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384150 tn?1399904816 If you have low progesterone levels ( short luteal phase ),and you get pregnant, do you think you are less likely to have sore breasts and fatigue? Without the proper progesterone do you think these pg symptoms would not appear at 5-6 weeks. I know low progesterone can lead to early miscarriage if you dont take supplements.
1124862 tn?1303850973 Mine is about 12 days so after I ovulate I will get really sore breasts until I get my period. Is sore breasts common for you b4 your period? If this continues for 18 days, you may be pregnant and would test again then.
1152782 tn?1451101426 m possibly pregnant now, and never get sore boobs at all in the luteal phase, and since 1 dpo they have been very achey on the sides, and it's now spread to the nipples. It was really bad like if someone brushed up against me I'd scream, literally! Now, they've calmed down a bit and I have to poke them to feel the pain. With my youngest I clearly remember my chest really aching, like my chest bones and all!
1343283 tn?1300898264 I always get sore breasts and nipples a few days after I ovulated and thats a sign for me to know that I am in my luteal phase. I actually have this now and I'm 4 DPO.
1097577 tn?1262719747 It could be the case but I usually get sore breasts through my whole luteal phase and sometimes they can be really sore. It's a difficult symptom to be able to tell.
Avatar f tn Also if your cycles are that short you may want to take supplements to lengthen your luteal phase (time between ovulation and your next period). If your luteal phase is less than 10 days your chances of conceiving are pretty much nil. There needs to be 10 or more days or otherwise your body will begin menstruating, even if you do conceive, because the embryo doesn't have sufficient time to signal to your body that you are pregnant to prevent menstruation. I hope that makes sense!
1126379 tn?1259815031 My boobs usually hurt for my whole luteal phase and there was once where there were crazy sore. There's not much you can really do about it except maybe get a warm cloth and put it over them. Maybe take a warm bath.
Avatar f tn it also helped me pinopint im spotting 1-3days b4 AF and only have 9-11day luteal phase;which may indicate a luteal phase defect. it might be a bummer to some but im excited ive discovered all of this just in the past 3months. i would suggest you chart for 3month+ to see if you can see a pattern. worse case scenario you will have something in black & white to take to your doc and say-Look, this is whats been goin on. I hope this is helpful & good luck!
Avatar f tn I know that after you ovulate, during your luteal phase your body produces more progesterone to prepare your uterus for Implantation, but those can be PMS symptoms as well. I don't know, what do you guys think? Has anyone experienced preggo symptoms 2 DPO??
950472 tn?1246074550 still no sign of it.But since I was in my luteal phase does that mean for sure I did ovulate?My husband and I BDed every day he was home.Here lately I have been getting like sudden urges of nausea then after about 10mins it passes,sore tender breasts and nipples,horrible headaches and suddenly out of nowhere the small of my back breaks out bad!!I've been checking my cervix and it stayed high,soft,and closed for like a week straight.Now its still pretty high and closed but its more firm...
8610089 tn?1422468824 I was like you, nauseous, sore breasts, sense of smell was hightened. I took 7 tests throughout the month cause i knew something was up. Im 4 days late and got my BFP today. I just took a test friday and it was a BFN. dont get your hopes down just yet!
1268578 tn?1274884217 I am not 11dpo, my period is due tmw. I have a 12 day luteal phase, which, I know is short, does anybody find that abnormal? Also, My breasts have been sore for about the past 5-6 days, they did this last month too and I got my period, but I had cramping last month and havent had much yet! Also my BBT temp is staying up, and My cervix is sort of hard to reach, but its also hard....I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative! PLLLLEASE what do you think?
Avatar f tn Also on may 17, 19, 22. I have an avg of 30 day cycle and luteal phase of 15 my periods are irregular. The symptoms i have now is being occasionally tired here and there, hadĀ faint light pink spit once, here and there tiny bit of sore breasts to the sense of touch, and lately this week i have been getting slimy white mucous stains. My period is due in june 3. Could i possibly be pregnant?
Avatar f tn Luteal phase is the time in between when you ovulate and when your next period starts. Everyone's luteal phase is different, but they typically last from 10 to 16 days with the average being 14 days. Like the other post said, the best way to figure yours out is to start BBT (basal body temperature) charting. Are you familiar with this? You use a BBT thermometer and take your temp every day before getting out of bed. Once you do it for a cycle or two, you should notice a pattern.
211043 tn?1337050701 Yes ma'am!!! Progesterone always made my breasts huge and sore. It has been a few months since I've been on it, but yes, I can completly relate to your symptoms! As for the "don't take when pregnant" label, this is how it was explained to me: taking progesterone supplements then abruptly stopping them is a way that a doctor can use to make you start AF, thus, they need to put that label on there.
1676653 tn?1391039945 What is the luteal phase? I have been hearing different things and I am confused? What is it and how do you determine it?
Avatar f tn MOst people with longer cycles it is thier folicular phase which is longer not the luteal phase which pretty much stays the same unless there is something wrong. I have 26 day cycles and O on day 15-16 and I am ok dr says. If you temp and see an implantation dip or a second rise then you could be pregnant! Temping is a wonderful thing!
358971 tn?1330888975 B6, progesterone cream, Evening Primrose Oil capsules.... I know B6 and progesterone cream are supposed to help with luteal phase defects so I'm wondering if I can take them both or should I choose one over the other? and can i take EPO with both/either of them? I'm trying to fix my estrogen dominance as well as increase my chances of conceiving when it's time.... does anyone have any stories of these things working??
586375 tn?1224897537 can anyone please explain to me what Luteal Phase means and how i figure out what mine is PLEASE
950472 tn?1246074550 I went ot the doc and had blood work done and he told me when they took the blood it showed I was going through my luteal phase...and that I should have started either that day or at least two days following.That was three weeks my main question is since I was in my luteal phase does that mean i FOR SURE ovulated?
972246 tn?1311088535 Your luteal phase is the time between ovulation and your next period. Typically women have a 14 day luteal phase, but not always. Since you have 28-30 day cycles, if you know when you ovulate then you can figure out how long it is. I ovulate on CD 15/16 and start my period on the 15th day after ovulation which gives me a LP of 14 days, since the 15th day after AF comes putting me back at CD1. I hope I explained it well, if not ask away and I'll try to answer.
283175 tn?1295537265 a luteal phase is somthing from ovulation until your period.a certain amount of time is needed in order to achieve pregnancy.for anyone in this position,google luteal phase defect,it explains its not possible to concieve if you have a short luteal phase.same as women assuming pregnancy can occur during there period,this is not true.a woman can concieve during ovulation,typically 2 weeks give or take day or 2.
Avatar f tn How do you count to determine your luteal phase? Do you start the day after ovulation and count until the day OF your period? Or from the day after ovulation to the day before your period (I read this somewhere)? I think my phase is short but my dr is dismissing my concerns. It would explain a lot... Thanks!