Sneezing with a cold

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6047529 tn?1380575558 I have a cold and every time i sneeze i pee.. I hate this.. Plus i have class tonight.. I hope i do not pee on my self..
Avatar f tn Since the middle of November I have been sneezing everyday and it happens about 3-4 times a day, at first I thought I was getting a cold but sneezing was the only symptom I had and I still do it. Is it my allergies?
Avatar n tn I NEVER sneezed unless I had a bad cold. With W/D I had sneezing fits at least 5-6 times a day. The W/D sneezing stopped about day 6 for me.
Avatar f tn When I feel a sneeze coming on (which is often with this head cold), I have to basically hold my sides and pull my knees up to my chest. If I don't, I'm in extreme agony and sometimes end up in tears.
Avatar m tn Anyone have an idea when that will stop?its unreal I sneeze about 5 times a day with 4 or 5 sneezes at a time.
Avatar f tn since i have found out im pregnant i have been sneezing so much! With the sneezing i dont see how this baby stays in me lol! Anyone else with constant sneezing?
495284 tn?1333897642 I have no clue why people sneeze during w.d, I know that is one of my bigger I constantly sneeze. Not sure why...but it happens to most people.
Avatar n tn I am 35 years old.Since six months every other day I am getting cold and sneezing,Not able to work.I am having tonsilitis problem.I am allergic to dust,perfumes. After getting up from the bed ,I start to sneeze.It continues till the night.If i get up in the middle of the night again sneezing starts.we are staying in Honkong for last 3 years. we try to keep my house clean and dust free.Six months before we changed to this new house,having wooden floors,we really need help.tried many doctors.
4202953 tn?1377187106 Hi Happy. The sneezing was a very big thing for me as well (and the sweating). I used to post about it all of the time. It took about a month before my sneezing somewhat subsided. At around 70 days I'm still sneezing more than average. It definitely has gotten better though. Using opiates wreaks all kinds of havoc on your body including messing with your histamines/ anti-histamines. You may not have noticed but while u were using you probably didn't sneeze much at all...
973741 tn?1342346373 There is nothing wrong with a dog's nose being wet. But if she is snuffling, sneezing, coughing or breathing in a strange way it's best you check her out at the vet's. Dogs can sometimes get foreign bodies lodged in their noses, like a grass seed, etc.
1478993 tn?1303210258 sore throat and sneezing. must be the weather changes!
Avatar f tn Has anyone had a cold? I have a stuffy nose and sneezing all the time. what to do?
Avatar n tn I was having dinner with my husband at a restaurant and while eating I sneezed several times. During the sneezing cycles I felt pain in both my arms going down to my hands, the pain in the lower extremeties of my lower arms was so severe I had to stop eating. I felt very weak for about an hour. This has happened to me before but it was milder. Is this normal to happen or does it have something to do with the heart? What should I do? Thank you...
Avatar m tn Im constantly sneezing, when i sneeze they are short and quick with no mucus. It happens so much that even my partner gets annoyed with it. Its been happening for two years now. Any ideas on how to stop it or what it is causing? Ive tried allergy pills, all types of antihistamines but nothings working. Any ideas? Thanks.
Avatar m tn my baby was born premature weighing in at 4 pounds 10oz he was in nicu but now hes home but he seemed to have caught a cold he's coughing, sneezing and a runny nose is there any medicine that i can give him that could help with this
Avatar f tn its probably just a normal cold but when you are pregnant it may affect you more.sweating is a good sign as it means your body is getting rid of germs.
149081 tn?1242401432 My lab has been sneezing wqhen he gets excited or just wakes up- it produces a mucous bubble which i wipe away with a kleenex. Do you think it would be allergies or just a cold? I just haven't had tyime to see the vet in the last few weeks due to work. I have increased his vitamin intake and he seems to be a bit less snotty! Any advice?
Avatar f tn Hello all, I am 15 weeks pregnant with a terrible cold. I have nasal congestion, sore throat, runny nose & eyes, coughing and sneezing. I called the nurse yesterday and she didn't tell me I could take anything. She told me to use saline nasal spray, a vaporizer and herbal throat lozenges. I've been doing all that before contacting her, and it doesn't help. Is there anything else I could do or take? I am up all night having a hard time breathing, and trying to sleep.
Avatar n tn It is often treated with a drying nasal spray (like Atrovent) and antihistamines like chlopheneramine and lovatidine are effective. Nasal decongestant drops too relieve congestion. Please consult your primary care physician for further evaluation. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn It's gross but the salt dries up your nasal passages, at least for a couple of hours. Works like a charm when you have a cold.
Avatar n tn I have a very sneezy cat. She was extremely sneezy when we first got her from the shelter and upon taking to her to the vet for her first shots and check up he gave her a round of antobotic for a "cold". Went through that, still sneezing so they put her through another round. Basically to this day she's still very sneezy, and mucus is present. Also, every couple weeks she'll be even more sneezy than normal and her left eye will get runny with a brown substance.
Avatar m tn I have always had allergies and sometimes I get a severe sneezing reaction- I can sneeze nonstop for a few hours- I sneeze so much that its hard for me to take breaths in between the sneezes. I sneeze so much that the next day my upper body is extremely sore. I get the itchy eyes with it as well. I have Flonaise(sp?) but have not used it consistantly. I usually take Claritin dissolve tabs which help a little. Can anyone PLEASE reccomend a better treatment.
Avatar f tn I'm in 2nd wk of c/t and feeling so much better, but I've been sneezing like crazy and cold (it's 98 outside!), I thought I must have a cold. Your post and the replies you've received have helped me a lot! Glad to know this will stop soon....I could always sneeze at least 10-12 times in a row, but now I'm sneezing 5 times that! Thanks again, and good luck to you, we should all buy stock in kleenex!
Avatar f tn So putting one or two in a small place with water vapor would be a good idea. Wipe their faces and clean their eyes with a wet towel to get rid of all that discharge, and let’s hope for the best. Keep us posted.
Avatar m tn In an entity called allergic rhinitis, the symptoms are similar to a common cold, but they are usually more persistent and show seasonal variation with episodes of sneezing. The individual responds to an allergen, which can be in many forms like dust and household mites. It appears that you are suffering from such a phenomenon. But the tightness in the chest could indicate Asthma, which is also triggered by allergens.
Avatar m tn The individual responds to an allergen, which can be in many forms like dust and household mites. It starts with severe sneezing episodes. It appears that your mother is suffering from such a phenomenon. The allergic history usually runs in families. You can tackle this problem in the following ways: Prevention and Therapy during attacks. For prevention: Try to maintain an allergen-free environment. Substitute all synthetic and cool materials with cotton ones.
211940 tn?1267884866 Daytime), also Unfortunately, I still have multiple lapses of sneezing 2-4 times in succession, several times per day. I do not have a cold, nor sinus infection, etc, and yes, I know I have several airborne allergies. I just wish I could figure out, why, if I'm taking allergy medication daily (along with Daytime), am I having multiple bouts of sneezing fits on a daily basis. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
Avatar f tn Hi girls, Since 7 or 8weeks into my pregnancy I've had cold/flu like symptoms with sneezing, coughing and runny nose. I am now week 18 and I got my ribs inflamed in week 15.. (only the ribs on my right side) due to the frequent sneezing. So when I sneeze it is incredibly painful. I was wondering if anyone else is suffering from these symptoms? I can easily find the same on google but my OB seems confused as to why I have this..