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Avatar n tn could it have been from too much anxiety/stress? I've noticed that my anxiety occurs more in social situations than anything else. Although I don't have extreme social anxiety that hapmers my everyday life it is still somewhat bothersome at times. What bothers me the most is when I have to talk or present in class because my anxiety causes me to have embarassing physical symptoms including shaking, blushing, fast hearbeat, and shortness of breath.
Avatar m tn Hi I have had panic attacks/anxiety for about 6 months now and in the past month they have gotten extremely worse. When i read your thing it felt like i was reading something i wrote.. i too am 20 yrs old and i weigh about 105. I lost weight due to the anxiety. I have been in and out of the doctor now for a month and like you , everything is normal. My symptoms feel like something is seriously wrong though and i also thought i had cancer, diabetes and everything else in the world!
915369 tn?1355318410 It does sound like it may be social anxiety. I'm not sure though. I started out with a diagnosis of social phobia but I haven't seen it mentioned for a long time. People just tend to use anxiety disorder (or GAD or NOS). Anxiety can form a large part of bpd too. That's a hard one. Suicide is part of the bpd diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Hi there: I'm so sorry you are suffering and the anxiety must be making you crazy. I'm not a doctor and I know next to nothing about this stuff but I've learned a thing or two. Doing your own research can only help. Check out the "First Principles of Gastroenterology", I would take special note of the biliary system, Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction and pancreatitis.
Avatar f tn I have a 12yr boy who has deletion 10Q11.22-Q11.23 please help I need info as I have see a few doctor who are unable to help me because it is so rare and no info in regards to it.
1601734 tn?1297798362 This upcoming week marks the 10th anniversary of me being removed from my home by social services. I was 14 when I removed, I was 9 when the physical abuse started. I was 6 when I truly lost my self esteem. I was 5 when it was encouraged by my GP to be removed from my mother's custody. I was 3 when the sexual abuse started. Somewhere in all this I developed an Eating Disorder, Anorexia.
2092395 tn?1333077473 The stress lately for about two months has turned into anxiety, and since that I have been picking skin off my hands. My chest hurts all the time and my heart would race. My chest also feels heavy every single day and sometimes it would hurt to speak. I do have asthma, which I have been diagnosed with when I was ten. The recent attacks I have had were set off mainly by fear.
Avatar f tn In years gone by you could go to a Parish priest, but mine doesn't speak english, and is mostly interested in his own navel. There are a few yahoo groups around that include people who are caregivers. Nobody is going to understand why you are spending so much of your time with them, so don't expect a new boyfriend/girlfriend to be a shoulder to lean on.
366811 tn?1217426272 And there are also free blog and forum sites where the users -not the management- set the rules. But what the heck -there are nearly 500 panic related groups on Yahoo right now, some with over 1000 members. Check 'em out. But those are populated by people who are strangers to us; maybe what we need is a MH anxiety "club room," where we already know who is who. It's a thought. To summarize: you are no worse off NOW then you were BEFORE, knowing what you now know.
Avatar f tn I hate the idea of dbt but some of the skills are actually quite useful. There is an online dbt class if you wanted to try that. It can be found under the yahoo health groups. I think it's just called dbt class. Could be a way of practicing skills in an effort to move forward. Isn't ideal but can help fill the gap and sense of isolation. I got good support from a phone counsellor before it went nation wide and I lost contact with that specific person.
366811 tn?1217426272 We have the sense that our own association with a particular community or groups of communities, be it Anxiety, Diabetes, of MS or whatever, somehow defines and isolates us from others who have different associations. What the devil is someone from "Relationships" doing here in "Cardiac?" In fact, the distinction is just that -entirely mental. Anyone from anywhere (even a nonmember of any forum, a complete outsider) can look at anything, anywhere, anytime.
684030 tn?1415615923 Look no further, friends, Medhelp social is a badge free zone.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure which one to join i have found a few i also had problems setting up a yahoo account so i need to try again. What one did you join? I'm not good at computers either but i'll try and work it out.
Avatar f tn I got home today it was the most stressful week of my life i thought i would never survive. I felt so ill all week, the anxiety and panic was unreal i never slept for three nights. Then i was so emotional and i was upset everytime someone spoke to me. I saw my therapist four times this week, but i ended up travelling into his office as where i was staying where was very noisy. They then had to arrange lifts for me in and out. I went for walks which is new to me.
Avatar m tn There are other communities here that you may also find helpful plus in some instances some of the yahoo health groups can also be a great source of support. I also hope you are receiving psychotherapy to help you to address some of your own issues and traumas. I wish you all the best.
Avatar n tn if you've worked I think within the last 7 years?, and paid into Social Security....then you'll probably get Social Security, if you didn't pay into SS enough, then you might get partly SSDI, (all those acronyms get me confused, ha ha!) they look at all those issues once you win your case...
Avatar n tn Hi there: I'm so sorry to hear that you are still suffering. I am, too. There are so many things it could be including pancreatitis, sphincter of oddi dysfunction and post-cholecystectomy syndrome. I wanted to let you know about a free Yahoo! group that I belong to. Do a web search for yahoo! groups.
Avatar n tn But, I ache all over, really badly, fatigued, and a few nights ago I decided to take 2 benadryl for sleep (with my klonopin) is used to work like a charm...but I had so much anxiety through the benadryl and it felt sooo weird, I thought I was going crazy that night.... Wnyay, I dont know what's going on and why I'm still feeling this bad. I fear relapsing because my body just doesn't seem to be coming back....I feel like I'm going through a re-withdrawal or something...and I'm losing hope...
Avatar f tn and leta, you do need a support group. there are several on line at yahoo groups and i have found that just hearing that other children do these same things, despite parenting, has gone a long way toward keeping me sane. check it out.
Avatar f tn My daughter doesn't mind taking them around she gets to spend some time there as well. I am quite a social person, my social worker was telling me that today as well she is trying to build my confidence and self esteem, she will have a hard time, i don't think very much of myself.
244195 tn?1239496061 I have had social anxiety my whole but didn't know about until a few years ago... now I having crazy panic/anxiety attacks, insomnia, nightmares... 1. Pressure in my head, like my brain is swollen 2. Feels like my ears are plugged, and sometimes painful 3. Short tempered, snapping for no reason 4. Skin crawling, numbness 5. Tremors, entire body 6. Muscle twitches 7. Always thinking im going to die 8. Scared to sleep, thinking i wont wake up 9. Blurred vision 10. Concentration, focusing 11.
Avatar n tn I have had a horrific experience with seizures and am thankful that the docs have found something that works(after trying multiple others). Lamictal is awesome. Thank you also for the yahoo groups for support. I will get on one to see if I can help others that are going through the same things. God bless!
Avatar n tn His articles made me realize that there has to be more out there. And when you feel hopeless, go to Yahoo Health Groups and join the lifecoach group.(it's free,like this one) There is page after page of inspirational stories and quotes that we all at times need. Good luck love4mom, there is hope.
Avatar f tn My current concerns are about eroded teeth near the gum line due to brushing too hard, too often, etc and binge eating (often sugary stuff, etc) to compensate for the anxiety (relating to my teeth, etc). Is that eroded part likely to get worse? Are there things I can do to better protect my teeth? My fear is that one day I will need dentures. I would absolutely hate for this to happen. The worst part would be losing my teeth. My goal is to better manage my anxiety and therefore diet.
Avatar f tn An endo would be best - but others found great help from their PCP's and MD/GP's Even OBGYN I think you need to find a doctor that knows the issues at hand and knows how to solve them. No you are not dangerously high - but you feel ill and should be by your TSH. Get on yahoo . There is a search for Thyroid Doctors - Top Directory Help. It lists all doctors and has patient reviews on the doctors in your area that specialize in thyroid disease.
Avatar n tn I am 34 and am also considering an ablation for afib very soon. I have been conversing with several folks on the Yahoo Groups , A-Fib site that have helped me come to grips with this pain in the *** condition. One guy that I have been talking to is 28 and has given me alot of advice. He lives in Orlando, I live in Dallas, how about you? I wish I could find a whole network of 20 and 30-something folks battling this. Feel free to email me your # (***@****) and we can chat about this some time.
195469 tn?1388326488 If it is a good day well yahoo!! Being able to come here has my life line through all of this. I have shared more emotion here than I think I have done in my whole life. Thanks to you wonderful people, I find that what I feel is not unusual and that it is okay to be down, hurt, angry, scared and frustrated. Where I thought I was going crazy, I find from you all that I am alright. I am looking at this now as more of a learning experience.