Sore breasts before ovulation

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Avatar m tn Hey Ladies I just wanted you guys opinions on this and I'm a little unsure what to do. For a years now, I have alway kept track of my periods and it has always come exactly 25 days (more or less) apart. Usually my period last a week, from start to finish and completely cleared.I am 20 years old now and it has been this consistent for years! About 3 weeks ago, my boy friend for 4yrs and i finally had sex.
Avatar f tn I am 5 dpo and my breasts have been pretty sore and my nipples are VERY tender. Could this indicate pregnancy? Or is it too soon to have any symptoms?
Avatar n tn I am not currently ttc but my husband and I had a drunk night out and were not as careful as we normally are. I am not sure if it was on my ovulation days or if it was a little after. My question is what does your cm look like before your period. I normally do not pay much attention to it but am concermed because I am due for my period today or tomorrow and have a lot of creamy cm and sore breasts. I usually get sore breasts before my period but can't remember what cm looks like.
Avatar f tn Hi this is a bit embarrassing but my breasts have been super sore and sensitive and I don't know why, I'm fifteen and I'm about two weeks away from my next period which is usually a 29 -30 day cycle so it can't be that, does anyone else maybe know what the cause could be?
Avatar n tn i have had very sore breasts for a week. my period is due any day now. i am usually very regular. light brown spotting started this morning. unusual for me because i have never once had it before my period. took a test two days ago and it was neg. i am confused.??
Avatar n tn I always get VERY sore breasts every month after ovulation. I ovulated later than usual this month, but I had all the symptoms of ovulation, (temperature spike the morning after, soft high open cervix that was low, firm and closed two days after.) Why didn't my breasts get sore? It's been six days since ovulation. Usually they start hurting a day or two after and continue to hurt until right before my period.
2179622 tn?1337657394 how many days after ovulation is normal for your breasts and nipples to be sore?
Avatar n tn Only normal symptoms of period is sore breasts and slight backache pretty lucky in that dept. going by latest date my period is due 15th Jan. Could i have conceived?
Avatar f tn I have VERY tender nipples. It started on the last day of my period and is gradually getting worse over the last two days. I am on birth control and my breasts aren't tender. I exercise, eat well, and don't have any of the signs of pregnancy that my mother or grandmother ever had. Nothing else is weird, it's just that it started getting sore before the end of my period and I haven't ovulated yet.
Avatar f tn m 19 years old and have been experience very sore breasts for the past few days, mostly on the sides of my breasts. I never used to get sore breasts before my period, except this last one. I was due to be ovulating around the 14/15-19/20th of this month and my cycle is usally 23-28 days, not too irregular. I have been off of any BC since April. My last period was sept. 4-8th.
Avatar n tn Hey everyone., I am about 6 days past ovulation, AF. Isn't due till 25th , but my breasts have been really sore! Could this be a pregnancy symptom, I'm not sure how soon after ovulation that u can start having symptoms!
957185 tn?1250540128 re most likely experiencing is ovulation. You can get sore breasts/nipples during ovulation. Ovulation occurs approximately 2 weeks before your next period. Are you having any discharge when you use the restroom?
Avatar f tn Hello again, I'm starting to get a little worried now. I posted a comment the other day about symptoms, whats been going on with my body, and all that. Today I noticed a clear-ish egg-white discharge, It doesn't smell, it doesn't itch, it's not stretchy at all. I am 7DPO. I keep in check with my cervical mucus. I've had very sore nipples last night and my breasts have seem to be swollen to me and I have been having mild cramps for about 5 days now.
Avatar f tn I also had other symptoms like backache, fatigue, headaches, bloating and swollen breasts. This month I am 3 days late with no sign of period other than sore breasts. And my nipples are whats really sore not really my breasts and I'm bloated. Could I be pregnant?
422823 tn?1229736847 I was wondering if any of you ladies have sore breasts around the time that you ovulate. We have been trying to get pregnant for over a year, but I was on b/c the last three months to "regulate my body" and this is my first month off of them again. I have never before had sore breasts at the time of ovulation on a natural cycle, but this month they are killing me. Does anyone experience something similar?
Avatar f tn When i got pregnant my breasts were really sore and you bloat, i think its the first day of your ovulation is most likely easier to get pregnant there is a certian date between your ovulation dates that your most likely to get pregnant, i would look it up or ask your docter
322529 tn?1224945949 We have been trying tc and started using preseed last 2 months, well since about 5 days ago...10 days past breasts started to get sore, but not like the usual tenderness at the outsides but like when you are breast feeding first and the pain inside and in the nipples. So different from the usual pain and more intense, so Im starting to wonder if it is worth doing a test now or waiting for a few days after AF is due?? Or could this new pain be the start of menopause?
Avatar f tn I used to never have sore breasts before my period, but after my miscarriage, I have started having sore breasts right before my period. But, this time, they are huting a bit more than normal. I have been trying to get pregnant fot 8 months now!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!
Avatar m tn Ok so me and my girlfriend had sex on the last day of her period without a condom for about a minute and then with a condom for the rest because we got paranoid. But after we were done we started worrying about what if I accidentally pre- ejaculated or if "pre-***" came out. I was wondering what's the chance that shell get pregnant the last day of her period. And also, I know her breasts are supposed to get larger and sore during or before her period.
Avatar f tn It is normal to have sore breasts when you ovulate - i get this every month :)
Avatar f tn Hey no it's not too son. Last cycle i had an early mc at 5 w3d andmy breasts were sore from after ovulation. This month they are the same again 6 dpo and i'm 8dpo today and they r getting more tender...hope it's our time again!
Avatar n tn I started gettin sore breasts & discharge about a week before my period was due which was about a week after I consumed ..
Avatar n tn It is normal for your breasts to be sore during ovulation? For me, it is perfectly normal. This is the way my hormones react with my body. Typically the sides of my breast will hurt an there will be some swelling. If the pain you experience is in the front of the breasts or over the nipples, this indicates that estrogen dominance has occurred, which may mean the lack of ovulation.
Avatar n tn I actually felt the same right after my ovulation. Breasts tender and sore, headache and cramps. The most alarming sign were my breasts, I've never felt these early symptoms weeks before my period. My husband and I had unprotected intercourse several times through my fertile time and ejucalate inside me. Now, I'm just waiting for period or taking a test. I went to the doctors the other day but too soon to be alarmed. It's a waiting game.
Avatar f tn I felt extremely slight nausea, sore breasts, and constipation, about a week before my expected period.
285149 tn?1217046467 I had cramping from 4 days past ovulation...sore breasts started about first day of missed period.