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Avatar n tn I think I might have some social anxiety, but it's more so around women than anything else. It's nothing with extreme or even slight physiological symptoms. I don't have any increased heart rate, sweating, shortness of breath, etc. It's like I look nervous, but I don't feel nervous. Mentally I feel calm, but I'm not sure what it is exactly, but if I'm around a girl she will usually say I look nervous. So I'm wondering what medication might be best for this.
Avatar n tn There are two types of social anxiety. One is specific; the other is generalized. In specific SA, one may vomit thinking about speaking publicly for instance (please refer to <a href=></a>).
Avatar n tn How can I find a psychiatrist and/or counselor who knows both ADD in adult women, and Social Anxiety Disorder well enough to help a person who suffers from both to get through the Social Security Disability process? This will be in two parts because I exceeded the maximum length.
Avatar f tn When I hit teenage years I was very depressed, but slowly i've noticed it became more anxiety. I have met someone in which I see a lot of good with, but I also have the things that I find to bother me. I am so protective, and cannot deal with certain people. My boyfriend has a lot of friends and I am not one to hangout with a lot of people, I am an infp type.
2010625 tn?1329375656 I definitely have a lot of social awkwardness that is linked to social anxiety. It also ***** feeling like I could slip into hypomania at ~any point~ and not be able to cope with the situation. That's not actually how it works for me but fears don't need to be rational.
Avatar n tn While the TV ads will tell you that if you aren't smiling and hugging those around you, that there is something wrong and you need medication...don't be fooled. Some people aren't very social animals. This may be amplified lately because you are leaving to go to school and may be subconsciously "cutting off" those around you to make it easier for you to leave. Once College starts you'll have no choice but to be social. It's difficult to hide away on a college campus.
1225331 tn?1333369369 I was talking with another community member, and we were kind of discussing social security disability. We were wondering, once someone has a Dx of MS, is it fairly easy to qualify for disability benefits? Or what kind of requirements are there? Just wondering....
299260 tn?1304219705 well, I need to just rule out this thing.' I don't really know much about irregular cycles, but I thought that women who didn't ovulate had *short* cycles. I'm not sure. I have a friend with PCOS I guess, and she hasn't had a period in 6 months.
Avatar m tn It remains at rock bottom or not even measurable BELOW range. I have done some research of the top 10 symptoms of low T in women and she has about 7 or 8 of the ten symptoms. THat being said, many of these symptoms are also parallel low Thyroid which we know she has and is being treated for. However have any other women out there been diagnosed ith Low T? If so have you been treated? what worked? How did you find a Dr to treat you? And how do you feel now?
1742220 tn?1331360327 (I would do it in pm T but im lazy and im here so sorry) when I was 30 not to perjure again my faith but I saw this Orthdox Jewish doctor who was super bright super super K but he was a total chauvinist and thought women needed to be Kept Down I mean as in ... ok ill stop um he diagnosed me Bipo 2 in the days when that diagnosis was made like hmmm you have a vitamin D deficiency or Eat more grains I do not believe I am Bipo 2..
Avatar f tn I have been wanting to post this for sometime. Those of you who know me, know I suffer with bad anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia. Amongst other things :( How does one get over this to get to a NA meeting. I mean I have a very difficult time leaving my home, at times I am just fine but many others I am not. And mostly when it is a "scheduled" event. I am treated with medication but I always have that lingering fear.
478429 tn?1265247987 Still called CALLING ALL WOMEN OF STRENGTH!!!!
299260 tn?1304219705 ) I know it put your anxiety at ease! Now just enjoy being pregnant!!! I have to check our old thread, because I think I missed out on some stuff... Be right back!
Avatar n tn This is basically a rash that occurs with sun exposure and has been associated with anxiety and commonly occurs in younger women. Other types of chronic hives for which a cause is not identified also are associated with higher levels of anxiety and depression. However it has not yet been established whether or not the anxiety and depression are the cause of the rash/hives, the result of them, or that both are caused by yet a third unidentified factor.
Avatar f tn I am a 55 yr. old women experiencing menopausal symptoms. I have struggled with depression for many years but now it is worse. I take med. for it but my mood is still very low. My husband lost his job last year and I am taking courses. We have no income at this time but are managing for the moment. There is nothing to look forward to, we never go out, or do anything. I am living in a prison and I don't know how to get out of this.
539024 tn?1270582597 lol I am agoraphobic and claustrophobic, have social anxiety, GAD and panic and yet I managed really well. Sometimes we need a push to do the things we really want or need to do. I went to Florida because my sister has lung cancer. I would normally never go to Florida at this time of the year (or ever) if it weren't for my sister. It is hurricane season and mating season for aligators...a huge fear of mine was meeting up with a gator which is not uncommon when one lives on a golf course.
Avatar m tn I still have insomnia issues for some reason, but I don't trip out at night, I'm merely awake. It's like my anxiety never happened for the most part and I'm able to move past all the moments anxiety would've crippled me and into the life I've desired all along but been too scared to manifest. What we desire the most, we fear the most could be an anxiety persons tag line.
Avatar n tn Our docs (here in Canada) are very overworked, and it seems alot of the time, they brush things off to stress/anxiety, which I'm sure may be partially or COMPLETELY responsible for many cases... However, that doesn't help me feel better, right? I want to know how to feel better. I can have NO anxiety or stress going on in my life, yet, the 2nd week of my cycle (leading to ovulation), I get wicked PVC's if I'm at all tired, if I drink, if I lay on my left side, or sometimes after I eat.
Avatar n tn My concerned friend, if I may be so bold, yes, I'm new but no, I have never had a big alcohol problem. I have always been a social drinker, have NEVER had drinks alone or used booze to cure a hangover. Speaking of which, it's that morning after that keeps me from becoming a heavy drinker. I suppose it's ironic that I'm now requesting treatment for my hepatitis which I understand is not unlike a forty-eight week hangover.
363243 tn?1331037450 Also, I don't want to seem superficial or extremely vain because I do have other health concerns that are potentially much more damaging than the aesthetic ramifications of hirsutism but I just want to know if other African-American women are experiencing this because our skin is slightly different. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I guess they are afraid that I'm going to commit suicide. Any comments on the Social Security? My initial request and the reconsideration were denied.
Avatar m tn Consumption of fermented foods that contain probiotic organisms may have a protective effect against symptoms of social anxiety, according to a study of young adults. The study compared foods reported to have been consumed to scores on personality tests. Those who most frequently consumed the most fermented foods tended to also have lower levels of social anxiety. This relationship was strongest in those who had higher levels of neuroticism.
Avatar m tn Basically i have quite bad social anxiety, it's not as bad as it has been but it still prevents me from doing some things. But my main gripe with it is that i cannot have a brief chat with someone, without then running through everything i said over and over afterwards, It's like i just want to convince myself that i didn't come across as really nervous, or say anything stupid. Does anyone else do this? I find i do it literally every time i speak to someone who isn't a family member.
Avatar f tn I sleep like 7 hours a night and still feel awful. I've had blood work and everything seems fine. Maybe I have social anxiety because people make me feel- I don't want to say nervous- but more like exhausted or unsure of what to say. Maybe I have cyclothymic (or however you spell it) depression because some days I feel human then others I feel like someone else.
1335749 tn?1277373021 Tens of thousands of anxiety sufferers have sought her expertise to help them reclaim their lives from anxiety, stress, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, anxiety attacks and social anxiety. She is the creator of the Conquer Anxiety Success Program, author of more than seventy-five articles, and publishes the Anxiety-Free Living printed Newsletter for anxiety sufferers.
Avatar f tn I have read some posts on the internet that Mirena shouldn't be placed in women w/ anxiety and excesive nervousness. I will start w/ the simple thing by removing it, than will see what is gonna heppend...