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Avatar f tn Anxiety can be a symptom of mood disorders, or it can be a separate condition that you also happen to have. Having generalize anxiety disorder or social anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder at the same time is perfectly possible. I highly recommend checking out the website for more info on this, as well as the mood disorder spectrum in general. Secondly, why is this doctor saying SSRIs are CAUSING anxiety?
Avatar m tn With help with sensory stuff his anxiety may reduce. But I would also go to your GP and get in writing the seriousness of his anxiety. Tell the doctor you need a letter in writing because you are being refused services. If the anxiety is so great that he is refusing school that can actually work in your favour. You just need it in writing. If the LEA cannot meet a child's needs in a state school then they have to fund a place for your child in a private school.
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if anyone has been on birth control pills and have suffered from anxiety or depression issues? I have been on the pill for 11yrs now and cant take how I am feeling anymore. I went on the pill for irregular periods, but since then I have been feeling blah, libido has decreased severely, I have sinus problems- I found out I have no allergies- so I think it is related to axiety, I worry constantly about everything; I get so nervous I get light headed sometimes.
Avatar n tn John is an alcoholic who is currently in group and abstaining from alcohol except for a couple of slip ups he's doing well. He's taking anti depressants and an anti anxiety as well as participating in talk therapy. All of which I have set up for him. He was sexually abused by an older half brother when he was around 8. No penetration, I believe fondling and it happened a couple of times.
Avatar m tn I am looking for stoke survivors to participate in my dissertation to improve the quality of social support given to stoke survivors. Please follow the link below to find out more about taking part in my confidential questionnaire. Many thanks, - Sophia Costa If you wish to contact myself my email address is ***@**** or supervisor Dr Kate Graham K.
Avatar m tn Without knowing your height, you body weight is quite low for an adult male. In young males, we often see social anxiety as to a reason why weight gain is difficult. Even your comment about wanting to “vomit” when “having meals with stranger” suggests anxiety. Without doing a comprehensive consultation, I would not be able to diagnose your condition. A low body weight coupled with what appears to be anxiety can point to an eating disorder.
214864 tn?1229718839 They may occur sporadically or as part of an anxiety disorder, such as panic disorder, social anxiety disorder or phobias. Jordan W. Smoller, M.D., Sc.D., of Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, and colleagues studied 3,369 healthy postmenopausal women (age 51 to 83, average age 65.9). When they entered the study between 1997 and 2000, the women filled out a questionnaire about the occurrence of panic attacks in the previous six months. They were then followed for an average of 5.
Avatar n tn Hospitals never were my favorite place to be, and now being there to see a psychiatrist, is making it worst! Also, if anyone knows, how do they treat social anxiety in Canada? Is it more commonly to be treated with therapy + medication or therapy alone?
Avatar f tn So desperate I went to an ADHD specialist psychiatrist and after making me fill in a questionnaire and speaking to me for 50 minutes; he decided I had the sort of space cadet qualities (circuitous thinking- diverging instead of converging thoughts) of the 'inattentive hypoactive (as opposed to hyperactive) dopamine deficient ADHD candidate' . He admitted he wasn't 100% sure (how can anyone be?) but decided to try me out on concerta.
Avatar f tn How to balance your brain chemistry using nutrition, exercise and lifestyle I have made available for my clients the detailed questionnaire which clinicians have used to determine neurotransmitter dominance and deficiencies. I took the questionnaire recently and found that the questionnaire accurately identified my neurotransmitter deficiency which was corroborated by testing done by an associate of mine who is a naturopathic physician.
967168 tn?1477588089 001), a commonly used instrument that quantifies the magnitude of anxiety symptoms11. Unfortunately, this questionnaire includes somatic anxiety symptoms (such as palpitation) which can result from a hyperadrenergic state such as is seen in POTS. When a newer, cognitive-based measure of anxiety (the Anxiety Sensitivity Index12) is used, there was a trend toward less anxiety in the patients with POTS than the general population (15±10 vs. 19±9; P=0.063)11.
5757880 tn?1395581622 He is eight years old and is currently diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety issues and possible PDD. She is currently still evaluating him regarding the PDD because she does not want to underdiagnose him or overdiagnose him. I understand that, that's fine and we have another appointment with her in one month. However, she did give me a list of the medication children with PDD would normally take, so I can research it. The names are Risperdal, Latuda and Fanapt.
Avatar n tn That may help any professionals to put in more specific strategies that may help with anxiety and phobias etc. You don't say who is involved with your son at the moment, and if no one is then I think there should be a multi-discipline team involved. From your post I think there may be some sensory issues (due to Aspergers) going on, or sometimes those with bi-polar can have heightened/dulled senses. Alot of people with mental health issues tend to self medicate with alcohol and drugs.
Avatar f tn I had bad dreams and felt like everything was my anxiety increased. So he told me I could stop them...since normally I have no trouble with my health. I stopped those pills 3 weeks ago now.. and for two weeks I felt better..I could study well.. But I experienced some side effects, like dizziness when standing up.. tiredness... but the worst side effect is this feeling I have when I look in the mirror.. It's like I recognize myself but I feel detached from myself..
1914355 tn?1323640174 Not to mention i've got to get a job and i have social anxiety disorder making it difficult to even go to an interview without having an internal panic attack. I have been trying to calm down but i can never push all the stress and worries away. I'm always thinking about the next time i have to put on a fake smile or study for a test or memorize this or answer that. horror films don't really scare me, i'm not sure if that is the cause but i'll try your suggestion and not watch many of them.
Avatar f tn I got home today it was the most stressful week of my life i thought i would never survive. I felt so ill all week, the anxiety and panic was unreal i never slept for three nights. Then i was so emotional and i was upset everytime someone spoke to me. I saw my therapist four times this week, but i ended up travelling into his office as where i was staying where was very noisy. They then had to arrange lifts for me in and out. I went for walks which is new to me.
969132 tn?1249327851 To the best of my knowledge the recent studies on other types of anxiety (besides the anxiety disorder social phobia, and perhaps PTSD) have not shown significantly elevated plasma NE levels.
Avatar n tn If the article sounds relevant then you could buy her book. At the back of the book is a caregivers questionnaire which you can complete the give you a sensory profile of your child. Sensory Integration problems can be a diagnosis in themselves, but can also accompany ADHD and Autism/Aspergers.
Avatar f tn This seems like an awful lot of meds, do I need to completely wean off the Effexor before I start the Prozac and is Prozac safe to take with the Busipirone? I also have Xanax for anxiety that i usually take at bedtime??? So confused with all these meds and very frustratated because I have been suffering for 9 months with this horrible depression due to a separation from my husband of 16 yrs. I have 2 children and hate to be taking all these different drugs.
744777 tn?1235092863 My son who is 7 years has been diagnosed with ADHD by a Psychologist and Social Anxiety Disorder by a Psychiatrist. We've had these diagnosis for about a year now. He has also been diagnosed within the past 2 months with Autism (mild), Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder and ADHD-Mixed type by a Pediatric Neurologist. He is taking Zoloft 50mg and Vyvanse 30mg. When he was a baby he was slow to hit his milestones. He started talking around 8 months. Started walking around 18 months.
780647 tn?1304024542 This book also has a caregivers questionnaire at the back of it that you can complete to get a sensory profile of your child. Our Autism Outreach Department uses this questionnaire, so I know it is reputable. The other possibility is that he is also ADHD as a co-morbid disorder. But I would look into the Sensory issues first to rule them in or out, especially as he is making the loud noises as well. Does he ever appear deaf?
Avatar f tn I also don't drink alcohol and wash my hands obsessively. At least once a day I am overcome with anxiety and truly believe I will throw up- I am nauseous, hot and cold, stomach cramps, etc. for a period everyday... Sometimes all day.
Avatar n tn Is your daughter distressed when she is running or excited? If she is distressed, then likely she's having a meltdown/anxiety attack... Try to cope with it by finding out what is stressing her out and work on that. Trying to snag her back may save her that one time, but won’t be any more help than that without figuring out what is causing her meltdown. With my parents, I did NOT like being held onto... The more they tried to squeeze my arm, the more I struggled to get free...
337969 tn?1208795849 Have you noticed anything that triggers the aggression. Usually it's out of stress or anxiety. In the past I have also hurt myself from any of these feelings: - Extreme sadness (from being picked on, feeling stupid, lonely, being misunderstood, or just down…) Sometimes I’d try to bring up a mental image that would normally trigger a hyper spell, but usually all I could get was a momentary smile, then back to grief… - Anxiety: feeling the full effects of the fight or flee reflex...
Avatar f tn Suggestions of how to handle a situation when a teen refuses to have testing completed for IEP purposes. Has been tested previously and diagnosed with NVLD. Has a history of anxiety also, He also refuses to accept his previous diagnosis of NVLD. He says the psychologist is wrong. Can a teen refuse testing? What happens if he refuses testing? He is already being seen by a psychologist, (individual and group therapy), pediatrician, psychiatrist.
Avatar f tn He did mention HFA, Aspergers, and PDDNOS as possiblities but said that there is a slight possibility that it could be some sort of extreme anxiety disorder. I guess what I am wanting to know is did any of you have a child this young diagnosed who made all of his milestones on time or early? I.e. my DS sat up unassisted aa 5 months, crawled at 6 months (although it was always a modified army type crawl or on his tiptoes), and he was walking by 9 months.
Avatar n tn And, with the family history, your son may be predisposed to anxiety disorder (social phobia is one type of anxiety disorder), given the hereditary nature of some of these conditions. You should be encouraged by the progress your son has displayed in his communication, social interactions, and frustration tolerance/impulse control at home. The challenge ahead is how to replicate that same progress in his verbal communication and social interactions outside of the home.
Avatar f tn I'm sure they could have assessed and sorted all this stuff out ages ago. To not have answers to your questionnaire is rubbish. How long would it have taken him to do that? I think it's a cop out and he should have known you would be extremely anxious about it. To make you wait longer seems inexcusable in my opinion. I just wrote that I was interested in making my life move forward. If you want you can always say that I thought it would be beneficial for you.
Avatar n tn She constantly appears to be seeking thrills we have tried to help her with this and she now goes to one inclusive sports club with one to one support and also riding for the disabled once a week which she loves also a social club for young adults with social difficulties when michael and i took her for the first time he was teriffied and felt that it was not the place for gemma how wrong he was its her favorite night of the week and she just fits in and i have never seen her so happy and not