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Avatar m tn Well...i have been applying Soframycin ( Framecytin skin cream ) for the red spot for the time being. Will that do ? I also have Candiderma and Betnovate C with would any of them help ?
Avatar n tn there is a lot of redness and various small red spots are also there. I am using soframycin skin cream. it will be cured in two days. once again I get after 10 days. Can someone suggest any ointment or any suggestions.
Avatar f tn You should first use some antiseptic liquid such as Dettol or Savlon to wash that vaginal area and then apply some Soframycin or Betadine type cream. I hope it will be better in 3-4 days. Then Enjoy Sex.
Avatar m tn Hi, for 2 weeks, i am having infection at the interior skin of penis which caused pus formation suddenly. It all started off with itching and later became like this. I went to a urologist who said infection is severe and so gave an antibiotic with soframycin ointment for local application. Also he suggested to perform sugar test and results were normal. One week, there was improvement and it started healing.
Avatar m tn (Links to images at the end) I'm 16 and uncircumcised, virgin, no sexual activities. One day (4-5 days ago) I masturbated like 5-6 times. Then felt some pain on glans. Pulled the foreskin back and I saw this where it was hurting. Light pain, not severe. It's been 4-5 days since I noticed. First day it was red... Thought it's a blister due to masturbating too much.
Avatar n tn The affected part of scrotum is usually red and there is dead skin on that part, even if I peel that dead skin off it comes back after two or three days. Nowadays the dead skin doesn't appear as it used to, it has almost disappeared, the scrotum doesn't itch but there are still light red mosquito bite like spots on my scrotum which appear and disappear as they please. There is no pus.
Avatar m tn Possibilities that may need to be considered include infections/ inflammations, abscess formation, growth from the skin or underlying tissue etc. I would suggest a review with your dermatologist to consider the mentioned possibilities and for appropriate management. Meanwhile you could try applying an antibiotic ointment such as soframycin on the lesions and see if these seem top help. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn I only use butt cram when necessary when rashy. But the only cream I can use with my son who is now three and potty trained and sill gets an occasional rash due to extremely sensitive skin is the aveeno baby fragrance free soothing relief diaper rash cream. Same for baby wash only brand that Durant make him red, rashy, bumpy, skin peel etc you get the point lol I've even tried expensive organic stuff only the aveeno in our world lol can't use desitin bc it's not fragrance free.
Avatar n tn I have to stop using it somehow, is there anything which I can apply that can keep my skin ok even without using the cream? Actually my skin becomes very dry when I dont use it and hence that redness appears. I tried using other creams such as vaseline n all but it didnt help, none could sustitute excel g. I need something to help my skin get rid of excel g. It has become so sensitive now, both to extreme heat and cold.
4838572 tn?1367706719 What is a good brand of nipple cream to use?
Avatar n tn It does contain some chemicals that r fine for us but babies absorb EVERYTHING and there skin is very sensitive. Any creams u use during pregnancy/breast-feeding the baby can absorb so try to use the most natural products for now. After u can use anything u like!
Avatar f tn hydrocortisone cream contains steroid which should be avoided specially for kids use because side effects includes discoloration of skin. you could check this link for more details:
Avatar n tn On recommmendation from my Dermatologist I started using Hydrozole cream for particulary bad outbreaks, which helped my skin dramatically. I have been using Hydrozole cream 'on and off' now for around 5 months; I have noticed however that my skin condition deteriorates a few days after I stop using the Hydrozole cream and now the Nizoral cream seems to have no effect. Is using Hydrozole cream on my face on a regular basis going to do any permanent damage?
Avatar n tn My vaginal skin is healthier and this has also helped my prolapses from progressing like they were. Before using the cream my vaginal skin was lax and dry but now things are a lot better.
Avatar f tn How bad is it to use hair removal cream?? I really need it lol and I can't shave cuz it breaks me out and I can't afford a wax. Have any one used it before?
Avatar n tn Anyone else have very dry skin i cant stand how dry my hands are.
Avatar f tn Hi. Lots of companies make products which are indicated for sensitized acneic skin. Some of the best are: La Roche-Posay, Eucerin, Avene and Lutsine Hydrafnia. I use Estee Lauder's Sparkling Clean cleanser and toner and their Clear Difference oil-control hydrator morning and night. It depends what you want the lightening cream for.