Sore breasts from weaning

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280369 tn?1316705641 Is there still milk drying up in it making it very sore now? How long will it take before my breasts feel normal again? This was my first time nursing, so I have never been through this. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
Avatar f tn little by little they have gone but now about two days ago, I developed very sore nipples. I was wondering if that would be a side effect. I just had my annual mammogram and they found a small cyst on the side of one of my breasts but told me not to worry. ( I've heard that before) I have had a lump taken out years ago but it was just a fibroid. I also take Levothyroxine, 75mcg every day and Xanax 0.5mg,2 to 3 times a day for panic and anxiety disorder.
Avatar f tn It varies from person to person, my one friend would wear a bra and sports bra to keep her breast snug and she said it worked for her, i cant remember how many weeks she said it took, i think she mite of said 2 weeks or less.
Avatar n tn also i have been experiencing pms symptoms for atleast 2 weeks now crampy abdomen and back sometimes sore breasts nausea which is new to me and right now i have lots of cervical mucus clear milky like substance dose this sound like my period or something else????
Avatar f tn I am in the process of weaning on hydrocortisone after 4 years of SAI and have made it down to 17.5mg per day but when I rescued to this 17.5 mg my breasts became sore. I've been on 17.5mg per day for 6 days now......feet are sore but I'm doing better than expected.
404232 tn?1253969556 So they hurt anyways because they were engorged, so I didn't know if it was from being pregnant again or if it was just the weaning part. Just this past week or so, my breasts are growing...but my nipples are itchy and sore!
Avatar n tn It is about the size and shape of an almond just a bit wider. My breasts are both sore underneath due to the weaning, could this be a duct.
Avatar f tn Anyway it has been 2 weeks since I stopped. I had a little engorgement for a few days then my breasts went soft. Yesterday I noticed that in my left breast (which was the one most fed upon by them both) there is what I can only describe as a thickened area which starts under the nipple and goes upwards (in a sort of north easterly direction if you are looking at me!). Basically an eighth-sized portion of my breast!
1497011 tn?1288916858 As I examined my breast I noticed it was only sore off to the right side of the nipple so I checked to see if I had any discharge, and instead of a discharge, milk came out. I understand that breasts make milk long after weaning your kids from breastfeeding, but that has been a long time ago and there has not been any milk up until this period. WHAT is going on? Could it be hormonal or a symptom of the Mirena?
Avatar n tn I am pg again, now 7 months after weaning him and have noticed very sore and tender breasts, almost feeling like engorgement at times (closest thing I can relate it too, though I know it is not actually that) In theory, if you weaned a short time ago, you wouldn't think you would have too mcuh tenderness as you are already "set up" for nursing, but I can never get a straight answer from a medical prfessional on this myself.
676912 tn?1332816151 Are you feeding her from both breasts during one feed? I was told from the very start to feed just from one side so that Brady gets the fore and hind milk and he hasn't ever had a problem with green stools. This must be why he's so chunky! LOL Give that a try! I've never heard of it being too much though.
551885 tn?1300387422 I just finally stopped completly, but it took me about a month, first you need to make sure he takes the bottle well, and what you shoul ddo is pump and give him the breast millk in the bottle also alternate breastmilk and formul aso he starts getting use to the formula flavor, one he is ready for the bottle and formula then the pumping should start weaning off, I startd pumping every 3 hours for couple days bc he was eating every 3 then then every 5 and then every 8 then once a day, then ever
676912 tn?1332816151 Strong or even painful sensation when milk ejects Frequent spraying of milk from one or both breasts Excessive leaking More than one let-down per nursing session Repeated mastitis (breast infections) Baby may exhibit: Fussiness and/or gassiness Frequent stools, often green, curdy and mucusy Gulping, gasping and choking while nursing Excessive weight gain Apparent lack of "comfort" nursing Discomfort when breastfeeding, sometimes so intense that baby goes on strike Possib
172023 tn?1334675884 Several days ago, I started a wean off my Neurontin. I'm weaning quicker than I should, but no ill effects. I'm already at half the dosage I was on for most of the past year. I'm staying on the Opana ER for now, with Norco for breakthrough pain. Guess what? THE PAIN IS ABSOLUTELY THE SAME, with or without the Neuronitin. So why take such massive doses if they don't help the Pain, and cause a decrease in the drive for life and ability to think?
776026 tn?1237415976 Once in awhile Joshua wants to breastfeed but not really anymore. My breasts are still a little sore. I just wondering if anyone knows how long it will be before the milk dries up. For some reason I was thinking its like a year. I know they don't stay sore that long but just a question of curiosity if anyone knows.
Avatar n tn hi i am 27 weeks and my boobs didnt start hurting untill around 14 weeks see everybody is different less stress girls everybody is very different last year with my pregnancy my boobs were very sore from the start good luck all you people should all be gratefull for the lesser symptoms.
7172456 tn?1403096546 So I've decided to swap to formula so I can give her enough milk and not be in pain.. My question is, how do I make my breasts stop making milk? If I just leave them will they get mastitis? I'm so confused as to how I need to stop..
Avatar n tn I have been feeling a bit queasy lately and when touched my breasts are sore, they also appear and feel somewhat larger. I'm so afraid to test because of the terrible BFN. I am praying that this is not the case and wondering when would be a good time to do a pregnancy test to be sure of the result? Also can any of you share your symptoms or lack of symptoms before finding out the BFP? Everyone's responses will be much appreciated!!
776026 tn?1237415976 Im not sad(yet) mostly because I am in so much pain. Besides my breasts being completely engorged and extremely pained I am so so tired and feel so weak. Also my stomach hurts and I feel nautious all the time. This is my third and last baby and I dont remember it being like this before. How long does this last and is there anything I can do to feel better?
457721 tn?1256644398 Hello. I really hope you can help me. I am a 24 year old female suffering from headaches, extreme weightloss, nervousness, insomnia, extreme fatigue, trembling hands, intolerance to cold, nausea, diarrhea, and dry skin. I have been constantly sick for the better part of 3 years with periods of being healthy not lasting longer than 2 weeks. I finally got my doctor to run tests and my TSH level came back at .002 (low).
Avatar f tn I have had almost daily headaches, morning sickness, constipation, fatigue, cramping in lower abs, heightened sense of smell, horrible gas, sore breasts, bloating, cleaning fits, food aversions (I can't drink coffee!), the works. It seemed fairly obvious that I was indeed pregnant but I wanted to wait and skip a second period before making a big fuss. I don't have good insurance or a regular doctor so we wanted to be really sure before wasting a lot of money and time over nothing.
280369 tn?1316705641 Also, my lower back is hurting again, my pelvis is sore and popping out of place, I have the chills a bit, but no fever, and my neck is sore. I am a little nauseous as well and can barely eat. I am not sleeping much anymore, I'm exhausted and now I am venting and complaining! Today is not my day. And after the little incident with Jesse choking and not breathing yesterday, I'm just on edge and freaked out.
353148 tn?1293064764 • Mouth pain from teething, a cold sore, or an infection (such as thrush). • In an older baby, the baby is afraid Mom will scream. This is common when your teething baby bites and you react by yelling. • An ear infection, which causes pressure or pain while nursing. • A cold or stuffy nose, which makes breathing difficult while nursing. • Too many bottles or overuse of a pacifier, resulting in a reduced milk supply.
Avatar f tn I know everyone is different but ill be 28 weeks as of friday and I feel something is wrong since my boobs an nipples arent sore at all anymore like they were in beginning of pregnancyn but my main question is if they randomly start to leak which they can at any time.. would my breasts or nipples hurt prior to that? Next question is how can someone prepare to make nipples stronger for breastfeeding? My sister said she scrubbed hers with a lufa during pregnancy to make them tougher.
Avatar n tn As far as boobs being sexual, of course, before we have a baby, there is no purpose to the breasts other than for pleasuer, but when the baby comes, everything changes and you won't get aroused with the baby sucking on it because you won't see it that way, you'll see it as the way to feed your baby and because it will probably hurt for about a week, it's definitly not gonna be pleasurful. Also I've noticed that I lost sensitivity in my breasts while I breastfed, it came back after weaning her.
Avatar n tn I have a 5 and a half month old baby and yes am 11 weeks pregnant and have just about finisht weaning maybe my breasts arnt so sore to me because i feel whenyou breast feed learning ect it hurts more what do you think. i also saw my baby at 6 weeks 2 days via vag ultrasound and the baby looked good already a big strong heartbeat.
Avatar n tn I always get pregnant right after weaning my baby. My breasts have never been sore till about 14 weeks pregnant (except on my first baby). I have had 7 pregnancies. I think if you still have some milk in you your boobs they must not get as sore early on.
776572 tn?1360294339 I also found that I get sore breasts if anything in the schedule changes. So far have avoided avert mastitis. BUt have had quit a few hard painful lumps that I had to pump and bf to get out. Lucky for me I also have a 3 1/2 yo who is more than willing to have a drink if I need them to be emptied more efficinetly than my 5 mo can. Don't wean if you don't want to. Sounds like you really enjoy breastfeeding, and this infection will recover.
1303813 tn?1303162962 I've heard it explained like this- baby cows drink cow milk because they come from cows. Babies come from their human mother. Why would you feed a baby or child milk that is not meant for them? Women lactate for a reason. Babies should have human milk, not cow milk. Cow milk is actually very difficult for us to digest. If you drink too much you will throw up and it can cause intestinal and digestive problems. That being said I don't necessarily agree 8 and 14 year olds should be breastfeeding.
707502 tn?1228938934 Your milk will come in within a few days after the birth... your breasts are going to be really sore. Then your milk supply will adjust to what your baby needs. Your nipples are going to be sore for the first week because they have to get used to a little one sucking on them for hours a day, but that pain subsides. Hope some of this info helped!