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8236831 tn?1397181836 I have 6 weeks left! :D im so excited but iv never been so terrified! I dont have much support around me right now and its making me feel very worried and anxious.i was just hoping for some tips to ease my mind.
Avatar f tn Then I'm frustrated because it feels like its taking too long and I'm so anxious for my next appt but time is going by so slow!
Avatar f tn I had twin a year ago and I had mine at 34 weeks and only stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks I hope u make it to full term with 2 healthy babies
2562986 tn?1358196301 I am just so excited to meet him and see what he looks like! I lost my job in October so I am so freaking bored which doesn't help my excitement!
422891 tn?1315183520 Well I wouldn't be so sure it's not him, a couple where trying for a baby and couldn't fall pregnant and he had kids ( she didn't) and the tests confirmed he was Infact now sterile..
Avatar n tn I am a 73 year old woman, in relatively good health, overweight, had stress tests in the past and ekg's. However yesterday I had a routine stress test ordered by my cardiologist and thought I did fine, he called today and wants me to have a cathererization in a couple of days, something seemed not quite right and he siad this is the only way to tell 100%. If they find something when they do the procedure, do they do the balloon or stint right then?
5780464 tn?1374383906 Its getting closer and im getting anxious, nervous, and any other feeling you can feel. Just wish it was not winter. My biggest fear is not making it to the hospital. And with all this mi snow and being 45 min away is scary.
Avatar n tn I weighed about 115-120 Kg for the past 21 years of my life and now weigh about 108-110. At about this year I started missing weight mysteriously.I am a medical sstudent who started combining work and studies and sometimes get to eat once a day. I also get a lot of bowel movements in my stomach and sometimes like chills running through my spine with noise.
393709 tn?1295968016 I am so anxious today. It is day 8. Is that normal? I feel like I am going to turn inside out. I am a little dizzy too ( aside from my normal dizzy).
168246 tn?1212066854 After a year of DR visits and tests my drugs arrived today. I decided to start on Friday. I have been crying off and on today and wondering why I am feeling upset. I have wanted to start the treatment. Now that it is time I am feeling scared I quess. Is that normal?
3051094 tn?1342036247 I get my anatomy scan on August 22nd and I'm anxious to know the sex of the baby how can I keep my self busy to time can stop standing still???? This always seems to be the slowest part of pregnancy!!!!!
Avatar f tn Yes I believe so your more fertile two Weeks after your period good luck!
Avatar f tn My sister had a molar pregnancy. She got pregnant again about a year later and had a perfect healthy little boy. I'm sorry I can't be of more help. I heard molar pregnancies are rare.
258821 tn?1227127290 I ended up getting pregnant every 2 months or so. Try not to stress, m/c's are hard on the body, so don't be disappointed if it takes a few cycles to get preggo. Keep us posted!
Avatar f tn I'm due Oct 12th. It can't come soon enough. lol We have a 3 and a half year old boy and this one is a girl. I'm pretty much ready. My body is def ready, kinda getting.depressed. Was your second baby earlier then your first? My son was 6 days late. I've heard that the second can come early and be a shorter labor, do I'm hoping.
Avatar f tn Alot obs are like that but I called around and Idont have medicaid eather but this ob Iis going to see me help me fill out papers so medicaid so you can proble call around see who could help u. also get the hospital ultra sound showing ur pregnant and take Iit to medicaid they will help with medicaid fast.
Avatar n tn Prior to this relationship, I was in a monogomous 5 year relationship in which no protection was used as we were both free of any STD, so I can say w/ confidence I was clear prior to this experience. I do have oral HSV1. On to my questions: 1) You've mentioned before in another post that you cannot catch any STD w/ an intact condom. Given that fact alone coupled w/ the already relatively low risk for any one single encounter (4 total in this case), should I even be concerned?
Avatar n tn Dr. thank you for this very useful and informative forum. I'm very anxious about several incidents that may have exposed me to the HIV virus. I've been told by several friends that I'm acting inapropriately and I'm worrying about nothing, but I'm an anxious person who has been know to be a " worry wart". 1. Visited several massage parlors over the past year and was given a " happy ending" with her hand.
Avatar n tn Im very anxious about syphilis. I guess because I read people most of the time don't know they have it. I went out with a hispanic male in his early 40's he's straight and has a good job, we both live in NM. I didn't see anything weird or abnormal we shared a bottled beer and shared a straw. Once back at my place, we kissed but not open mouth and he kissed/licked my breasts. We didn't go any further and I will not see or talk to him again.
Avatar n tn Background: I'm a 40 year old male with a happy family. My left vision was lost in 1990. Although I have only one good eye, I had a very successful life. I never worried about my vision until 5/18/2006 when I was diagnosed with cataract in my good eye. I had cataract surgery on 8/09 and everything seems OK now according to my eye doctors. But since 5/18/2006, I've been constantly thinking about potential vision loss. I thought, "If the surgery goes well, I'll stop thinking about it.
Avatar f tn s) and it was itchy. I am so very nervous because I have a really bad feeling about that night..
Avatar m tn I am nervous because I have not seen her family for almost a year. they tend to be judgemental and they will be looking at me thru a microscope. I am sorry that I called now - I should have seen her on my own in retrospect, but my kids are going so i will have them there. they know our divorce was mainly due to my drinking and I want to hold my head up high but do have some shame.
Avatar n tn Just found out I was pregnant I am 4 weeks and am feeling really anxious because I'm afraid I'm going to miscarry again. Can anxiety cause a miscarriage and what are the chances of having 2 in a row??
Avatar m tn Late last year I was on the rebound and generally miserable. Drunk off my *** in Seoul on the famed 'Hooker Hill' (an area where GI's go to sleep with Korean prostitutes) I found myself with a Korean prostitute. Prior to anything occuring, she cleaned my penis with an antibacterial wipe before applying a condom and performing protected oral sex. Soon after this we attempted protected vaginal intercourse (and, in my drunken state, I can only confirm that I was still wearing a condom.
Avatar f tn I am scared to have the test done anyways, although I have never had an outbreak or anything similar, because I would be so distraught if i did indeed have herpes. (either kind, im sure...) I have had less than 15 partners in my lifetime (I'm still under 30) but I am still freaked out!!!! So, what should I do? Am i being smart or too overcautious? I stay awake at night thinking about how I can never be close with someone again, because I am just so scared to contract something.
1194973 tn?1385507504 You're only kinda crazy Ivy, BUT you're so right... It's totally amazing!!! I'm so ready for this baby girl to come out and plan for number three, I want four!!! DH says he's done after this one, but I have a feeling I can get him to change his mind!
Avatar f tn I am doing all my Doctor says to do. I still feel frightened and he doesn't even need to see me for a year and a half. Does anyone else feel this way? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Had unprotected oral and brief Unprotected sex ( 30 seconds) without climax, with a girl i have known for a year half. Later also had protected sex but midway through didnt feel right. Noticed condom had ripped. Ceased to have sex. 3rd June advised she had chlamydia. Tested by urine on 6th June. Negative but wasnt first stream. Tested By swab 9th JUne. Negative by swab. Doc gave me azithromycin even through i had no real symptoms.( I WISH I DIDNT TAKE IT!!!
Avatar n tn I think this may have occurred on one occasion. Thanks so much for addressing these questions. Just need to put my mind at ease.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm a 21 year old male fairly concerned about the damages masturbation has caused for my sex-drive and sensitivity whilst having intercourse. Since the age of 16 I've slept with about 8 different girls, usually without condoms but I'm yet to have a long term relationship and I blame this solely through feeling cornered with my problem. The problem is this, I have no issues ejaculating when I masturbate, usually to pornography which I've done almost daily since starting puberty.