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Avatar m tn I know, when you feel the anxiety, it leads to more anxiety because you are anxious they will notice your anxiety... Higher heart rate, blood pressure, chest pains, wish to immediately leave the place... And to me, it seems better to leave home at night or when it is colder or rainy, because there are less people out there, on the street... You are not alone!
1037594 tn?1258562179 Have any of you had issues with Social anxiety in particular bipolar people? Also do any of you have to force yourself to get up and get out rather than behaving like a recluse? I have had problems with the above mentioned issues from time to time and was just wondering if this is common?
728480 tn?1312059930 A lot of people experience social anxiety. If its extreme it can be part of anxiety disorder. Paranoia is part of schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders.
Avatar m tn Hi there, so for the past 10 years I've had an issue with anxiety. The symptoms come and go but at large I suffer in social situations where I feel outside of my comfort zone. Typical symptoms would be loss of confidence, heart palpitations(to the point where i can barely string a sentence together until they subside) fear of upcoming social events, introducing new girlfriends to people.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure. Not force them into social situations. Educate yourself around the diagnosis and how best to support the individual (whilst facilitating their recovery). Seek out a support group for yourself if necessary. I'm not sure about treatment (and I feel I should know because I was diagnosed with moderate social phobia several years ago). De-sensitization is one treatment that comes to mind. This exposes an individual to increasing levels of stress.
Avatar m tn Let me ask have u ever had a diagnosis of social anxiety or any other anxiety issues?If not then I wouldnt be concerned about it.You just need to give it time for that to get better.Like u said using was a social lubricant for u.U have to really get used to doing everything sober first.Congrats on ur clean time.It will get easier I promise.I was similar when I quit using.I had always been outgoing my whole life,After quiting I was anxiety ridden BIG time.
983679 tn?1276833336 Hey i noticed the forum has been kinda quite lately, not alot of updates and so on. I really depend on hearing everyoneone incoruging stories of success and even stories of picking yourself up after a relaspe. Today is day 7 for me and I am feeling pretty good. I feel better this time(mentally) then i did the last time.
Avatar n tn He then told me that I have panic disorder, general anxiety disorder and social anxiety, he gave me luxtanil to help me sleep and seroxat CR 25 mg (paxil). After reading horror stories of paxil, I decided not to take it so he gave me cipralex (Lexapro) 10 mg and said its safe and helpful and its side effects and withdrawal are much less than paxil. I am still afraid to start the medication to tell you the truth.
Avatar m tn yes i used to get this all the time just like you i thought i was dying from a brain tumour,and our stories are so similar because i too have just lost a friend to 3 tumours on her brain,but believe me everything you are suffering are pressure headaches tension and stress,which in turn plays a big part in the way it all effects your muscles because you are so stressed you are tensing up which will cause the nerves in your muscles to tense to causing the numbness,your mind is a powerful tool whic
Avatar f tn It is not necessary for a 3-year-old to write, and a child that young is not being naughty if he is not interested. As for the school behavior, look up "social anxiety" or "social anxiety in children" for information.
Avatar f tn So I've just recently become open with my social anxiety. I remember being in middle school and thinking that something was horribly wrong with me. I would get so nervouse around people. My body would tremble, my voice would shake and I couldn't think clearly. I've become more comfortable with being uncomfortable, and yes I do notice that there are plenty of people that are shy, but I really hate the fact that my real personality can't show when I'm around people.
Avatar f tn Anyone else get social anxiety in big groups? I have always been an anxious person in general but i have always Been able to manage it and show up to group events. I have noticed now though the farther along i get the more anxious i get and the more i get the overwhelming urge to bolt from events. Its getting bad too. Any one else or any ideas?
494087 tn?1257793207 I was diagnosed with social anxiety and panic disorder a year ago. I take remeron and klonopin but the doctor says only to take them at night. I think I need some medication to get through the day but I am afraid to tell him I am having trouble getting through the day. I always have a butterfly feeling in my stomach and when I have to go in public I get very nervous and feel like everyone is looking at me. I guess my question is does anyone else feel this way and what should I do?
Avatar f tn Yes, it does sound like social anxiety. Have you thought about getting in to counseling to help with this?
5148952 tn?1364321766 You are correct that the Abilfy will not help with your social anxiety. And while I do not mean to imply that your social worker has not helped you, very few, if any, social workers are trained psychologists who can help you with this problem. It may be worth considering professional therapy to beat this phobia once and for all.
Avatar f tn I have a presentation coming up next week, so I decided to go and seek medical help today. I went to my doctor and he diagnosed me with social anxiety. He said that the best treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy, but he prescribed me some medication to get me through this semester. He prescribed 10 mg propranolol (inderal) 3 times a day and an extra 10 mg inderal 1 hour before the presentation + 0.25 mg Xanax 1 hour before the presentation.
722310 tn?1234762137 I have a question about social anxiety accompanied with phobia. I am a mother of 5 and I have had social anxiety since I was young. I am now 45. I bagan to drink and use drugs at an early age, to help bring comfort when I was around people. I had it pretty well managed, by making myself get out. I have had counseling in the past, but I never discussed this with the counsler, because I really didn't think it was a major problem for me. My 2nd son is turning 16 next month.
Avatar f tn I would also have to agree that counseling can really help with social anxiety. First of all, don't feel ashamed or embarrased about it because many people suffer from this in my opinion. In my experience, counseling can she some light on why you are feeling anxious, make it less confusing, and gvie you as step by step approach to confront it.
Avatar m tn have a time limit. I know that if she had my social anxiety or whatever my problem is, I would leave with her once she reached her limit. But my wife won't do it. And it ticks me off. Then I get angrier inside, and I withdraw even more. Many times, I take 2 or 3 trips to the bathroom just to get 5 minutes to myself for some peace and quiet. By the end of the night, I'm exhausted, mentally and physically. She doesn't understand how emotionally draining it is to socialize.
Avatar f tn Yes you do have social anxiety. I have had it for years and now it has turned into agoraphobia. I also have panic attacks. I am not saying all this could happen to you but just be aware of these things. Have you seen a therapist? I stay secluded to my home but my therapist is trying to help me with these issues. I take xanax for the panic attacks and anxiety. But they do have different meds. I suggest you go to a mental health facility in your area. They can be quite helpful.
Avatar f tn So I have endured Social Anxiety all my life. Along with Depression, these two make a great pair! My question is this. How does one go about getting a job, going back to school, buying a car, etc, when you don't have money, because you can't get a job because you can't be around people (social anxiety)? This *****. It's really a nasty circle.
899491 tn?1243773627 Is it possible to have social anxiety with bp? I don't do the spending sprees or have extramartial affairs but I certainly feel paranoia. I start withdrawing after my manic episode. It all starts with not feeling comfortable around people and I feel highly feels like I want to jump out of my skin. I have trouble speaking too. I would get sentences all mixed up or start stammering away when I have to talk to someone. I start to withdraw into my little world.
Avatar f tn If you find the answer to this question, let me know. Iam the exact same way. People seem to think i am stuck-up, or a b tch. My husband is the only one that gets me. One thing I have learned, when i do talk to people, i try to talk enough to bring up my shyness and it seems after that they know im not stuck-up and they reach out more. I dont take it anymore but when i was on lexapro, i was more confident with who i was and was able to talk more to people.
Avatar n tn I believe I have social anxiety and am currently seeing a therapist. However, managing my symptoms has become a daily challenge. How do I prevent panic attacks when I'm around others? I still get really anxious around strangers which prevents me from making genuine relationships?
Avatar f tn I do believe that after WD and early in the process either substance site should include recovery issues, or social needs to be cultivated a bit more. Maybe there needs to be a notice on substance that social is not just "social" but also substantive and worth a look. Also, I gave my email address and have received no notices. Actually, I received one notice a while ago. Sorry to be difficult.