Sore breast on the pill

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Avatar f tn some times your birth control pills can mimic pregnancy symptoms.. i to have gotten pregnant on birthconttol though so you may want to take a test just to be sure. most likley though it is just the hormones in the pill, they effect everyone diffrent. for example with me i would have preggo symptoms off and on some months and then other months none at all. hope this helps a little.
Avatar f tn My breast have been sore for the past month. I recently just started a new birth control could that be why? I am currently on my period so I don't think it's pregnancy, is it?
Avatar f tn It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn t want to chance it) is there anyway that the pill is still causing this!? The pain started the day after I took the pill! Please! Any suggestions on what is going on! Thanks!
Avatar f tn I am 19 yrs old and for the past week my breast have been very tender with and with out a bra i just found two brown circles on the top of my right breast they are small im not pregnant and im not on my period i have been sexually active but im not on birth control pill why are they so sore
Avatar f tn ) so I have been on the combination pill Femodene ed for about 5 years and have always taken it properly then last week I completely forgot to take the last active pill before the withdrawal bleeding but continued taking the active pills as per usual after the inactive pills finished.
Avatar f tn you are on the pill?? how can you be pregnant??? and you shnouldnt be having unprotected sex.
Avatar f tn Having never took the pill in my life my gp has put me on it after 3 months they still feel heavy and sore all the time.can anybody help......
686484 tn?1258754242 The pill is pretty effective UNLESS you are taking other meds that might make the pill less effective (Antibiotics) so there is a very small chance that you can get pregnant on the pill.....
Avatar f tn I stayed naked all day bcuz every time they got swollen I was n bathroom...But I did breast feed but the pain of swollen breast is the worse felt like they were gonna burst!! Smh! Try the hot cloth n see if it works for U.
Avatar n tn hi, iv been on the pill aswell, i had only been 2 weeks of taking it when i got my funny symptoms whcih seems a bit suspicious. anyways back to u, why did u take a double dose? does it say to do that, i dont remember reading it anywhere? doesnt sound like a great idea because yea it will be a double dose of hormones and extra oestrogen can affect your breasts and cause growth of cells, nipple discharge (milky) etc.
Avatar f tn I'm taking the pill Mircette and I missed 3 pills in the second week I caught up with my pills and I experienced bleeding and spotting for a couple weeks. I missed my period for a month and I am having pregnancy symptoms, excessive urination, breast tenderness, nausea, headaches etc.
Avatar f tn When I was on Ocella I had the WORST breast pain for the full 2 weeks before my period. Due to the pain and the depression I suffered while on Ocella I switched to Reclipsen. I still have slight breast tenderness the week before my period, but it's so slight that it doesn't even bother my that much. Some months, I don't even have the pain at all. Speak to your doctor if the pain doesn't subside during the next few cycles. You may need to switch brands.
Avatar f tn However my symptoms have gotten worse I am constantly nauseous, have painful and itchy breaths and spider veins on my outer thighs and sides of breast on top of the migraines and fatigue and having pulling like cramps . This has never happened before.
Avatar n tn I have been on the pill for years and have never missed a period while on the pill. This month I did miss a pill but took it immediately when I remembered. When it was time for my period I had very very light brown spotting for a half a day. My breast have been sore for two weeks and I was very crampy the whole week I should have had my period. I have had 4 children already and my head is telling me I'm pregnant but I have taken 3 test and all were negative.
Avatar n tn After my periods i feel pain in my legs and sometime little pain the back.. I neither have a sore breast, nor feeling tired or nausea. I haven't taken pregnancy test as i am not feeling any sypmtoms. Could this pain be because of contraceptive pills?
Avatar n tn t take the pill properly last month, took it more than 12 hours late a few times. Is breast tenderness a symptom of pregnancy? I'm worried now.
Avatar n tn i dont know whether i need to visit my doctor as i dont know if its anything serious. im also on the pill but have taken a month break from it and dont know if this is the cause.
Avatar f tn I just stopped taking the pill at my last period, it's been almost 3 weeks since I've taken it. Is it normal to have some spotting and breast tenderness?
Avatar n tn Ever since then my breast hurts really bad. What should I do? How should I treat the sore on my right breast nipple?
1579659 tn?1296370261 hello, today i found a open sore on my left breast, it is next to the nipple and it hurts when i have my bra on, i noticed it today in the shower there is a little black thing in the middle of it, and there are risen spots around it, and it is starting to get red all around it, i m getting really scared, and should i mention that i m only 13, i have not had sex yet (of coarse), and my mother doesn't have any std's and i am big chested, but i m really scared can any one help me in my time
Avatar f tn I am breast feeding my 9 month old son every 3-4 hours and I'm on the mini pill. I started menstruating when my son was 2 months old after starting the mini pill. I missed my period last month and have not had it yet this month. I've taken 4 pregnancy tests that all came back negative but haven't taken one in the last couple of weeks. Could I be pregnant? I was nauseated this morning, have been extremely tired, moody and sensitive to smells. I'm also bloated and cramping.
7172456 tn?1403092946 Is it safe to take the contraceptive pill while breast feeding.. I want to start on it straight After I have bub but I intend on breast feeding.. Is this ok?
Avatar f tn I was on the pill. Missed a few, finished the 28days and didn't come on. Had browny type stuff for not even a day, not enough for a towel. Then had cramps and about a week later pink on the tissue when I went to the loo. Been really bloated every day, had heartburn and indegestion for a week.
Avatar f tn I still got a period while on the mini pill. A lot of women don't have a period. But I assume it's because a lot of women start it while breast feeding, which delays a woman's period after childbirth anyway. I've never been pregnant so I don't know if that's why I still got my period anyway. In any case, you have to take it every day at the same time for it to be effective. And if you miss any, it has a higher fail rate then the regular pill.
Avatar f tn I wouldn't take the hormone pill. I think that it's probably just normal growing pains. Some of us do get the swelling and the tenderness in the breasts even as much as two weeks prior to the period. I think the progesterone cream is the better option. Another natural cream is made from a natural yam that usually is used at the other end of a woman's life when she is going through menopause, but it could likely help. I would start with the natural options first.