard” or “rubbery” or “fixed” or all the other key descriptors.
Avatar m tn I do not have a fever or a rash or feel like i have flu, just this damn sore throat and swallen lymph nodes The research says that swallen lymph nodes are only when one if fighting an infection such as hiv - this absolutely terrifies me ////
Avatar n tn Can anyone tell me if they think my latest question on my abdominal pain and sore testicles could be related to my lymph nodes in my groin? Where exactly are the lymph nodes in the groin? Do they need to be swollen to be causing this sort of pain? I don't seem to see anything swollen in my groin, but could my lymph nodes be giving this sort of pain without me knowing? When people talk about the lymph nodes causing them pain, are they always swollen? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hello, Tinnitus and swollen lymph nodes give rise to the possibility of inner ear diseases or meniere’s disease.Pls get yourself evaluated by an ENT specialist for that.Swollen lymph nodes indicate an infection and your upper respiaratory tract and tonsils may be causing it. Tingling of tongue can be due to diabetes, hypothyroidism, peripheral vascular disease, vitamin B12 deficiency or malnutrition.It is also common in alcoholics.Pls get yourself evaluated for these.
3227684 tn?1347376665 It was the first time I touched them, but I could palpate lymph nodes (small and not sore) on my neck. I don't know if I was able to feel them before, because it wasn't a concern. After that, I got two HIV tests which came back negative (seven weeks after the event, and one year and one month after). But even two years after that episode, I am still able to palpate those lymph nodes on my neck. Is it normal to feel them?
Avatar f tn If I read your post correctly, you do not have a swollen lymph node. There are not palpable lymph nodes either behind or on the side of the knee which can be felt by anyone so the spot that you are worried about is something other than a lymph node. Perhaps some sort of skin infection or other process. If it concerns you, you should seek the advice of a trained clinician.
Avatar m tn And my wisdom teeth are coming out to the point of my gums bleeding when I wash my teeth. I also had swollen tonsils, kinda like an infection/cold a couple of weeks ago. What can it be? Does somebody think I may have an STD?
Avatar n tn Finally as regards swollen lymph nodes, we get many questions on this forum about swollen lymph nodes. The fact is, swollen lymph nodes are a very node specific finding and in and of themselves do not suggest HIV. In your own case, the fact that you had swollen nodes which then went away further make HIV most unlikely. When all of this is taken together, your risk of HIV is near zero and there really is nothing you should be worrying about. No further testing for HIV is warranted.
Avatar m tn There are so many things that can cause your lymph nodes to swollen. I don't have any answers for you, but did find this lengthy article on the subject: I am happy to hear that you aren't having night sweats, fevers or any other symptoms.
Avatar m tn see if your doctor can right you an antibiotic that works for all kinds of infections like upper respitory that also helps with swollen lymph nodes and infection at the same time, i hope this helps
Avatar f tn swollen lymph nodes are an indication of a virus. Have them check your white blood count and also get a mono test. Mono isnt just passed through kissing, but even if you just eat or drink after someone.
Avatar m tn On the 25th day I had an antibody test which came back negative and my GP told me to take it as a conclusive result since my exposure was oral and the risk was low. But the thing is I had bleeding gums and a healing canker sore at that time and I did a mouthwash for just a few seconds just to get rid of the bad breath I had before I met the guy. There was no ejaculation except for the possible pre-cum which I don't remember tasting.
Avatar n tn Hi. Do you have swollen gums? The swollen lymph nodes on your chin could be secondary to a tooth infection. Are you still taking the antibiotics given to you by your doctor? You can observe if the swelling will subside with antibiotic intake, though most of the time, the lymph nodes will just decrease in size but will not completely disappear.
Avatar n tn with the sore throat, I feel like one of the lymph nodes is swollen on the left side. There is no fever accompanied with this though. Am I reading too much into it?
Avatar f tn You don't need to worry about ARS as you never had a risk.
Avatar n tn I have fillings in all of my molars/wisdom teeth, & from time to time the bottom left ones will get sore for a couple of days but it's usually nothing serious. well, yesterday it was worse than usual so i put a warm teabag in my cheek to see if that would help. long story short, i went to brush my teeth about 30 minutes after i put on the tea & my gums in that area had turned blood red & were bleeding pretty badly whenever i put the brush to them.
Avatar n tn There are cold like symptoms of sore lymph glands on each side of the neck and runny nose. What is this? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Swollen left side of hard palate - around the arch of mouth</a>.
Avatar m tn for how many days are lymph nodes swollen in hiv?? do they dissapear or do they keep on increasing? ...thanks..
Avatar m tn Ie wouldn't it be likely to have swollen glands in his neck and groin as well as arms? Are lymph nodes usually detectable by touch? Sight? We cannot feel any individual 'nodes' just a general noticable swelling and pain beneath the arms. There have been no other symptoms that we can think of. Are swollen glands/nodes also associated with other std's?
Avatar n tn Baby’s primary herpes infection could be very mild, or could manifest as mouth soreness, gum inflammation, fever, swollen lymph nodes, and a sore throat. Wishing You Optimal Health, Dr.
Avatar n tn Yep, me too, constant sore throat and swollen glands, and just like Chev, very swollen lymph nodes in the left groin area. (What IS it about left-groin favoring women?) But back to the throat issue-- it's just another sign of an activated immune system, just like the skin itching and the whole panoply of side effects that are the result of an overproduction of immune complexes. In other words, it's all good.
Avatar m tn maybe that my white blood cell are or weird . but I don´t think with parasite you can get the lymph nodes swollen or maybe yes ?