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Avatar n tn Anyone else going through anything similar? I can't handle the fatigue, shakes, fever, redness, pain, nightsweats, constipation, irritability, overall feeling of crap!
1842804 tn?1319759911 Hi, I've been on Solumedrol few times so far (3 days IV, 1gram) and thought I knew what to expect. But this one is different (had my last two days ago). FIrst of all - I had no energy booster (I took it for fatigue and vertigo this time). And now the withdrawal worse than ever! I've slept almost all day yesterday and all night (rare with medrol!) and am still feeling awfully: headache is killing me, I'm very dizzy and lightheaded, and I'm soooo tired! Please share your ideas about that.
Avatar f tn I had my first dose of solumedrol this morning. For a while I've had some weird tremors (with muscle contraction primarily, but also visible when I hold my hands out, to type or something). I know some fine tremor is normal, but these were more than usual. Now they're much more pronounced today. Is this a normal side effect? I don't feel particularly jittery or wired, but I know it can affect people differently.
Avatar f tn I guess there is a reason to the steroid madness and for works. My fatigue is gone for now and I can move better Than i have in weeks. Perfect timing because I was getting nervous about making it through Christmas. I can handle the side effects because they far outweigh the symptoms I have been having. Thanks for your support.
Avatar f tn Hi All I will be finishing my 5th day of Solumedrol tomorrow, how long it is likely to keep my symptoms at bay, I have to admit i feel really good on it, with just a few imbalance problems that basically do last long at all now,where as before this treatment i had them all the time, with no break at all, all other symptoms seems to have not quite gone away but i can deal with them as they are so slight, I see the neurologist again on the 6 January and still waiting to see the MS Specialist,
Avatar m tn My question is concerning Solu-Medrol... in June 2014 I was given 5 rounds of solumedrol IV, 1gram total. The side effects were terrible for a couple of weeks. I had 33 all together. This is practically December and I am having headaches, joint and muscle pain, irritability, sadness, fatigue, crying. Is this normal for this to happen now?
Avatar f tn I'm finishing a course of Solumedrol tomorrow for what sounds incredibly similar - started last Saturday. I talked to my Neuro Monday, and started the infusions Tuesday. I already feel better in the balance department, and feeling a wee bit more energetic, too. The muscle fatigue in all 4 extremities hasn't changed, but both my Neuro and I believe that's left-overs from prior attacks. Call your Neuro! The sooner you're treated, the better!
Avatar n tn I just finished a course of 5 days of IV solumedrol for my MS. I am very concerned about the severe depression I am experiencing. Any information?
Avatar f tn We started seeing a Neurologist in Jan 2011, by this time he was having fatigue, weakness, and pain which have continued to progress. In Feb he had a LP which had 2 O bands. He also had some facial numbness and right sided limb numbness. Neuro MD gave IV Solumedrol 1g daily for three days then tapered off with prednisone. That made a huge improvement, tremors went away. Since the muscle weakness, fatigue, and pain have continued to worsen.
462771 tn?1358359443 Anyway, I took some Tylenol pm last night before bed,and I don't remember waking up during the night at all, but I'm just so tired. I feel exhausted. My last infusion of Solumedrol was done on Wednesday the 26th and I'm still feeling side effects. I was told that it could be up to a week after the last infusion that I would notice side effects, so I'm not too worried about it. The Solumedrol has apparently worked at least a little on my symptoms so far.
Avatar f tn my first time on Solumedrol and slept all day and all night. Once home, did the same thing for 2 weeks. Occasional nausea abut 3-4 times a week, using dissolvable Zofran which works almost instantly and is great. At April appt, doc said I was right where he expected, (labs I guess) and am due to see him again in September, he said I would feel much better by then. Next Lemtrada will be in February 2017 for 3 days and NO Solumedrol, am going back to Decadron.
1318483 tn?1318350782 1000 mg IV SoluMedrol conclusion: no TIA, follow-up with neurologist or PCP for continued SoluMedrol treatment June 15, 2010 • May 2010 symptoms still present • eyes fluttered uncontrollably and left pupil went in towards nose - lasted 10 minutes • disoriented, brain was slow to respond, dizziness • blurred vision, pain and pressure in eyes • increase in pain, right side more weak conclusion: called Guerra, on vacation.
Avatar f tn I am currently being treated with 1 gm Solumedrol once/month. I had a three day course last spring and felt AWFUL afterwards. I did eventually feel a bit better overall, so maybe it was worth it. Even the one day dose makes me feel pretty lousy. My sx actually seem to get worse for a few days afterward! I'm not dx, but symptomatically fit the diagnostic criteria (we'll see what the 3T MRI has to say...
Avatar f tn I am not quite clear on the exact purpose of Solumedrol treatments. I read the health pages and I still don't get it. I have a definite worsening of symptoms that has occured over the last couple of months. Basically my legs have gotten weaker and more spastic and my vision issues (no positive ON) are coming and going more frequently. Oh and the could I leave that out?
400099 tn?1282958464 I've been battling a major exacerbation. Had 3 days soluMedrol IV and while my legs could once again hold me, still alot of other stuff I'm dealing with such as increased pain, crushing fatigue, brain fogs. Saw neuro today and he is putting me on ritalin 5 mg twice a day for the fatigue. I'm a little nervous about that but I read the archives and sounds like it might help. I had been on copaxone for a year and a half and had to stop for huge welts.
462771 tn?1358359443 Neither is the other pain that I feel throughout the day that comes and goes, nor is the fatigue that keeps me from doing what I need to do on a regular basis. It's frustrating to hear him say I'm normal when I am apparently not - "normal" is not having to deal with pain and fatigue every other hour/day. He said that there's no apparent reason to do another set of MRIs and I can't say that I disagree with him, but what do I know?
559187 tn?1330786456 I have only had one experience with the solumedrol and it was like a miracle! I had sudden double vision and trouble walking. I saw the neuro the next day (Friday) and he got me on solumedrol the following Monday. I was on for 5 days in a row. By the end of the third day the double vision was gone and by the end of the fourth day I could read again! I still, two months later, have a little residual nystagmus in my right eye and I need the cane when out and about, but not around the house.
6222380 tn?1380059345 I am going to start a 5day run of 1gm daily Solumedrol. It has been a few years since I have agreed to this and if I was able to make it through more than 2 days a week of work I probably would think twice after reading other post. My last experience was of extreme moodiness and fatigue. I don't remember the metallic taste but will watch for that. Also have to have a repeat LP in the am so please keep me in your thoughts. I am a little nervous. Do any of you have issues with bladder control.
Avatar f tn Took me off betasaron, told me I was a no go on tysabri because my ms was too active and put me on monthly solumedrol and Copaxone. My dr. Has not told me what type of ms I have. I have not had one day that I have felt well. I always have some level of fatigue, numbness, tingling, Myclonus, stiffness, pain. Some days are worse than others. My pain is worse in my right hand and right leg. The weakness and fatigue makes it really difficult somedays.
Avatar f tn they ceased within a week or two of Solumedrol IV x 5 days. The whopping fatigue passed initially, and what was left behind was fatigue of a lesser degree that is almost a daily thing. Also, I have still not recovered normal vision; this may or may never ever happen fully. I continue to see two horizontal images with both eyes open, though my measurements have improved as per regular eye exams. I can't really tell much of a difference though.
Avatar m tn It's quite possible that these sx will stick around for a good while yet, MS fatigue seems to have a beat of its own, tingles may stick around for good and the head pain such as migraine or TN come and go when ever it wants too, though its anyones guess what your MS is doing, its alway unique to the MSer. You've had a relapse which could take weeks to months to get through, be kind to your self and take it easier for a while longer.
Avatar n tn I use to live in Evansville, IN and would go to IU to see MS doc there... Have you tried IV solumedrol treatment? I take provigil as needed for fatigue... I know this isn't really helpful, I just wanted to say welcome! You are not alone!!
195469 tn?1388326488 The fatigue being the worst. The kind of fatigue that puts you in the bed, but sleep does not relieve the fatigue. As soon as you get up, you feel like you could go right back to bed again. (This is not about depression. I know when depression is playing a role in my disease course; this is not caused by the blues. Just wanted to clarify that.) Have any of you noticed that this happens to you, also? Or is it just me? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
Avatar n tn My pain usually goes away within 2 days to 2 weeks. I have a new neurologist who is suggesting a course of Solumedrol steriods starting tomorrow. From what he says, this a fairly benign way to treat the symtpoms and there is some evidence that it repairs the damage that is being done to the blood-brain barrier. Very few side effects, etc. So, I would encourage you to talk to your doctor.
Avatar m tn I just had my first round of solumedrol (ever)....not feeling good, hot, sugar way up, headache. But up until recently I had been swimming, light weight lifting, and walking dog. Before solumedrol, balance suddenly awful, eye pain, constant dizziness, absolutely crushing fatigue, muscle twitches that wouldn't quit. My neuro told me in an exacerbation you can have same symptoms as "normal" but only worse. New one was head feeling like cotton and the constant dizziness.
1196859 tn?1266138538 I believe that I've lived with this for about 16 years because I'd had numerous times through my life where excessive fatigue has lasted for days or weeks but since this pain filled unsteady legs super duper flare up where the doctors are finally taking me seriously it's lasted since about August and is still going strong, in fact it's getting progressively worse. So about 6+ months. That seems like a long time to me. Is that normal to use an odd word? Normal for MS?
721523 tn?1331585402 It started Thursday with bad fatigue. Then after a nap, my face began it's thing. Every afternoon, I get tired. My face is getting worse. I was going to call my dr on Friday, but I really was not that bad. The only thing other than my face and tiredness is a little cognitive disfunction. If you red sunny todays thing about not finding the right words, that is me on a relapse! Should I call my dr on Monday? I do not want iv solumedrol.
Avatar m tn In february she experienced double vision, and different mild balance problems, when she was in higher tempereture, (only minutes) and her fatigue was stronger and stronger day by day. More than two weeks ago she experienced double vision, when she look right, and some days after she had a mild swallowing problems (the swallow of the food was difficult occasionly, and hiccup after meal). She worked abroad, but she experience to have flare, so came back, and met her neuro.
5485096 tn?1375577835 Ok would love some advice about this. I have fatigue problems, I have spasticity in legs and lower back, possibly bladder Amantadine helps with fatigue an the doc rx this for me this week. It is up to me if I want to start this. I am up for trying this but not for a couple weeks when my current flare calms down. So questions: I see that it helps with Parkinson's and muscle spasms/ twitching could this also help my spasticity? Will combating my fatigue help my spasticity?