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Avatar m tn She says it shouldnt' have a time limit. I know that if she had my social anxiety or whatever my problem is, I would leave with her once she reached her limit. But my wife won't do it. And it ticks me off. Then I get angrier inside, and I withdraw even more. Many times, I take 2 or 3 trips to the bathroom just to get 5 minutes to myself for some peace and quiet. By the end of the night, I'm exhausted, mentally and physically.
Avatar n tn I too suffer from anticipatory/social anxiety. In my case I feel extremely nauseous before a social event in which I'm unsure of how it will go. For instance, I'm less nervous if I've been in the social setting before, but if it's a new setting I feel sick and often vomit before going to the event or on the date. I hadn't experienced the vomiting in a while until I started dating a woman a few months ago.
Avatar f tn I am seriously considering leaving my marriage. I know my husband is a good man with a kind heart, but there is a great divide in our sex life. We have been together about 10 years We have a 5 year old daughter. As is typical, in the beginning of our relationship, things were hot. Sex was frequent and amazing.. It would be easy to presume that once our daughter was born, the flames subsided. That is not the case. Those flames started to dwindle down before I even became pregnant.
Avatar m tn I have been on Lexapro for social anxiety, general anxiety, and depression for about 8 months and it has helped a lot with those problems. However, I have gained about 30 pounds and I can't lose it. I seem to be unmotivated to exercise and always wanting to eat. I was never like this before starting the medication. In fact I was an avid cyclist and very skinny before. I don't want to have the anxiety, but I also don't want to be heavy and lazy.
Avatar m tn And from what I've heard from other men, when the wife loses interest in sex after having kids, pursuing a career, packing a social calendar, and so on, then the marriage goes downhill. From some of the posts on this site, that is happening with women too, as the husband engages in sports, hobbies, overtime at work, and so on.
152339 tn?1189759427 This can have long term effects on your son in terms of anxiety and possible social behaviours. Remember, a son will treat his gf/wife the same way that his father treated his mother. If not for you, then leave for your son. Find a women's group for support. You will be better off without him. As tough as it is right now, it's only going to get worse. They don't change. Speaking from experience, it's worth it.
1225331 tn?1333369369 I was talking with another community member, and we were kind of discussing social security disability. We were wondering, once someone has a Dx of MS, is it fairly easy to qualify for disability benefits? Or what kind of requirements are there? Just wondering....
Avatar n tn The problem I feel is that we are both suffering various mental illnesses which I'm more than willing to admit. I have had long term mild depression, anxiety and OCD. And now I feel I may have a bit of bi-polar too. The problem with my husband is that he feels he is perfect and unwilling to admit anything is wrong (typical macho male). He is 34. Recently I have come to the conclusion that he has adult ADD/ADHD.
Avatar m tn My family used to call my son vampire boy because he never wanted to go anywhere or do anything, just stay in the house and play video games. In my son's case, it was anxiety, mostly Social Anxiety. Pushing hard for them to join things or get out of the house only pushes it into depression. He may be normal, but let me tell you, I wish I had taken my son to a counselor when he was 12 - that's when school started to cause him great anxiety.
Avatar n tn My wife and I go just to get some help...He wont go to any type of social function outside of basketball. He said there is something bothering him but he wont tell us or go to see someone. His Doctor sent a request to the school to ask teachers if they noticed any signs or social problems or ADD.They all said they saw no problems. We have noticed a lack of focus etc,,and the doctor has put him on a med for ADD. He has been in it a couple of weeks and we have seen little change...
Avatar n tn I know you want a baby because you're lonely in your marriage, but honestly, I was in your shoes once and a baby will not solve your marriage problems but create more problems. If you do get pregnant and have a child there is a good chance your marriage will end and you will have to face the prospect of raising this child alone. Do you have a good job or career that you can afford to do this? Do you want your child to come from a broken home?
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 24 I have been diagnosed as having bipolar depression, severe anxiety and OCD. I'm taking 100mg of Zoloft (for about 8 years now) It was recently up to 200mg, but my Dr was going to change it but while weaning off them I got so depressed and started having suicidal thoughts and there was a episode where I started cutting again. I'm going to speak to him to see if I should go back up to 200mg because I 'm still not coping that well. I also take 5mg of Zyprexa daily.
Avatar n tn Stepmom cared for her as a mom for first 3 years, but now that the marriage is rocky, she has pushed the girl away and has nothing to do with her. Biological mom lives in the area, but visits sporadically at best. Now for my concerns. I have worked with her in a classroom setting. She does not socialize when peers at all. She makes random statements about different topics not related to discussions (during class time).
Avatar m tn "Do you think the 'what iffs' are just plain insecurity rather than something that the subconscious mind is aware of which I am not? " The "what ifs" are solely a symptom of anxiety....and a VERY common one. Pretty much anyone who suffers from ANY form of anxiety experiences that. Just to give you an example....if a person has extreme anxiety and panic attacks, they will constantly "what if"...."What if I have a panic attack in the grocery store?"....
758077 tn?1282599161 I would have thought the anxiety would have gone by now. I know sleep will help, but I need to get rid of the anxiety first.
184674 tn?1360864093 com/health/2011/06/02/divorce-plagues-kids-social-academic-lives-for-years/ Young kids whose parents divorce struggle with math, social skills and emotions such as anxiety and depression for at least two years after the split, a new study finds. The research is the first long-term study to break down the effects of divorce by the predivorce, during-divorce and postdivorce phases.
Avatar n tn Something else to consider...The confusion you describe may be more than increasing ammonia levels from cirrhosis (brain fog)...You didn't say his age but, if he has been an alcoholic for 15+ years ( I know you said he was a "social drinker"...My personal definition of a social drinker is someone who has an occasional glass of wine or a beer during the week and doesn't drink to impairment..More than that, and I'd be questioning an alcoholic drinking habit...
Avatar n tn I have a 4 month old baby and a 7 year old step son from my husbands first marriage. When my husband and I first started dating he had a lot of guilt about the divorce and so he gave into his son a lot and let him get away with bad behavior often. His exwife doesn't believe in punishment unless he did something really bad, like fighting in school. I really think she has parent blinders on and thinks there is nothing wrong with her son, as many parents do.
Avatar n tn There are two types of social anxiety. One is specific; the other is generalized. In specific SA, one may vomit thinking about speaking publicly for instance (please refer to <a href=></a>).
525545 tn?1293184794 He saw a different dr. on Tuesday this week as our dr. was booked. I was thinking he was having anxiety attacks. An the dr. he saw said the same and prescribed anti anxiety medication I have never heard of. He took one when he got to work and later he was fighting sleep. So that medicine is out. He is very agitated which I understand. I have to call and schedule a barium swallowing test to see if he has anything that may be causing the swallowing problem.
Avatar n tn I was restless which didn't help when I wanted to sleep. I'd wake up at 5am after a 3 or 4 hours sleep, I suffered from social anxiety..the list was endless. I have to say the drugs did not work and I suggest that taking any type of medication should only be used as the LAST option, unless you are experiencing an urge to self-harm, hallucinations or delusions (which MAY be symptoms of bi-polar disorder or clinical depression).
Avatar m tn Sounds like a movie title.. But can you have anxiety and not know what is causing it? I mean do people get the feelings of anxiety and not know where they are coming from? I understand some people get anxiety when they fly in an airplane (like me). Some get it when storms are coming. Some when they have to give a speech etc.. But can you have it, and not have a known cause?
Avatar f tn I am a single mother of 3 children under the age of 6 and I work in sales so I am under a lot of stress on a daily basis. I have a lot of anxiety and am constantly worried about my health, even though I'm of a healthy weight, don't smoke- etc. I've been using hydrocodones off and on for more than 5 years including when I was pregnant.
Avatar n tn Although it may be true, I am having a tough tough time believing that all these chronic physical symptoms are as a result of anxiety alone. If I am treated for anxiety, I am wondering if they will improve or if the physical symptoms will linger and if so for how long? Would love to here some experiences on this from the forum.
Avatar m tn She has more motivation to do things now. Thinking back I have always had n anxiety problemcontroling her and jealousy. Now it has tripled with her looking nice. We have been seeking counsling, individually and together. I am on blood pressure pills and zoloft. For the last 6 months we have been fighting but together for the kids.
Avatar n tn Does not shake at rest, seems postural, worse during anxiety, worse in the mornings,and is usually just my arms and hands, but can be my thighs and back...very similiar to a typical nervous shaking, but less intense. PCP sent me for brain MRI which was normal, thyroid and liver blood work normal.So since I am a general worrier, he decide to try Zoloft.
Avatar m tn Interestingly practice of manners reduces anxiety in the social and marital situations. Yes we must keep it up when we are married. It makes a huge difference! More folks should try it.
Avatar n tn I too have anxiety about HIV. I'm just not coming around now. I just ate a full lunch for the first time in weeks! I also used to wake up thinking about HIVHIVHIVHIV! My exposure incident was also "a very low risk." All I can tell you is to put your faith in God and all will be fine.
Avatar n tn , said I have anxiety - put me on Celexa (3 mo's now) but it has done nothing. Tried breathing exercises, meditation, etc - none of that stuff helps. And can't really exercise because I'm scared I'll drop dead! Please help, this is ruining my life, hurting my marriage and my job. The chest pain is very real and painful to me, but the Doc is telling me it's a chemical imbalance and basically all in my head... ???
Avatar n tn This spring and last (at the same exact time, when oak pollen was strong) I got the constant burping and anxiety. For me, taking some Tussin product helped somewhat. Anxiety and allergies seem to go hand-in-hand for me and can produce some weird symptoms. Sometimes it helps just to know that's all it is. Hang in there!