Sore breasts before period

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Avatar n tn I am not currently ttc but my husband and I had a drunk night out and were not as careful as we normally are. I am not sure if it was on my ovulation days or if it was a little after. My question is what does your cm look like before your period. I normally do not pay much attention to it but am concermed because I am due for my period today or tomorrow and have a lot of creamy cm and sore breasts. I usually get sore breasts before my period but can't remember what cm looks like.
421469 tn?1203452328 i get sore breasts about 2 weeks before my period.. maybe thats whats happening or maybe ur preggo.
Avatar f tn I had very strong headaches everyday for around 5 days previos to my missed period. I had cramps and sore boobs, but then again I always had that before getting my period so I didn't really expect it!!
505857 tn?1329681517 Can anyone tell me how sore do your breasts have to be as a sign of pregnancy. I am due my period on the 7th of July and hoping it doesn't come. I usually have cramp 1 or 2 days before my period with slight breast pain which i can cope with. But the pain i have in my breasts at the moment is unbelievable especially around the nipples i can hardly touch them its unbearable.
Avatar f tn i just got done ovulating and my period isnt due for another 15 days, but my breasts are so tender. anyone know why they hurt so far away from my period?
Avatar n tn I would wait till there is a missed period before even testing or worrying about it
Avatar m tn Hi all, i am a 19 year old female and have sore breasts, i had a full period just over a week ago and my breasts around the side are sore, it feels like muscle sore, but i have not been doinf any physical activity of late. I am extremely safe when it comes to contraception, i understand things happen but i have been VERY un safe in the past (to the point of rediculously unsafe) and have never fallen pregnate. i am extremelly worried.
1097577 tn?1262719747 It could be the case but I usually get sore breasts through my whole luteal phase and sometimes they can be really sore. It's a difficult symptom to be able to tell.
Avatar f tn Could the sore boobs be a sign of pregnancy or something else? this has never happened, i usually dont get breast sensitivity before my period... Please help!!
Avatar n tn i have had very sore breasts for a week. my period is due any day now. i am usually very regular. light brown spotting started this morning. unusual for me because i have never once had it before my period. took a test two days ago and it was neg. i am confused.??
Avatar f tn Honestly, it's just down to your breasts probably growing or changing. You're still only 17 so you're still going through puberty and our breasts change all the time. You don't have to be pregnant or be on your period to be having sore breasts - especially during puberty. Sounds completely normal to me. Try a hot shower, I know that helps when mine are sore.
Avatar n tn m 27 my tubes are tied and lately the past 3 months my breasts have been very sore before periods well this time they are sore weeks after my period and I won't get it again til next month what could it be
Avatar f tn Usually hormonal changes are what causes sore breasts. I get some soreness before AF too, but during pregnancy it's 10x worse... I could barely stand a shirt touching me.
Avatar f tn But today I woke up with just my nipples hurting a lot feeling sore, does that mean Im getting my period or Im pregnant? I have a period app and says Im "supposed to get my next period on September 24th.
1152782 tn?1451101426 I know sore breasts are a common sign of pregnancy. But what exactly is "sore." Mine aren't sore like before a period. They are sharp stabbing pains. Periodically I feel stabbing pains all through my breasts. Or does it just feel sore like when you workout and your muscles are sore and tired??
Avatar n tn I'm almost 30 years old..not expecting my period and nor pregnant, my breasts are really sore what could this be? Are they finally wanting to grow?
1124862 tn?1303850973 Mine is about 12 days so after I ovulate I will get really sore breasts until I get my period. Is sore breasts common for you b4 your period? If this continues for 18 days, you may be pregnant and would test again then.
Avatar n tn This isn't really cancer. I had sore breasts for 3 weeks. I thought caffine so I completely removed it from my diet. Still hurts, thought maybe my period, but for 3 weeks I don't think it would last that long (I had a hysterectomy years ago, so I never really know when it is coming). I just need to know why they would hurt so much and so badly, it is almost constant and sometimes it is so intense it brings tears to my eyes.
Avatar n tn Only normal symptoms of period is sore breasts and slight backache pretty lucky in that dept. going by latest date my period is due 15th Jan. Could i have conceived?
Avatar f tn m menstruating or are my breasts growing? Again, I have never experienced a larger size before my period.
Avatar f tn Hi this is a bit embarrassing but my breasts have been super sore and sensitive and I don't know why, I'm fifteen and I'm about two weeks away from my next period which is usually a 29 -30 day cycle so it can't be that, does anyone else maybe know what the cause could be?
Avatar f tn My breast get sore close to my period but never for 2 weeks.
Avatar f tn I have VERY tender nipples. It started on the last day of my period and is gradually getting worse over the last two days. I am on birth control and my breasts aren't tender. I exercise, eat well, and don't have any of the signs of pregnancy that my mother or grandmother ever had. Nothing else is weird, it's just that it started getting sore before the end of my period and I haven't ovulated yet.