Sneezing with stitches

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4136449 tn?1354738065 (. Its either wear a pantiliner all day, or walk around with wet panties. I'm only 11weeks and 2 days, and know this is only going to get worse and not better...
179055 tn?1189759429 I agree with Lynne! I hate sneezing because I always feel like I am going to pee my pants! Not a good problem to have during allergy season!
Avatar n tn I think the pain is normal, I just had a laparascopy 4 days ago and they told me my muscles will hurt and that I will get more pain with coughing, laughing, and sneezing. My pai hasn't been too bad. They closed me up with a glue substance. Just make sure you watch for signs of infection. The incision site being hot to the toch is a sign.
Avatar f tn I had a partial thyroid operation on the 24th january 2008, they found a benign cyst which rather largebut was successfully removed along with the left thyroid. the scar healed very well, but sometimes it feels as through the muscles tighten in my throat, its this an after effectof the operation.
963857 tn?1247225141 Coughing and sneezing while you have stitches can be a real problem, not to mention painful. Even if your cold is gone by then, keep in mind that you need to hold a pillow to your stomach before coughing or sneezing to lessen the pull it will put on the tender surgical sites. You will also have a very dry/sore throat post-op so if your throat hurts beforehand...well you know it will only feel worse afterwards.
171867 tn?1271047748 AHHHH CHOOOO ... once the stitches are removed sneezing won't be quite as bad!!!! Same goes for coughing. Oh, after passing that kidney stone I started to get sick .. so you can add something *else* to that list .. not too much fun but as you say a small price to be healthy right ! The time of feeling yourself will generally increase on a daily basis. Yesterday was the first day I was able to do food shopping on my own with small bags.
168348 tn?1379360675 I am still on extra strength Tylenol round the clock .. it feels like a raw, cut with stitches (ah doy .. that is what it is LOL) and it hurts and goes into my gland and up/down my neck with movement .. coughing doesn't help things either.
Avatar f tn I don't even know if I would call what he has as a fever. but with everything else that is going on with him makes me worry a little more. I'm praying that the redness and the sickness are not related!!
Avatar n tn I dropped my lunch box outward and while running I bent over to attempt to retrieve it and with my head tilted down I hit my head on the corner of a wall hard. I then had a big pool of blood about a few feet wide on the ground. I lived up in the Rocky Mountains and was taken to a small clinic there and they only gave me stitches. No ER room, no tests. The scar is about four inches long.
Avatar f tn These are things I would have and will do differently when I give miss bella a brother or sister to play with :) 1. Eat a lot but more of healthier food. Not so much icecream and greasy foods. Because I now have a cottage cheese belly. And about 50 lbs to lose. But I seriously think eating a lot is good because my baby was a healthy 8 lbs 14 oz. 2. Work out as much as I can handle. Stay in fit makes you have more energy. I was so fit before. I was a factory worker and tough like the guys.
368844 tn?1262322947 I have been to my dr for a f/u and path results. My strips were removed and they removed the stitches. There was a bit of swelling, but otherwise not much to report. Are you on any meds? What was the reason for the removal?
Avatar f tn I am 27 years old and ever since the birth of my last child (which was a very tramatic and damaging birth, he needed up coming out oddly and I was left with over 20 stitches from tearing), I have been having problems with loss of sensation in my vaginal walls, as well as issues with leaking urine and having to urinate very frequently even if it is a very little amount, I feel like I can not hold it.
Avatar f tn With my first o had staples and with my second I only had stitches and it went a lot easier. Ice packs definitely helped the hospital would give me them to lay on my incision I even took one home so I could do the same at home. Take it easier and take the help whereby can get it. Good luck.
351724 tn?1267540618 had runny nose ,pressure in forehead, itchy raw throat , sneezing, and a little bit of acheyness and a dry cough when i first started to cough i coughed up some greenesh brown phlem . as the days went by my cough started to sound like i was gargling, and nothing else was coming up, i would feel my chest rattle . then i noticed my right eye having pressure in it. it comes and goes .
Avatar f tn The only pains I had were a bruised feeling for a couple of days and pulling from the stitches, but while in the hospital the nurses brought me ice packs to sit on and a squeeze bottle to use for rinsing; before we went home they gave me a sitz bath to use a couple of times a day. They also told me I could take certain painkillers and use a numbing spray. I doubt I would have even been very sore if my dd wasn't so huge- with a giant head too.
Avatar n tn I wonder if the muscle spasm in the lower abdomen might cause a problem if there are unhealed internal stitches? Just something to consider. But....have fun! Peace to you and your husband.
Avatar m tn If I was her I probably wouldn't even want to be in a bathing suit with stitches like that on.. she'll be swollen and sore and recovering.. like in professional sports I guess that would be a game time decision but I don't think she'll want to be swimming that soon after surgery (even a week..
985419 tn?1248899180 Yes, about a week after my TT (performed on August 4th) I had significant swelling on the right side of my neck below the stitches. It came after resuming some "normal" activity and to be truthful, lifting a few things I shouldn't have. It was fluid from the void where my thyroid used to be. It took several days and occassional ice on it but, it went back down and looks great now. It is most likely fluid that re-entered under the suture line and should go down in a few days.
171269 tn?1201785051 It saved me from coughing or sneezing for about 36 hours after surgery. Yeah, sneezing is a KILLER after surgery. One of my sisters had a problem with the anesthetic but that was her metabolism - she always has problems with anesthetic. She said vomiting was really harsh with the incision but none of the other 5 of us had that problem. You are going to be tired not only because of the surgery but because the monster that controls your entire metabolism will be missing.
Avatar f tn Sounds like you need to be evaluated by a qualified pelvic floor specialist. Someone with experience evaluating prolapse and incontinence. Urine leakage with coughing laughing, sneezing, and activity sounds like something called stress urinary incontinence, and depending on how much it bothers you, can be ignored, treated with specialized pelvic floor strengthening exercises, pessaries (special vaginal inserts), or a type of surgery called s "sling procedure".
425199 tn?1313072597 that was fun with the IV stand in the hospital!). I've taken pain meds a couple of times... they help me sleep, so I love them. =) I had some problems with my heart rate last night - it was super high,and the nurse taking my vitals at midnight says, "Whoaaaa!" So, that freaked me out. She spoke to the doctor, and he said it is very common. It was better this morning, then spiked again, but I feel fine. My blood pressure was low, too, but seems to be rebounding.
Avatar n tn Lying around is all you are capable of just now and know that posting was an effort! Coughing with stictches sucks canal water! Sneezing is even worse! Do you have a pillow that works as a good grasper? Gotta have that and a recliner when you want to "get up" as that is as far up as you should aim for just now. Wimp? Do I have to Head-slap some sense into you! Your're no Wimp and never will be, just a bit inconvenienced just now. The RS stinks but we are here for you Shirl!
1248623 tn?1406812015 (I have had neck pain, pain with sneezing, finger tingling/arm pain at night, a few other issues, and too many prior traumas, for years) The MRI Report: Chiari I malformation, Cerebellar Tonsils 6 mm below Foramen Magnum margin Loss of normal cervical lordosis C3-4 circumferential disk protrusion 6mm X 15mm, abutting the spinal cord with moderate central spinal canal impingement C4-5 Posterior central disk protrusion 6mm X 7mm minor spinal cord compression C5-6 Circumferential disk bulge
1337047 tn?1275917664 Hi. I hope someone out there can help me. I have been diagnosed with a "football sized" ovarian cyst, which will be removed during laparotomy surgery, the incision which will extend from just below the breast down to the hair line in a vertical incision. Also because of my age a hysterectomy will be performed, which given my age I can understand fully.
Avatar f tn I felt pretty good after a week, but was told not to drive or lift anything for 2 weeks. I had my stitches out in 1 week. Don't be too surprised to see some bruising.. It will go away. The hardest thing was stretching to reach something and bending over. Try not to do either. I had one of those grabby things from Walmart (Gopher).. a little grabby thing on a pole in case I dropped anything.. Ireneo is so right.. Stool softeners are a must and I ate prunes as well.
Avatar f tn My other half is not functioning properly since surgery ...... it's hard to predict what will happen for you. I had steri strips and stitches so cannot help with glue. Congrats on benign initial results!!!
Avatar f tn It was not a fun surgery but I am thrilled with the life improvements, I am happy to laugh with my kids and not have head pain! Good luck with the process, if you have more questions, just ask!
237249 tn?1211293998 Hubby got up with the kids thank goodness and I slept in a bit. I am trying to get up and going but I cannot tell you how awful that was. On a happy note. Today is our wedding anniversary, 17 yrs of wedded bliss and total utter crazies.
Avatar f tn I had my hysterectomy on monday the 22. came home on wed. Yesterday was the worst. I felt pretty good in the hospital. only used the morphine pump a few times. I walked alot in the hospital and that helped. Had a long ride home from the hospital and I think it took its toll. The pain meds make me feel sick to my stomach, so I try not to take them unless I absolutely have to. I think the biggest thing to recovery is to get a lot of rest.