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Avatar n tn Greetings, About two weeks ago I woke up randomly with what felt to be sore, inflamed gums near the first molars on each side of my front 4 incisors. I also noticed that the gums beneath them seem to have receded quickly. I also had several ulcers, one on the roof of my mouth, one under my tongue -- both of which feel as though they've healed up. I had a deep cleaning done a week ago -- the Dentist noticed a significant buildup of calculus on the back of my front incisors.
Avatar f tn These stains will not come off with flossing or brushing. My gums are also sore around these teeth. I am going to the dentist next week. Any ideas in the mean time?
Avatar n tn I have two spots on my bottom row of teeth where the gums are swollen and sore and they have swelled so much they are covering my teeth what can cause this?
Avatar f tn I'm 34+6 and yesterday all of the sudden in between two of my teeth started hurting every time I ate anything. Now today my gums, just where they meet my teeth hurt so bad and it just makes my whole mouth hurt! I've heard that women can get swollen gums during pregnancy, but it never happened with the last two and just surprised me at how fast it came on. Anyone else having this problem? And tips to help it?
Avatar f tn Does anybody else have really sore gums? It hurts to even bite down on a sandwich from subway.
Avatar n tn I tried 3 others and this made no difference to the sore gums. Does anyone have any advice, knowledge or suggestions on my problem of sore gums.
Avatar m tn Not sure what the problem is, but a couple of weeks ago i noticed that when i wake up, my lower cheek where it meets the gums on the left side is sore. Sometimes the top area is sore too. I thought i was biting it in my sleep, but the area is way below where i can bite. also, my gums are a bit red and there is a white spot right where it meets the tooth. I brush, floss, and use mouth wash twice a day. There is no food stuck there.
Avatar f tn Im I the only one who has very sore gums during pregnancy ugggggg all I had was one bbq wing and had to due ti soreness of my entire mouth
Avatar f tn I take extremely good care of my teeth so I was surprised when I discovered that the top right side of my gums and my bottom right side of my gums (exact spot), appear to be irritated and sore. I went to bed knowing that the bottom was irritated, but I thought it might just be a canker sore, and when I woke up, the top was irritated too. Any ideas of why this happened or what it could be a sign of? Thank you in advance!
Avatar f tn But the other day the roof of my mouth on the right side was sore and i noticed there was an open sore and it was bleeding. I just ignored it and kept brushing my teeth normally but now the other side of my mouth is starting to bleed too!! So when i drink juice or soda it realy burns because of the open sores. Should i wait a few days and keep taking care of my teeth and then call a dentist? Or is it more serious?
Avatar m tn Not sure what the problem is, but a couple of weeks ago i noticed that when i wake up, my lower cheek where it meets the gums on the left side is sore. Sometimes the top area is sore too. I thought i was biting it in my sleep, but the area is way below where i can bite. also, my gums are a bit red and there is a white spot right where it meets the tooth. I brush, floss, and use mouth wash twice a day. There is no food stuck there.
Avatar f tn I do not think that it is a canker sore, because everything I have read says that canker sores are white with a red border and the sore on my gums is completely red. Also, I have not seen any mention of canker sores being on the gums. Has this ever happened to anybody else, and should I even be concerned about it?
Avatar m tn I went to the dentist today (yay!) and my gums have been sore all day... I looked in the mirror and it looks like I can see the base of two of my teeth through my gums! For a while now I have had one little white spot coming through that I thought was just a cancker-sore or something but now I'm worried it might be the base of my tooth coming through the gum! (it looks like a bubble in the picture(s) - canine on right side of picture .
1407246 tn?1281305955 Cavities formed that I have not yet been able to get fixed yet that stll someitmes hurt when I eat sweet stuff... But my question is what is going on with my gums... It's very painful and extremely annoying...
Avatar f tn Now I've got about 5 sores on my bottom right side gums and down by my tongue. In addition, my cheek is swollen and sore, and my teeth on that side are sore when I try to bite. I haven't had the swollen, sore cheek or sore teeth with canker sores before. Should I see my dentist again?
Avatar n tn My gums are very sore and at times bleed when I brush my teeth. It seems that they are sore but it goes away and then comes back again. Not sure if this is an infection??? What else I can use besides tooth paste and mouthwash to help them??? How did I get this I brush my teeth all the time???
Avatar n tn Might this be causing problems to the gums on the other tooth? I am very sore under the chin right where the sore gum is -- I'm assuming that is where my lymph nodes are, and they are sore because I may have an infection? What do you think? Thanks!
Avatar f tn ( I'd pay more attention to brushing your gums when you brush your teeth.
Avatar n tn On part of my upper gums above my back three teeth there are a few red spots. Yesterday and today that part of my gums are a little sore and I just notice the spots. I recently had my wisdom teeth pulled so I'm not sure if they are infected because of that. I was just curious as to what it might be?
Avatar f tn I am 14 weeks with my first baby and recently started having sore, bleeding gums and one ear pops all the time. I have also had sinus issues the entire time I have been pregnant. Are they all related? Anything I can do to ease any of the symptoms? My dr let's me take Claritin once a day for the post nasal drip but it doesn't help much! Thanks ladies!!!
Avatar n tn Hi, I have just discovered a tiny black spot on my gums. It is sore if pressed on. It is very high above my upper teeth. I have just went for my seasonal dentist check up a week ago. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn When I brushd my teeth yesterday I noticed when I went over certain spots of my gum it was sore. Felt like we're raw.its on top an bottom of just one side of mouth. This morning was same. I had checked in mirror . It looks like blood spots. But when I feel over spots it feels like hard bumps. What do you think could be and what can I do?
Avatar m tn I was in brushing my teeth about 1/2 hour ago, and noticed a bump on my upper gums, right above my Right Canine. I had noticed my gums around my canine getting sore yesterdat, but only when pushed or poked...I do not have any "teeth pain". And, Ive noticed this soreness comes and go every so often, but this is the first time I've noticed a bump. I do not have Dental insurance, or money to go see one...again...for that matter. Apprx.
Avatar n tn I have a cut right above on of my front teeth on my gums. It looks like it might be a canker sore but it is really sensitive. What could it be?
Avatar f tn I have always had great teeth and gums, but here lately it has been rough. I have swapped to a soft brush and toothpaste with gum protection. My gums are so sore. Any advice?
1675476 tn?1304265502 i have got swallen gums on my right side of my jaw. this is my 2nd day i have got it. my whole right chick is swallen and a lil sore. my gum around one tooth is very inflamed i am not using any antibiotics at all. how long would it take to go away and how can i fix it on my own. thank u. it is a broken tooth sum of it is missing.
Avatar m tn I do also suffer from bleeding gums, espescially when I brush my teeth. I am at any risk of STD's? Also 3 days later I had a sore throat, swollen and stiff neck. It did ease up after about 5 days but has now returned on the other side. Thanks very much for your help.
1303942 tn?1273064381 on sunday morning i woke up to a sore throat and swollen gums around the front of my bottom teeth, my tounge is also sore and its sore underneath my tongue, i had a look this morning in the mirror and i noticed tiny white spots on the tip of my tongue, but my tongue just feels weird, i cant really describe it, but it hurts, i have been to the doctors but he didn't seem to know what it was so he prescribed me antibiotics, vk penacillian.
Avatar f tn Good evening For the past 5 months I have noticed a sore area on my gum very near my right upper 4, it comes and goes and i noticed it seemed to completely dissappear when i was taking antiflammatory drugs for another problem. One dentist couldnt se anything yet the other said it could be herpes. I often suffer the herpes coldsore but just on my lip but at present i have the blister along the rigid area behind my front teeth and a cluster of small red spots near in my palate.