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Avatar n tn I believe I have social anxiety and am currently seeing a therapist. However, managing my symptoms has become a daily challenge. How do I prevent panic attacks when I'm around others? I still get really anxious around strangers which prevents me from making genuine relationships?
Avatar f tn So I've just recently become open with my social anxiety. I remember being in middle school and thinking that something was horribly wrong with me. I would get so nervouse around people. My body would tremble, my voice would shake and I couldn't think clearly. I've become more comfortable with being uncomfortable, and yes I do notice that there are plenty of people that are shy, but I really hate the fact that my real personality can't show when I'm around people.
494087 tn?1257793207 I was diagnosed with social anxiety and panic disorder a year ago. I take remeron and klonopin but the doctor says only to take them at night. I think I need some medication to get through the day but I am afraid to tell him I am having trouble getting through the day. I always have a butterfly feeling in my stomach and when I have to go in public I get very nervous and feel like everyone is looking at me. I guess my question is does anyone else feel this way and what should I do?
Avatar f tn Hi i'm 17 i'm really sick of my life i look like someone cool and happy but behind the doors i'm just 'nothing' i hate my life i lost my father three months ago he was suffering from cancer 2 years ago and i still can't get over it, this past years of my life made me change the way i look at life i have social anxiety i'm too lonely i have no friends i never had a boyfriend and i hate myself so much and basically nobody cares about me my life is a cycle of horrible da
Avatar n tn This type of therapy has been proven in the research to be effective. With social phobia, guided exposure to anxiety provoking situations in combination with cognitive restructuring has been proven to help significantly with social phobia. Medications also are usually useful but true change will not happen with medications alone. But, yes. A consultation first to assess the severity and therapy that would be of the best fit for the adolescent.
Avatar m tn I know, when you feel the anxiety, it leads to more anxiety because you are anxious they will notice your anxiety... Higher heart rate, blood pressure, chest pains, wish to immediately leave the place... And to me, it seems better to leave home at night or when it is colder or rainy, because there are less people out there, on the street... You are not alone!
722310 tn?1234762137 I have a question about social anxiety accompanied with phobia. I am a mother of 5 and I have had social anxiety since I was young. I am now 45. I bagan to drink and use drugs at an early age, to help bring comfort when I was around people. I had it pretty well managed, by making myself get out. I have had counseling in the past, but I never discussed this with the counsler, because I really didn't think it was a major problem for me. My 2nd son is turning 16 next month.
Avatar m tn have a time limit. I know that if she had my social anxiety or whatever my problem is, I would leave with her once she reached her limit. But my wife won't do it. And it ticks me off. Then I get angrier inside, and I withdraw even more. Many times, I take 2 or 3 trips to the bathroom just to get 5 minutes to myself for some peace and quiet. By the end of the night, I'm exhausted, mentally and physically. She doesn't understand how emotionally draining it is to socialize.
5148952 tn?1364321766 You are correct that the Abilfy will not help with your social anxiety. And while I do not mean to imply that your social worker has not helped you, very few, if any, social workers are trained psychologists who can help you with this problem. It may be worth considering professional therapy to beat this phobia once and for all.
1322152 tn?1282507546 so this might be a long one, im 16 and a junior in high school, and me and my mom think i might have a social anxiety disorder, its really hard to explain but ill try, every single year at the beginning of the school year since 7th grade, i sill freak out,my biggest fear is throwing up at school/in public!
Avatar f tn I have suffered from what I seem to think is social anxiety/phobia. When I am in the public eye I feel like everyone is looking at me and talking about me. Sometimes I get so bad I have to leave the public situation immediately. Sometimes I won't leave my home for days and here lately weeks. (Recently lost my job) If I do need to go to the store I will take my brother with me so he can go in and get what I need.
Avatar f tn My 5 yr old is starting play therapy today for anxiety in school and social issues. This is my first experience with p.t. I meet with the LCSW for one session. She will be meeting with my son once a week and with the parents once a month. I think we should met more> Does anyone have any experience with play therapy?
Avatar f tn So I have endured Social Anxiety all my life. Along with Depression, these two make a great pair! My question is this. How does one go about getting a job, going back to school, buying a car, etc, when you don't have money, because you can't get a job because you can't be around people (social anxiety)? This *****. It's really a nasty circle.
Avatar f tn I think that the right kind of person to talk to you (i.e, social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist), is a personal opinion. It is who you feel comfortable with and helps you along in understanding our particular conditions. For example, I was hesitent to use a 'non PhD' this time, but the person I am using has worked with anxiety ridden patients in hospitals, is working on her PhD, and teaches at a local college with issues that relate to me.
10912630 tn?1413770190 You have social anxiety....I have the same thing I hate going out and being around people I don't know or crowds of people, don't feel like I have anything in common with people....go see a psychiatrist..I am on Effexor XR and Topomax seems to help a bit. At least I can deal a little better now. Good luck I hope you find peace.
Avatar f tn I have a presentation coming up next week, so I decided to go and seek medical help today. I went to my doctor and he diagnosed me with social anxiety. He said that the best treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy, but he prescribed me some medication to get me through this semester. He prescribed 10 mg propranolol (inderal) 3 times a day and an extra 10 mg inderal 1 hour before the presentation + 0.25 mg Xanax 1 hour before the presentation.
Avatar f tn I am 31 years old and I complain that I don't have many friends yet I avoid social situations almost always. It's a toss up for me to decide which is worse, having no one to hang out with or to put myself into a social situation where I may meet new people.I take Paxil to get me thru regular day to day activities. I was in prison for most of my 20"s and getting out made my social phobia worse because I only knew how to socialize with inmates and correctional staff.
595559 tn?1241140638 I have EXTREME social anxiety.......just going to the grocery store makes me go crazy in my head and get super nervous! I am perscribed to Seroguil and Clozopan. I have been self-medicating now for a long time. (with pain pills and xanax bars) I am in the process of withdrawling form them once and for all. I want to learn how to deal with people and everyday life situations without getting really high anxiety that can lead to panic attacks! My Dad has always had this problem...
Avatar n tn re waiting for his insurance to clear so he can go to a therapist. What type of therapy should he go to? Do you think this is social anxiety or something deeper?
605458 tn?1539228808 My abnormal anxiety issues are limited to social anxiety, a vague, but intense fear of social situations, new people, and new places. It used to be quite pervasive growing up, but now I can do a lot of things without anxiety, like go to a restaurant with family. It is the new and unfamiliar I still struggle with. I was all safe in my reclusion until recently I have had the desire to expand my life- I want friends and to get out in the world. An opportunity presented itself.
1810386 tn?1405549577 Hi I have recently been Social Anxiety and also been in Therapy to assist with dealing with it, however I'm wondering if medication could also help with the physical effects of anxiety. If anyone has experience with this combination and what medications they use any advise would be great, as I would be useful.
Avatar m tn One thing to keep in mind that dividing anxiety into categories, such as social anxiety, is useful for insurance companies and drug companies and for a therapist figuring out how to help you, but isn't useful for you -- anxiety is anxiety. For all of us who suffer anxiety, whether it's called social or called something else, the root problem is that for whatever reason we begin to focus on anxious and catastrophic thinking and learning how not to do this is what helps.
Avatar m tn ve done better except I have developed like a social anxiety. For example in class everyone has to introduce their name an a random fact about them and by the time its up to me I can get the answer out and everything but my heart is just pounding and am very nervous/edgy. I don't know what to do. I can interact with all my friends and familiar people very easily and am super outgoing. I just want to get over this hump.
624699 tn?1221854756 i havent been diagnosed but i have EVERYTHING that social anxiety is. ive had it for like a year or two and i had symptoms of social anxiety for acouple of years but i was shy or actualy i had social anxiety but it wasn't as bad as it is right now. i dunno, okay well lets get to the point. is there a way to get over social anxiety.. even just a little bit. to the point where you can go do what you need to do but still feel alittle scared?
Avatar f tn I've been diagnosed - by a psychiatrist - with Social Anxiety Disorder. I've been taking Lexapro for almost 2 months - started on 10 mg and the dosage was up to 20 mg two weeks ago. Also, for the last 3 months I've been speaking every week or two with a licensed professional counselor. My main problem is associating with people that are close to my age range, I'm 26.