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Avatar f tn I would also have to agree that counseling can really help with social anxiety. First of all, don't feel ashamed or embarrased about it because many people suffer from this in my opinion. In my experience, counseling can she some light on why you are feeling anxious, make it less confusing, and gvie you as step by step approach to confront it.
Avatar m tn I know, when you feel the anxiety, it leads to more anxiety because you are anxious they will notice your anxiety... Higher heart rate, blood pressure, chest pains, wish to immediately leave the place... And to me, it seems better to leave home at night or when it is colder or rainy, because there are less people out there, on the street... You are not alone!
Avatar n tn I have depression/gen. anxiety, with social anxiety. I take klonopin only as needed for a few days-when I am having an extremely hard time. I have tried many different meds. Am currently on Paxil-it is more geared toward social type anxieties, and seems to be working fairly well. I still have more depression, esp. this time of year, than I would like but at least my (performance)-social anxiety is managable. Hope you find whats right for you.
899491 tn?1243777227 Is it possible to have social anxiety with bp? I don't do the spending sprees or have extramartial affairs but I certainly feel paranoia. I start withdrawing after my manic episode. It all starts with not feeling comfortable around people and I feel highly feels like I want to jump out of my skin. I have trouble speaking too. I would get sentences all mixed up or start stammering away when I have to talk to someone. I start to withdraw into my little world.
Avatar f tn How does one go about getting a job, going back to school, buying a car, etc, when you don't have money, because you can't get a job because you can't be around people (social anxiety)? This *****. It's really a nasty circle. No job, because of anxiety, no money because of no job, no help, because i have no job that gives me money, because i have social anxiety. I really have no solution to this.
Avatar m tn She says it shouldnt' have a time limit. I know that if she had my social anxiety or whatever my problem is, I would leave with her once she reached her limit. But my wife won't do it. And it ticks me off. Then I get angrier inside, and I withdraw even more. Many times, I take 2 or 3 trips to the bathroom just to get 5 minutes to myself for some peace and quiet. By the end of the night, I'm exhausted, mentally and physically.
Avatar n tn I'm a 24 year old female and have had problems with depersonalization (off and on) for about 2 months. And been having panic attacks for about 1 year and have had social anxiety for about 5 years. I was diagnosed with it by my doctor and I recently was prescribed Celexa and took 10mg for about 5 days. I stopped taking it because it made my anxiety attacks and my depersonalization worse. The last 2 days that I was taking it ..I felt sooo messed up and confused. I felt like i was losing my mind.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm a 21 year-old male who suffers from social anxiety. So, basically I've started taking propranolol from Octomber until now for preventing physical symptoms like flushing,palpitations,tremor,trembling voice .I've experienced some serious side effects like tiredness,dizziness,excessive sweating, brain fog and even depression in some degree. Also, I've gained 4 kilos since starting it.
624699 tn?1221858356 i havent been diagnosed but i have EVERYTHING that social anxiety is. ive had it for like a year or two and i had symptoms of social anxiety for acouple of years but i was shy or actualy i had social anxiety but it wasn't as bad as it is right now. i dunno, okay well lets get to the point. is there a way to get over social anxiety.. even just a little bit. to the point where you can go do what you need to do but still feel alittle scared?
Avatar m tn Let me ask have u ever had a diagnosis of social anxiety or any other anxiety issues?If not then I wouldnt be concerned about it.You just need to give it time for that to get better.Like u said using was a social lubricant for u.U have to really get used to doing everything sober first.Congrats on ur clean time.It will get easier I promise.I was similar when I quit using.I had always been outgoing my whole life,After quiting I was anxiety ridden BIG time.
Avatar m tn One thing to keep in mind that dividing anxiety into categories, such as social anxiety, is useful for insurance companies and drug companies and for a therapist figuring out how to help you, but isn't useful for you -- anxiety is anxiety. For all of us who suffer anxiety, whether it's called social or called something else, the root problem is that for whatever reason we begin to focus on anxious and catastrophic thinking and learning how not to do this is what helps.
Avatar f tn I know I keep re-posting and re-posting. I have severe social anxiety even around my own family. Today I ate with my family trying to face my social anxiety. Whenever I am eating with them I get nervous when I talk to my 5 year old niece. I feel like they are watching my every move. I feel like they are judging me. Whenever my dad speaks to me its usually because I do something wrong like forgetting to take out the trash or not locking the door.
Avatar f tn Try not to beat yourself up over the baby shower situation. Anxiety is tough and if you have social anxiety situations such as the baby shower obviously are going to trigger something. I would suggest that you talk with a therapist. They really are a great outlet. I hope you feel better soon....
Avatar n tn For example, when he first enters the arena so to speak he behaves very silly and has silly facial expressions, jumping around not listening and being disruptive to others by jostling, jumping his position in the line. -- your words This is behaviour common to children suffering from anxiety. I might suggest you google the phrase "children and social anxiety" or "social phobia and children" or similar words/phrases to better understand this issue.
Avatar m tn Hi Richs28. Welcome to the forum. Social anxiety, can be managed or treated, and the key to successful treatment is finding the underlying cause. 1.It could be that one has a genetic predisposition to this. 2.It might have to do with brain physiology and neurotransmitters etc. 3.The other possibility is emotional factors. With #1 well there's no better way than keeping the predisposition as such.
18251556 tn?1463795920 It could just be an excess amount of a certain type of hormones/chemicals being produced in my brain, but the queer part of this anxiety is that I have no regard for social norms or approval of others whatsoever. In fact, I could care less about being embarrassed or people thinking poorly of me. Yet, I still get social anxiety when facing social situations. What could be the cause of this?
Avatar m tn chained. restrained in a chair of social anxiety of not speaking. why do i have this social anxiety disorder. like at work when i feel like i want to talk to someone or cant even speak due to this anxiety to talk. i end up beating up myself and feel very angry at myself. like bottled up. i get pissed off at myself alot . fear anxiety *****.. this is scary. i want to know what i can do to help or remedys on this. type of feeling.
689528 tn?1364139441 So my son (almost 4) has been diagnosed recently as having social anxiety disorder. When we are in public situations like a fair or even a small room with plenty of people he either acts out or cries. It takes him a VERY long time to warm up to some people, especially other kids. I think his teacher thinks he's autistic because he doesn't acknowledge the other kids. I run a home daycare and he will play with the kids here. He also talks to adults that he knows well.
Avatar f tn So I'm 17 and I suffer with Anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD, bi polar and depression. I went to my doctor about it and he said that he won't prescribe me with anti depressants because I'm not over 18 he told me to get professional counselling but If I can't even tell my parents my problem how does he expect me to tell a complete stranger how I feel?
230890 tn?1197651614 If the neurotransmitters are out of balance, messages cannot get through the brain properly. This can alter the way the brain reacts in certain situations, leading to anxiety. Environmental factors: Trauma and stressful events, such as abuse, the death of a loved one, divorce, changing jobs or schools, may lead to GAD. GAD also may become worse during periods of stress. The use of and withdrawal from addictive substances, including alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, can also worsen anxiety.
Avatar n tn How can I find a psychiatrist and/or counselor who knows both ADD in adult women, and Social Anxiety Disorder well enough to help a person who suffers from both to get through the Social Security Disability process? This will be in two parts because I exceeded the maximum length.
Avatar n tn I'm a very very happy person but I have bad panick attacks and social anxiety that is often prompted by thinking I'm dying. I've had all kinds of things (in my head) like heart attacks, cancer, strokes, blood clots, tumors in the brain, EVERYTHING I ever saw or read about. I get the numbness and tingling and I also get a rapid heart beat, sweating and my vision is blurred along w/dizziness. The tight muscles I've never heard of or the muscle spasms.
Avatar n tn i'm fifteen and suffer from an anxiety disorder. i've told nobody and i just want it to go away naturally.
Avatar f tn Yes, I have similar anxiety associated with certain social interactions. I have diagnosed generalized anxiety, not social anxiety. The only difference I see is, unlike my husband who suffers from social anxiety, I can experience heightened anxiety for a wide range of causes, and be perfectly at ease in many social settings. But one recurring issue I have is that when I ‘let my guard down’ I stress out that I start talking too much.
Avatar n tn Although marketed as an antidepressant, is has also been shown to be effective in anxiety disorders (e.g. panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and social phobia). Ask your doctor about which of these is best for you. Hope this helps!
10743983 tn?1440213810 Before I got pregnant I took hydroxyzne when needed for panic attacks. I have PTSD, OCD, generalized and social anxiety.
Avatar n tn My question is really whether abusive amounts of alcohol consumption can trigger these anxiety phases. The most recent phase was at the end of a two week period of drinking at least a few drinks everynight and some weekend nights were excessive (8-10 drinks). Does anyone know if there is any evidence that short periods of excessiving drinking can be the trigger for attacks? Both doc's don't believe I'm alcohol dependent I just sometimes overdo it.