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217599 tn?1202854552 Sneezing is one of the first s/s of w/d. I'm normally a two-times sneezer. I sneeze three times with this, occassionally 5 times. I'm at day 24 and still doing it, but also have lots of other s/s. This will be different for everybody.
425312 tn?1279969779 I was wondering, if through my sneezing, could the methadone get out of my body that way? sounds like a stupid question, but I sneezed a million times yesterday and woke up doing it. Day 20 though and proud of are you Feohmoon?
Avatar n tn I never posted this before but I sneeze too, all the time but only since cleaning up!! and I am on day 20.. so really im no use to you at all... just wanted to let you know I have the sneezing thingy too...I hope you get better, flu wize!!
Avatar f tn 32 hours off tramadol and 9 days off norco, in addition to nearly debilitating exhaustion and every other wd symptom, I cant stop yawning. I'm guessing there are abunch of you reading this nodding. So its normal? I know its different for everyone but how long will the yawns last? Thank you for the ongoing support. Honestly I don't think I could do this without you guys.
147426 tn?1317269232 Don't know anything about what causes it but i have had the yawning thing happen to me,It drives my boyfriend crazy cause he always thinks its because he's boring me.
Avatar m tn Hi there & Welcome! Sneezing is one of the initial signs of acute withdrawal. (Yawning & watery eyes usually precede sneezing.) When you're on opiates they flood the body with histamines (that's why people scratch when they're high.) When they're withdrawn the body's natural histamine response is shut down & so you sneeze & tear a lot. It's completely normal to experience this in detox & the symptom diminishes over time.
Avatar f tn This is one symtom that i have never had this bad..i am sneezing like crazy..Skin crawling a bit..last 2 days has been a hugh taper..So i just took another half of a 10, which makes it 2 1/2 so far...trying to listen to my body instead of a taper schedule... Reading post yesterday put me in a different place mind and soul..i thank ya'll for that..i know i would not be doing this now if it wasn't for you guys...tommorrow i find out if i am released and then that is it for me...
Avatar f tn Along with the sweats we sneeze our brains out. Just wait til the yawning starts. You won't be able to stop. You'll be trying to have a conversation and be yawning all the time. It's actually quit funny sometimes. Your doing good so keep up the good work. Your almost done with the physical stuff and then comes the mental so don't let your guard down. You'll really want to post when the mental cravings hit,it helps to let it out.
Avatar m tn But you get headaches on turning the head, bending down, sneezing or coughing or yawning. These are pointers to cervical spine (neck vertebral column). Visit an ortho or the neuro again. 'Migraine' can't be seen in any CT or MRI. It is a diagnosis mainly by exclusion of other causes. Hope this helps. Pls feel free to write.
274397 tn?1190342565 By working in the medical fielsI have notived when I have given narcan for and opiate od, the eprson began sneezing and yawning. I have read the insert, the paperwrok on the med narcan and it said these 2 might be an indcator that one is going to have a seizure. I have gone into w/d many tims though and did the sneezing, thats how i knew i was in w/d. but ive never had a seizure.i think it hd to do with receiving narcan iv after a long extended use of opiates then receiving narcan.
Avatar f tn Yup, I had the same thing. The yawning drove me crazy because I could not sleep.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am a young, fit 21 year old female & I am confused as to why i am having all these difficulties! The symptoms are almost constant & very much frustrating. Waking up in the morning is difficult for me & throughout the day I feel fatigued. I have difficulty taking a deep breath as well as taking in a FULL yawn- I get half way through it & I feel like it just shuts down on me.
Avatar n tn I also have increasingly bad short term memory problems (at only 25), could this be connected to the yawning, and lack of oxygen to the brain? could I have asthma? thank you so much for any help you can give me.
441267 tn?1211690601 not feeling too bad still, but what the heck is this sneezing all about?!?!?
783281 tn?1259695031 sorry i have no idea im now ten days off of suboxone and have the same problem im wide awake but cant stop yawning and sneezing by the tens! i feel ya its annoying as all hell! hopefully someone whos been clean for longer can help answer your question!
348629 tn?1212329273 sneezing, yawning, watery eyes, diarreah, shakes, hot cold sweats, cold feet, cold hands, sweaty palms, night sweats, sleeplessness, RLS, creepy crawly skin they are all withdrawal symptoms
Avatar n tn Withdrawal symptoms usually are chills, nausea, headache, body aches, sneezing yawning. diarrhea, sweating, anxiety/depression. There are nore but that's all I can think of now. I get restless legs really bad.
Avatar m tn I use to think it was my brain and relexs just waking up, and they had been sleeping so long..... Some symtoms are so weird...I would go from yawning to sneezing within minutes of each other.....
Avatar f tn Your body changes its functions when you take pain meds (dependancy) and when you get off of the pills your body has to re-train itself to go back to the way it used to function. I get the yawning and sneezing too. Everytime I have to sneeze I actually feel worse after the sneeze for about 20 minutes and then I start to feel normal again.
Avatar n tn If so except to be in the bathroom alot I mean alot. Your legs and arms are very restless and coughing sneezing and yawning are all apart of it. If you have xanax diffinatly take it. Are you at work? The best way I've gotten through it is sleep for two days off and on. That when you need the xanax.
Avatar f tn I hated that and the yawning. Almost a year later I still have that kind of sneezing and yawning at times. It's crazy.
Avatar n tn ive tried cold turkey before and it sucks balls. cant sleep, cant eat, runny nose, shaky legs, sneezing, yawning, shivering, sweating. i hate it. i ran across some ambien and got it. hopefully im not trading one drug for another. but at least i will be able to sleep. is this a bad idea??
605114 tn?1252111996 getting from lounge to pc is a mission. can barely move my arms. yawning alot. just got sneezing fit. trying to not take tramadol, allowing myself one only at night to sleep if the combination of catapres, phenergan and baclofen and 1/2 clonazapam dont work. but im not wall climbing. just diarreah and really darn tired and weak. gonna go take up my prime position on couch and put headphones on.
5783082 tn?1374180761 I was assessed to be in moderate withdrawal, at a 20 out of 36 according to the clinical scale... And they said that because I've been sneezing instead of yawning, I'm probably on the way down! Hallelujah! My legs haven't been as bad today, and I went swimming at the Ymca, and even took a 30 minute nap! I think I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel Here's the clinical eval:
Avatar n tn Restless legs, insomnia, inability to eat, severe body aches, constant yawning and sneezing. okay people - what have I missed? I know there is probably something I have forgotten about, but in answer to your question, stomach problems, for sure! It will be similiar to the worst flu you have ever had magnified x 100!