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255678 tn?1250805593 In the past two months or so I have noticed that my breasts are so sore every day of the month EXCEPT for the 5 or 6 days that I am on my period. I am on the BC pill (ortho tricyclen). My periods have been normal, except I used to have cramps on the first day of bleeding but the last two times I have had no cramping (i am not complaining). Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Yeah its totally normal
Avatar f tn I first noticed that my breasts started hurting around June 15th. They don't hurt that badly, just a little sore to the touch on the sides. It doesn't hurt when I go to bed and is probably the worst when I wake up (although I can still be comfortable without a bra and in a swimsuit). I'm about a size 34C, and they seem a little swollen, but my bras are still fitting normally. I'm concerned that I may be pregnant, but this is the only sign leading me to believe this.
Avatar m tn I have lumpy boobs but that's normal it's the same on both sides and I've researched it so I think it's normal? Anyway I'm pretty much a worry wort! I worry about everything until I find out its normal :P i've also got uneven breasts but at my age its normal as they,ll even out. is this all normal or should I get it checked out?
Avatar m tn Heya I've read all the other articles about sore breasts and can't find a solution that fits me. I'm 20 years old and I have rather large breasts. I have been experiencing pain for a couple of months, mainly down the sides of them, kinda a tender pain. They are both achy. I've got no lumps or anything like that. Although the skin underneath feels firmer under the parts where it hurts than the other parts of my breast. (Not sure if the side skin is firmer anyway).
1152782 tn?1451105026 I know sore breasts are a common sign of pregnancy. But what exactly is "sore." Mine aren't sore like before a period. They are sharp stabbing pains. Periodically I feel stabbing pains all through my breasts. Or does it just feel sore like when you workout and your muscles are sore and tired??
Avatar n tn I am on day 26 of my cycle. Do you think it is possible that I am very early pregnant and already have breasts this sore?
Avatar n tn Just prior to that I notices that my breasts were sore and I too was holding them up. They hurt underneath, on the sides. It reminds me of when I first realized I was pregnant with our 1st child 14 years ago. The "girls" were so sore then. anyways, I can't be pregnant since we had sex day after my period ended AND, I am now back on the pill - found out I have endometriosis. I know nothing is for sure, but I really cannot be pregnant.
332176 tn?1220545562 My breasts usually get a little tender, but not like this. They are even sore on the sides!!! Any other reasons for the extreme soreness??
377493 tn?1356505749 So here I am obsessing about every little thing again. 7 weeks today (yeah!!) and so far no real problems, things seem to be good. However, I don't have a lot of pregnancy symptoms. I get 2 days of "all day all night" nausea, then it goes away, and breasts still aren't sore. A bit tender off and on, but nothing like I think they should be at this point. Super tired all the time, but I wonder if a lot of what I am experiencing is the prometrium?
Avatar n tn For like the past 3 days my breasts have been very sore on the outer sides. if i push them up it hurts the worst.i cant remember when i started my period last time but i think it was around 7/3 and i stopped like 7/8. my boyfriend and i had sex around 7/12 and he used a condom. but now its 7/25 and im afraid im pregnant...i dont have any other signs of being pregnant though..just my boobs and im not late yet.should i worry im pregnant.?
Avatar n tn They were late, and the they were really like, and they were a strange color and composition. A week prior to this, I woke up to sore breasts, which later became hard. My nipples have been getting darker and now they're getting sore. I've been getting cramps near my uterus and on my sides for about two weeks now, and for the last week I get feverish (not bad, only a degree or so up) and sick to my stomach w/o vomiting.
Avatar f tn Like the topic says, my breasts are hurting. Well, it isn't much of pain but it's pretty sore on the sides and the 'top' of the breasts. Both breasts are hurting, both are equally sore. I never sleep on my front, so I don't think my breasts are sore from the pressure. My period is due on the 26th, so it may just be hormones. I'm terrified because many of my father's sisters had breast cancer, so it could be... but I'm really hoping it's not.
Avatar n tn At times my breasts or lower back have been sore and I can sometimes tell when ovulation is occuring. My breasts seem to be getting sore more often than a menstraul cycle would. I don't feel lumps and most of the pain on the outer portions closer to my sides or armpits. The pain is always in both breasts equally? Can you explain what may be causing this? Early menopause??? I'm not sure what else it could be.
Avatar m tn I am naturally small chested but over the last month or so my breasts have become sore, hard, heavy, swollen and very rounded on both sides. I have gone up at least one cup size . My breasts have swollen in the past, before my period but typically go back down once my period starts. this has not happened and I should be getting my period again in the next few days.
191945 tn?1201821171 I'm 7w3d today and lately I've been feeling some tugging on my sides.. it seemed like it was pulling on my left side and now it seems to be some pulling on my right. in the same general area on both sides.. should I be worried or is this more of a ligament type thing?? My appointment is Jan 2nd, and I still dont' really feel pregnant.. aside being extra hungry and tired and sore breasts off and on and the nausea that comes and goes..
Avatar f tn Today my breasts or less sore although still little on the sides but nowhere near as bad as they were. I've done a self-check I have no new or strange lumps are bumps the only changes I've had is at the end of July had gallbladder surgery. I have also been on Zoloft for 6 months and occasionally will take valium for PTSD from the death of my parents and caring for them while they were sick. But I'm not on it regularly.
Avatar n tn Over the last week i have gotten 3 different bruises on my breasts, two on the right and one on the left. But they aren't red or purple they are a light yellow color. They are just appearing out of no where and go away in about two days. They don't hurt but i'm not sure why they are there. I am only 18 but have genetics in my family of breast cancer on both sides. They have also been pretty sore. I'm wondering if these are signs of breast cancer or potential breast cancer??
Avatar f tn I have very sore breasts mainly underneath and round the sides. When I take my bra off at the end of the day they feel so heavy and the pain is worse!! I cant bare my boyfriend to touch them cos they are so sore. Im pretty sure that I am not pregnant as I have been on the pill for forever and am pretty good at taking it, so any ideas??
Avatar f tn They're sore on the sides, and have continued to today and are still very sore on the sides, and feel swollen. I might here and there get sore boobs, maybe one cycle a year, right before af comes, but never around ovulation. With my daughter who is 3 1/2 I remember that was one of my biggest signs but don't remember it happening this soon it was more like a week or couple days before I got my bfp. When is the soonest you got sore boobs, and did you normally get sore bbs before af? TIA!
Avatar f tn Im currently,at the moment, and off and on, have been having sudden pain on both sides of my breasts. The pain suddenly happens, feeling a throbbing, stinging pain; that I would rate at a 7. I looked in the mirror, I noticed on the side of the right breast theres a deformity slightly under the skin, as well as a vein going from my areola to mid breast bulging, that has appeared about 3-4 days ago.
Avatar n tn I have little stretch marks all over the bottoms and sides of my breasts now... Keep baby oil / vitamin E oil on 'em... It helps me with the itching. Oh yeah, and stick with "seamless" cotton bras- lace or the little line of stitching in the middle are sure to compound the problem :) ... And they say breasts continue to grow until the baby is no longer nursed.... Yiiikes!
Avatar f tn I know that gaining weight can make your breasts bigger and therefore grow, but my breasts have been sore for a good while now. My nipples are very sore and this morning I noticed the bumps that are normal and have always been around my nipples look different. Not red or white or anything abnormal.. Just different. There's more of them and a few are more prominent. I just notice something different with the tiny bumps on the nipple. (Hard to explain). My last symptom is sleepiness.
Avatar n tn I have sore breast not nipples and mainly its the sides of my breast kinda on top and below but really sore (kinda feels like its burning sometimes) do you know if that is a pregnancy sign? I am in the 2ww period and 9 dpo! Today is march 28th I ovulated the 19th and my period is expected on the 2nd? any advice will help. they have been hurting about a week give or take!
Avatar f tn and this the breasts usually dont get sore because of it), or on my sides (because the breasts are pressed against the bed). I do not understand why this is happening. My breasts have not grown (atleast I dont see any change in them). But I do remember that around October/November of '07 when I was a 34A, my breasts were very very sore--they grew to a 36B. Then months later in May of '08, they became very sore again, and I grew to a 36C.
Avatar n tn THis morning I woke up and my nipples are a little sore and the sides of my breasts are tender. (my breasts never hurt btw) Then...I took my daily vitamin and not 1 minute later I got super nausious and threw up. Im still feeling prettty nausious. um...does this sound like I could be pregnant? Are tender breasts a symptom of anything else? Last month I got a VERY light 3 day perioid 1 week before I normally do. I mean it didnt even fill a tampon kinda light.
Avatar n tn I am just wondering, how many of you have had sore breasts when pregnant? I know with my first son they hurt so bad I could not take my bra off. With the 2 miscarriage pregnancies they werent to bad if they hurt at all. With nathan they hurt but not to where I felt like I would cry. This one the nipple part is sore but occasionally I feel a sharp pain but they don't hurt. Is it normal not to always have sore bbs when pregnant?
325319 tn?1220591998 has anyone ever gotten sore lumps in the top of their breasts when pregnant? i have all the other signs, but negative hpt, my friend said her breast got hard lumps on the top them when she was preggo..just wondering!! thanks guys!
Avatar f tn my doc said i have hard mobile lump on left breast . will they do tests on one or two breasts...also i suffer very painful breasts for two weeks before menstruation left being much more painful...