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Avatar n tn on 31st Dec night i drunk and smoke toooooo much but nex day 1jan i had dry cough badly and after next day i had soar throats. i dont have other illness like flu, cold, headache etc but after 15days dry cough gone but still today is 13feb and i have soar throats. can anybody tell me about this problem? its slightly soar throats not aching and i can eat or drink smoothly but wehn i wake up in morning its feel too uch. i took allergy medicens and took blood test its normal.
Avatar f tn Hi im 9 weeks pregnant today and I woke up with a cold, soar throat and the worst headache... on top of all my pregnancy symptoms... I was wondering what should I do to make me feel better? And if being sick is bad for the baby..
Avatar m tn Hey guys, I'm a 19 year old gay male and I had sex on Friday with a guy who's 18. He said he was clean because he always uses condoms and so I trusted him. We had anal sex with me as the receptive partner. We of course used condoms so I'm not so much worried about anal sex. However, at one point he rubbed the tip of his penis on my buttock region before the condom was on...I also know that the skin in that area was sensitive from waxing so I suppose there could be a risk there?
2166701 tn?1358365167 Im 34 weeks & so sick headache soar throat stuffy nose keep sneezing & shivering. What over the counter medication is safe?
Avatar n tn Hi, two days ago I received oral sex from another guy that i do not know his HIV status, also i gave him oral sex but for like a minute, no ejaculation happened, nways the next day i felt a soar throat and 2 days later, today I have a soar throat, chest congestion and a headache//is this symptomes of HIV!!!!
Avatar m tn 3 days back i started having a fever, soar throat and headache. I went to see a GP and he gave me medicine for the common flu. paracetamol and an antibiotic called ammoxycillin. I don't have any fever now but my soar throat is still there. Today i noticed a few very small red colored blisters and one red color patch which has a wet surface. None of them are causing any pain.
Avatar m tn 3 days back i started having a fever, soar throat and headache. I went to see a GP and he gave me medicine for the common flu. paracetamol and an antibiotic called ammoxycillin. I don't have any fever now but my soar throat is still there. Today i noticed a few very small red colored blisters and one red color patch which has a wet surface on my penis head. None of them are causing any pain.
Avatar f tn It has now been a month after my hiv exposure and have been having a soar throat and a headache which has developed to dizziness.i strongly believe it is ars.i have put my affairs already in order.could this just be anxiety?
Avatar m tn but i still feel sick, with a headache and soar throat and pain in my joints and testicle area. it says thats HIV on the internet.
Avatar f tn I have had chronic strep throat since I was little. I even have one tonsil that is constantly swollen and has been for the past 5 years (we call it my bad tonsil). Anyway, my good tonsil is all swelled up and is completely white with blisters. My other symptoms include ear pain, headache, body aches, and soar throat on the blistered side. I have had strep a million times and this doesn't feel like strep. The throat pain isn't bad enough for me to think its strep.
Avatar f tn It lasted 5 days along with coughing, extreme soar throat, headache, pain above eyes, and later couching up mucus and throat pain and muscle pain. I figured I maybe caught a virus from someone, and decided to not even go out of the house until I feel 100% ok. So I almost quit training, until my muscles feel usable. Yesterday I started feeling drowsy and tired, by 6 PM I already wanted to call it a day.
Avatar f tn Most of the time there is no symptoms. Soar throat if anything, but a soar throat can be from many things. Both STD's orally are uncommon and chlamydia is very rare.
Avatar f tn I currently am sorta sick sick. Yesterday was much worse, fever between 99 and 101, Runny Nose/nasal drip, headache and slight soar throat and i would cough up phlegm occasionally. Today most of the symptoms are gone except a tender throat, my fevers at 98.8. The symptoms mirrored many of the ars symptoms but they don't include the rash or the diarrhea and vomiting, and would ars be 2/3 day illness or much longer?
Avatar n tn She was haveing stabing pain in the right side of her head. all the glands in her throat are swollen,she has a bad soar throat. and when the doc shown a light into her left eye she got sever pain in her right eye and head . And she said her ears were so plugged that she didnt now how she could hear.She was given two shots of atibiotic and a scrpt. and has to get blood work done. Do you have any Idea what could be going on with her? The doc thinks it could be somtthing serious.
Avatar m tn I am sufferring from soar throat from last 2 weeks again. Although this is not severe and no pain, I am getting below symptoms. Feeling of sweating in underarms. Neck Pain. Soar throat. No fever at all. No cold. Is it due to Infection? If I used condom, what can be the infection come from? I have tried Azethromycin and Mint Gargle but the Soar throat is not yet gone completely. I have a history of SINUS. I have lack of sleep for 15 days before last week(4hrs per day). What shall I do next?
Avatar f tn Soar throat coming back for nearly a month? i do not know why my soar throat is keep coming back.. i had chest pain and i had difficulty breathing. i also yawn a lot. all of these disappeared but im having soar throat coming back after a month passed. then i start to have soar throat.
Avatar f tn Got a fever of 99.
Avatar f tn I have a bump under the skin in the roof of my mouth toward the back right side passed my teeth. It hurts, especially when I run my tongue across it, my throat also seems to be soar, my neck hurts as well and I have a headache, I can't decide if this is a dental issue or if i should see my family doctor.
Avatar n tn I have a problem where I have a soar throat with a raspy voice a lot of the time. I pinpointed throat tenderness right under my Adams Apple. When I press my index finger into the area that is below the Adams Apple but right at the edge of the bone and then more to the right, I feel the scratchy/soar throat spot--more scratchy then soar. Is this one of the symptoms of a thyroid problem. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced such a thing?
Avatar n tn it seems to go away for a week or so and comes right back again gettin worse every time. just the other day it started coming back and now i have bad back pains, soar muscles everywhere, headache, a really bad and deep cough. when i breath it almost feels like i have been working around insulation all day. it's a really dry scratchy itchy feeling in the back of my throat and nose. i was thinking maybe gettin my tonsils out would solve the problem...any suggestion would help alot....thanks!!
Avatar m tn She has been having a soar throat and this week she went to her doctor. He was miffed and after multiple tests he determined it was gonorrhea. I don't appear to have any symptoms. She has been fatigued, headache and neck pain for quite awhile. Will the antibotic rid her body of this or is it too deeply inbedded. I assume I have to be treated also.
Avatar m tn is soar throat and lump i nthroat for 8 weeks is symtom of hiv no other symtoms except these doctors says its GERD but am more worried its a phyrangatis
Avatar n tn hey thanks, i woke up this morning and my throat was fine, i did go to the doctors and the doc said that i just have a soar throat, i did explain the situation, and shes said it was just a soar throat nothing more.. but thanks your coment made me relax a bit! i appreciate that!