Sore breast while breastfeeding

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8395984 tn?1400469103 They certified in these such things, not just common breastfeeding experiences. I am sure you could possibly find a specialist who can better direct you in breastfeeding while having a piercing.
Avatar f tn Did anyone heard about womae breast bleending while breastfeeding? A friend told me she had her breast very sore and bleending when she started breastfeeding and she also told me that this is very common in women who breastfeed! Im very scared and started thinking about giving the bottle to my baby!
383536 tn?1225030613 Well I also got sore breast too and I ended up feeling a little sick and feverish and dizzy. But you got to watch out if your breast or any part of your breast get red. If you breast get red call the doctor asap. But a hot bath, shower or massage should help abit. And as your breastfeeding continues it should get easier. Good luck!!! If you don't mind I would like to add you as a friend so maybe we can help each other out with breastfeeding and new mommy stuff.
7226011 tn?1389330533 Hello, I'm new here. This is my first pregnancy, and I am exactly 32 weeks. While my mom was pregnant, her breasts gained 3 cup sizes. Mine have not grown at all; they haven't even really been sore. They also are not producing any colostrum. I'm interested in trying breastfeeding, but I was wondering if my lack of growth may mean my body is not producing anything?
6452840 tn?1381776492 I did research also before i even got pregnant and i was happy to learn i could continue to nurse my little baby ( its very important to me) but now i learn from some posts that mommies have some problems like sore nipples or needing to eat much much more because of breastfeeding. .
Avatar n tn Your breast will be sore for a while due to them trying to get bigger and the changes they go threw to prepare for breastfeeding. When they hurt really bad a hot shower makes mine feel better.
Avatar f tn Breastfeeding dont hurt. you might be sore for a few days but painful its not.
Avatar f tn My nipples get really dry sometimes and sore to the point where skin will peal . Hurts like hell . Place a warm rag on your breast when you go to lay then apply cocoa butter or moisturizer after. Does wonders!
Avatar f tn breastfeeding hurts sooo bad does anyone know any type of cream I can put on my nipples or something I cry every time I feed my babe >.
Avatar f tn How can I make more milk come?? When I pump I only get 2oz from one breast and 1oz from the other 3oz per feeding is def.not enough for this greedy child of mine...any suggestions???
Avatar f tn I gave birth on the 26th and my breast has swollen and became really painful I'm not breastfeeding and was looking for ways to relieve the discomfort and dry up my milk supply
Avatar n tn I found a lump on my right breast while breastfeeding my 8 months old baby. I went for a mammogram and the doctor told me to stop breastfeeding in order to do the biopsy. I breastfed all my babies and having problem giving the bottle to the baby. If I can, I never wants to give a formula to my baby. On top of that she is allergic to milk and soy . Any advice? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Hun I gave birth to my daughter on Tuesday 13th at 40weeks and 2days and at first i was struggling but she latched on good but I lost or forgot how todo it lol but then I tried again before my milk fully came in i pumped and everything but when I woke up the next day my boobs omg it looked like i had a boob job and I could feel them fulling up it was uncomfortable but I was told to put a hot towel on your boobs they will leak it helped me but try baby on your breast again put baby on the bed be
Avatar f tn Just curious to any already mommy's that drink coffee atm while breastfeeding. How is your baby sleep wise and active wise? Fussy? The same? I'm 32 weeks and if produce milk I plan on breastfeeding but I'd like to start drinking coffee again cause I know for the life of me I won't get any sleep. Before I was pregnant I only drank half a cup of coffee to wake me up and. I plan on only drinking half while breastfeeding but I still want to know how it was for you ladies!
Avatar n tn Use nipple cream like Lansinoh, but also make sure the latch is correct, like the other ladies said! Are there lactation consultants at the hospital where you delivered? I know mine are available to call anytime while I'm breast feeding, and they are an awesome resource. I had them come in a few times while I was in the hospital and have called them once or twice since I've been home!
Avatar f tn ie, Only breast milk. Breast fed kids have more immunity than other kids. The milk from breast provides a protective coating for the digestive lumen of the child. Providing an alternative like cows milk, grape water, seeds disrupts the process of acquiring a healthy baby. The risk of infection, development are based on to these procedures. So for 6-8 months only breast feeding is advised. For later months you could give him rice and other semi-solid food. Consult your Doctor.
Avatar f tn It can be painful & annoying. I had a friend that her son would bite her & she would bleed. It can get annoying if ur out & about or u pump, but the person watching ur child runs out of pumped milk. I did not have issues with pain breastfeeding my daughter. There were times I was at work & had 2 pump bcuz my breast filled up with milk & hurt. Or I would have to pump bcuz I was leaking. Breast pump didn't hurt 2 me. Hope that helps!
6068453 tn?1380396210 I hear breastfeeding is really sore .. is this true? Can u drink alcohol while breastfeeding? Was told by a midwife if u breastfed your baby 3 times it dont matter after that if you bottle fed or not? .. wat be better? What did ye do and why?
1108272 tn?1292900816 You most likely have no need to worry. ☺ You CAN have your period while you're breastfeeding, although the cycle is generally off and you won't have a typical 28 day (or however many days is your average) cycle. I breastfed my first until he was 8 months old, and I bled post pardum for about 6-7 weeks. I got my periods back regularly when he was about 5½ months old.
Avatar f tn If you do it correctly it shouldn't hurt. Now at first they will be sore until u get used to it. After about 2 weeks they should be fine. The key to avoiding sore nipples is latching the baby on properly. Mine didn't sag from breastfeeding, it was the tons of weight I gained and lost so quickly. Good luck.
Avatar f tn why are my breast very tender and sore, i am breastfeeding but havent happened before and out of no where they are tender n very sore my last period was since feb.23 and havent had it till then and i am 20 days late on my period , test come out wondering why is this?? What does it mean? Anyone please help me. Has anyone has this before?
175662 tn?1282213656 You shouldn't rule out pregnancy. To everyone who has question about if they could be pregnant but say a test they took was negative I tell them the same thing I was about 5 weeks pregnant before I finally had a positive test. I even had my period and everything but knew I had to be and didn't stop taking tests until I was sure. Sore breasts are a pretty good sign you're pregnant but it could be a few other things also. It could be that you've been breastfeeding for 21 months.
Avatar f tn If you have sores on your nipple or areola (darker skin around the nipple), you should stop breastfeeding on that breast. Pump or hand express your milk from that breast until the sore clears. Pumping will help keep up your milk supply and prevent your breast from getting engorged or overly full. You can store your milk to give to your baby in a bottle for another feeding.
Avatar n tn I have only feed her directly from my breast but I would like to pump as well. One because my nipples are sore plus my breasts are a bit engorged & my bf would like to feed her. Do you moms think its best to only give her direct breast at first & pump a few months from now ...or?
Avatar n tn Can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding? My husband and I want to get our sons footprint on the back of our calves when he's born but I'll be breastfeeding so I dunno if that's okay?
938812 tn?1297651988 Breastfeeding, such a beautiful thing and a brilliant bonding time with your little one. But how the heck do i ease the pain of my breasts? Any suggestions??