Sore gums over wisdom tooth

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Avatar n tn I suggest that you go to the dentist to check it out and more than likely he/she will also want to extract the tooth. Most people like myself once the wisdom teeth start breaking through the gums we get them extratced because they cause nothing but problems and get pulled out anyway. So please see the dentist because if you have an infection and it is not taken care of properly you can cause alot of probelms and especially with your sinuses.
Avatar m tn Ever since my wisdom tooth got infected two weeks ago I have had a sore throat that has not gone away. I also have what appears to be a very slight bulge (swollen lymph node?) on my neck on the same side as my wisdom tooth infection...the bulge feels hard and painless, and can be mistaken for a muscle but I'm not sure because I don't know what lymph nodes are supposed to feel like. A week ago I went to the dentist and got screened for oral cancer.
Avatar n tn My gum on the back left side of my mouth is growing over my tooth, and it hurts a lot. I brush back there twice daily and floss under the sore gum, but it still hurts. My tooth itself doesn't seem to be rotting, just all of a sudden my gum is growing over the top of it. The flesh is really sore and is white some times. It is also very loose (I can pull it the flap away from the tooth). Please see the picture for more details.* I've looked all over the internet, but haven't found anything.
Avatar n tn If missed, the sharp edge poses a problem when the gums try to heal over it. Now, usually these spots are small, they will resorb over time, and going after them can cause more trauma. However, I would have gone back and fixed that spot if it was bothering you that much. Is it safe to remove the rest? Probably, as long as you dont cause any more trauma. I would not risk it if its not killing your tongue anymore. If it does not resolve in 2 weeks, definantly go back to your surgeon.
Avatar f tn I had my lower right wisdom tooth taken out on approximately 2 weeks ago. The flap is healed, the stitches have fallen out or dissolved, and there is no pain in the area. However, my cheek (on my jawline) is still swollen and puffy (not hard, just puffy), as are the gums around the extraction site and the tooth adjacent to the extraction site. When I brush around the wound, the wound itself does not bleed, but the gums beside it do bleed (minimally) and I'm scared.
Avatar m tn OK, I had a lower Left wisdom tooth removed in December 16th, 2010. It took an hour to pull and when i asked the oral surgeon how it went he said on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst it was a 10. He said they had to do more x-rays to make sure they got it all out. It hurt bad enough for percocet until about the 24th of December. At 10 day checkup I had stitches out, offered more pain pills and things seemed ok.
Avatar f tn I had a lower back tooth (not wisdom) extracted yesterday. Two days before it had been filled with a sedative dressing, but the toothache got worse and my gums began to slightly swell and the tooth became loose and there was a very strong throbbing pain. A visit to an emergency dentist revealed that my tooth was abcessed and the nerve was dieing so I was offered extraction. The extraction went smoothly, only took a few minutes and apparently it came out intact.
Avatar f tn and infection, and I noticed I had a small sore were my wisdom tooth used to be. Over three days the infection has gotten much worse. It's a constant ache in my jaw, and is very painful to open my mouth or chew. the area is hot, very swollen, and tastes kinda like blood. It's getting a little hard to eat because everything on that side of my mouth hurts as well, tongue, throat ect.
Avatar n tn Im currently on the waiting list to have all 4 removed) Yesterday the gums around the tooth became very sore and I woke up last night to discover that the gum had swollen and there was alot of pain which is effecting all the gum up to the tonsil on the left side of my mouth. So I was just wondering if anyone could let me know if HIV ARS can effect already existing mouth problems? Is it possible for things already happening in the mouth to become worse as HIV ARS is starting to take effect?
Avatar n tn The one on the upper right has cracked and chipped twice over the past 7 months.The tooth has been digging into my gums and is uncomfortable to open my mouth too wide. Recently I have a frequent headaches and sore throat that also feels tight by the adam's apple. Is it common to have these side effects with chipped teeth?
Avatar n tn If your dentist is saying its not from your tooth(I personally I think it is, having both tooth and sinus problems) I would go to your regular doctor. I know wisdom teeth can cause a sore throat and swollen gums.
1399033 tn?1449591379 I don't know how much longer I will be able to hold out with this abscsessed wisdom tooth. It's starting to cause pain and talking antibiotics right now would just make me miserable. I get the nasty side effects of diarrhea every time I've taken them before. I had an abscessed tooth this same time last year. Which almost killed me by 3 days. I'm already having lots of loose stools and will go to the bathroom at least 4-7 times daily.
230262 tn?1316649534 (Ive had 3 wisdom teeth pulled, and several back molars and 1 or more towards the middle) over the years. The last tooth I had pulled was about 1-2 months ago. It was the worst one yet. It didnt want to come out, he had to really work at it a long time and my whole face swelled up from the trauma, my jaw bone was traumatized and bruised on the outside, my gums got gouged and cut etc. And then the dry socket got infected also.
660300 tn?1224793961 Hello everyone. I had a tooth and wisdom tooth removed 4 days ago and my nerve was in the middle of the root of my wisdom tooth. Needless to say the nerve was stretched so i have numbness in my chin and lip on the left side along with my gum. The weird thing is the left corner of my mouth is not numb. The surgeon stated on time would tell. I was already taking B-12 so was happy to read that it might help. i do have the itching creep crawly, burning sensation.
Avatar n tn I think I have an infected tooth right above wer my wisdom tooth is beginning to come in at my jaw line below the gum reasons why I think the tooth is infected is because It gives off a foul smell hurts to the touch and my wisdom tooth has begin to stick out at the job line right below this infected tooth I'm only 20years of age and my insurance could take some time to kick in what should I do
Avatar n tn Also - the gum on the tooth next to it has become very sensitive and sore over the last few days - is this common and will it heal - any advice on how to deal with this? Am i safe to rinse with salt water even though i have some packing still in the extraction socket?
Avatar n tn Three days ago I had one impacted wisdom tooth removed. The jerk dentist did not clean the infection out and sewed me up saying once the tooth was gone the infection would go away by its self. No need for antibiotics. Four days gums are infected. But yes, my jaw is stiff, still bleeding in stitches as well. Rinse with 1 teaspoon of salt in an 8oz. glass of water...four to five times a day, for 30 seconds each helps heal and reduce swelling. After 4 days..
Avatar f tn I'm still having strange headaches, but I am also now having pain on one side where an upper wisdom tooth was extracted and an upper pre-molar. I went in today, but only saw a dental assistant. He flushed them all, and put a clove paste on the 3 wisdom teeth. I still can't eat regular foods, b/c it all gets stuck in my teeth... And I can't see the upper wisdom teeth holes bc they were turned towards my cheek... Ugh... I'm afraid that there is food getting trapped and I won't know it.
Avatar n tn I stopped taking the Amoxil yesterday because I don't like the side effects of lightheadedness. Right now, it doesn't hurt to bite down, but the bone under my gums above the tooth is sore to the touch, and it feels like I have a lot of soft tissue puffiness in my jaw and inside my mouth right now, plus my lymph nodes are still swollen and hurting. I've been using mouthwash vigorously since yesterday, I think that's what I did differently last time.
611365 tn?1225994623 My 22 yr old son had to have his bottom, left wisdom tooth extracted. He has big teeth with long roots. The wisdom tooth should have been taken out 2 yrs ago but anyway it was infected and causing a problem with the molar next to it. The dentist got it out 2 weeks ago. My son has a dry socket now and is having a lot of pain! He is on pain meds. Last night he made me look and part of his jaw bone is exposed (inside lower left) We were freaking out last night.
Avatar n tn I got the temp crown and I am still experiencing a great deal of pain when i eat something where I am biting down of the tooth with food. My gums feel fine. I am concerned because when she gave me the novicane I could still feel tremendous pain when she was drilling for the temp crown and I am now feeling the same pain as i did (when biting on food) before the temp crown.
Avatar f tn My doctor said that it was recent because the ratio was extremely high. Fast forward eight months later and I started having sudden joint pains all over my body everyday for almost two weeks. I don't exercise even though I am a healthy young woman so I know the joint pain is not due to working out. Can an informed and knowledgable person tell me if sudden achy joints can appear even if there is no visible outbreaks?
Avatar n tn the left side of nose nose is red and swollen. yesterday it was just sore to the touch, today is it just plain sore, sort of a dull throb. From what i can tell it is confined strictly to the outside of nose, not in the nostril. I called my Dr and he's on vacation til 2nd week of Aug.
Avatar n tn When the front side of the tooth is touched (side nearest my lip) or if I run my fingertip over the top of the tooth, I get a horrible sensation in the tooth. I can only liken it to "fingernails being scratched down a blackboard" type of feeling. When I close my jaws so both sets of teeth are touching, it feels uncomfortable, almost as if a tooth at the back is stopping the teeth above from resting together comfortably.
Avatar n tn One week ago I noticed that my gums behind my last molar on the bottom right side of my mouth, where a wisdom tooth used to reside, was sore. A couple days later I noticed something sharp beginning to poke out. Each day it poked out a little more and it's been one week now. At first I thought it was a bone fragment working it's way to the surface but a dentist saw it today and said it was in fact part of the bone and not a loose fragment.
Avatar n tn While I had temporary, it started to feel like my bite on wisdom tooth behind temporary was off. My dentist said that he thinks the wisdom tooth behind crown tilted slightly while temporary was on, which made crown placement once it arrived tricky (it wouldn't just slide on, so he had to adjust wisdom tooth, I think). After permanent crown was cemented, he adjusted my bite on the wisdom tooth, and it now feels normal.
Avatar n tn I'm well over 40 and have had my wisdom teeth, all four, extracted over 20 years ago. I noticed 3days ago my mouth was sore and back gums alitte puffy when I awoke. When I felt my upper left back molar it was LOOSE, still is. Why has it loosened? No problems from it before. Will shaking it loose it out for a better extraction experience or make it worse, it's getting sorer? I don't care to save it, if applicable, I had a really bad experience with a root canal 3 yrs ago.
Avatar n tn My left upper molar #14 started hurting a couple years ago, no one knew why, I had a root canal, it hurt very bad after that so I had it extracted. My gums itch in that area, they are sometimes red and swollen around the tooth behind the extraction area. My bite on that side is also WAY off. Can't chew on thay side, mu upper left teeth are very sensitive. Sometimes they ache. I also have ear pain and a sore feeling on the left side of my face. Is this TMJ or some other problem?
Avatar n tn I had what i thought was an absess tooth over a year ago, but the pain had went away once it started breaking away. Then my wisdom teeth started growing in. Now i have 7 or 8 teeth rotting out it seems from the gum out, my gums are bloody sore and aggravating. My teeth ache all the time and sometime the pain gets so bad it hurts behind my eye in my head and in my ears.Some of the teeth have small holes forming on them and one has a black spot.