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4378548 tn?1358558379 okay so the last few weeks I have been sneezing up a storm!! and my entire life every time I sneeze I hold it in because I have a phobia of snot/saliva. but my mom told me here recently that you're not suppose to hold in your sneezes while you're pregnant because it can harm the baby in some way..? is she right or is she insane?
Avatar f tn For like 2 days I've caught myself sneezing up a storm, I get light headed, nauseous to raw meat, never happened. Could it be? (: ah, so anxious to find out! 2/15 hurry UP!!!!!!
108861 tn?1227249648 We had my daughters and my cousins little boys party at paryt palace today and the set up of the party was up a huge flight of stairs..I climbed them stairs way tomany times and now i am paying for it..I am so tired that i could just fall out and i am out of pain pills....I think that i pulled a muscle in my back from sneezing and just to stand kills me...Oh and the movie was a good one....i sure hope our sis is ok..That girl worries me as if she was one of my on children..hugssssssss..
Avatar m tn ) He is eating well again -even dry food- and seems to have gained some weight in just the last few days. He is talking up a storm and interacting again with his "siblings." The only symptom now is the runny eye occasionally and some sneezing. I went back to daily antibiotic instead of every other day, (and told the vet I was doing it!) and within two days he was responding very well. He really hates the stuff and I hate giving it to him.
Avatar n tn I am having a bad sneezy day myself. It feels like someone has shoved a feather up the right nostril, quill first. The sensation borders on pain, causing me to sneeze constantly, my nose to run, and my eye to swell and run tears, all only on the right. There is a spot on that side, right where the cartilage starts, that is the focal point of the discomfort, feels like a nerve gone crazy.
Avatar n tn I had hoped that when I saw that decrease in either frequency or times actually sneezing, that would be a good indication that all the other w/d s/s would be leaving and that it would be over soon. I sneezed up a damned storm for over three weeks, then the frequency decreased rapidly, and I started sneezing in two's. I was thankin' anyone/thing that'd listen. So was everyone in my house. I'm still sneezing, but it's few and far between. I don't even consider it anymore. It'll pass.
178239 tn?1277409091 Last time I did Clomid, I was burning up for about a week and a half. I do 100mg, too. My doc won't rx less either. I have been cramping all day, which is very odd for me. I'm starting the bd tonight. Poor Tim, he's in for the marathon again, he he he. Heck, I gave him a week off, what more does he want?!?
Avatar m tn I began allergy shots, for a month, afterwards I began sneezing up a storm. Developed chronic rhinitis in the process. I've also developed montly infections, non stop since Mar 2018. Was on antibiotics for 4 months straight, last year. This year Feb/March been on antibiotics Amox/Clav. Each time, I complete course of antibiotics, I begin sneezing up a storm !! My eyes feel horrible, swollen, pressure, ithcy, etc....
1042423 tn?1260998559 Yup me too I have had several broken being chucked around a sailing boat in a storm, they really hurt, bracing is all you can do and pain killers, sneezing can be hazardess so can coughing, and dont let anyone make you laugh .......It takes a while but they do heal .
Avatar m tn I had some muscle soreness (just a little), night sweats, something that looked like maybe it was a small rash, a horribly stopped up and runny nose, and slightly swollen lymph nodes in the neck and groin. My blood work showed low platelets, high lymphocytes, and elevated liver enzymes. In the interim, after the unprotected anal sex, I had also had receptive oral sex with several partners of unknown status, although I'd not let anyone ejaculate in my mouth.
448628 tn?1205379276 I just forced a banana down my throat and did my mineral suppliment, B-vitamin, fish oil and a librium. I have a feeling I'm going to be throwing that banana up any second now. Thank you for the support, I would be high right now if it weren't for this forum.
Avatar n tn In 2005 I eneded up in ICU for a week from a thyroid storm, I almost died. I have a j-pouch and from 2006-2014 I have been in and out of the hospital with pouchitis, fistulas, and fissures. It has been rough. Now I have constant rectal pain whenever I use the restroom I bleed and hurt. It interrupts my life every single day. Can anyone hlep me?
1397254 tn?1298677530 Last week I got a blessing in disguise, I'd been abusing vicodin since last fall. Getting 3 refills a month. I came up with every excuse to keep taking them as directed. Then some a$$clown suggested I crush them to get a stronger effect, me being an addict,did so. Well, I got busted the FIRST time I did it. As I said, it was for the best. Doc will no longer prescribe narcotic classed drugs to me-ever.
Avatar f tn I've had pneumonia for the past week (and an upper respiratory infection before that)... So I've been coughing up a storm. I have had NO bladder control for 2 weeks. Just started getting it back a little 2 days ago when I stopped coughing as much as I was. Still wearing incontinence pads as a precaution, but don't change them nearly as much as I was. Last ounce of dignity... Gone.
Avatar f tn No, I havent figured it out just yet, but I'm trying everything and I'm never giving up. Not just for myself, but for YOU as well. B a r e K a n v a s @ a o l . c o m I'm currently irrigating with NeilMed Sinus Rinse around 4 times a day, tilting my head back not forward, and it It seems to be helping.
Avatar n tn I have had post nasal drip for a long time and a chronic repetitiive sneezing. Come to think of it, I haven't had it for a while I am 1 year post treatment, so far SVR.
Avatar f tn Like u, I've tried to look up the cause of the sneezing and found nothing except that it is part of w/d's. The chicken skin may have passed but I expect that it may return here and there. 2SUE: Anxiety was the worst for some of us. I know it was for me. Out of all of the w/d's, I hope that one doesn't show it's ugly face again. Try drinking the wellness tea called "tension tamer" helped me and you can find it in your local grocery store for a few bucks.
2006603 tn?1331332927 And this morning i woke up at about 6am to use the bathroom and i went to lay back down and my little guy was just kicking and punching up a storm so when i finally fell back asleep i woke back up at about 9am and my stomach was aching like i had been doing ab work outs. Im just so tired all the time now, any advice?
10219953 tn?1426175439 Yesterday I just sat on the couch most of the day trying to breath out my nose and sneezing up a storm and hacking up mucus and the congestion then on top of that contractions and the stretching pain from my cervix. It was bad. And last night was just as bad trying to fall asleep. I think my ear ache is now turning into an ear infection. I want either this baby out this week of this congestion cold thing gone by tomorrow. I just wanna deal with not both. Bleh...
592969 tn?1248329005 Great to have Garrett feeling well again and meowing up a storm like usual. He is such a loud, lovable, affectionate big tom cat.
Avatar f tn I have high blood pressure and when it spikes up I get terrific headaches so it was just a guess. You can check it at a local pharmacy/food store. What day are you on?
225555 tn?1189759424 Its day 2 i slept like a baby im up i feel real good exept for my back pain. Day 1 i felt like chit and i probrably will today too but so far so good i have no sweats or anxiety or rls. Is the storm coming or did it pass on day 1? Theres no way this can be this easy no severe w/d that i read about. Well keep up the fight people and god bless... i will be on and off today.
Avatar f tn I am having a heck of a time eating so I picked up some Ensure and have been taking that at regular intervals. The first two days I was able to sleep but not last night. I am really jittery, uneasy, pooping, sneezing, uncomfortable in my own skin and so so tired- I guess the typical symptoms.
Avatar f tn In many areas, a later spring than usual has caused many plants, which normally bloom at different times over a period of weeks, to blossom at the same time, creating a perfect pollen storm and causing a wave of stuffy, swollen sinuses and itchy, watery eyes. "Seasonal allergies affect all parts of the upper respiratory system plus the eyes," Dr. Marvin Lipman, chief medical adviser at Consumer Reports, said in a statement. "There's usually no single magic bullet.
284738 tn?1283110419 so what is your opinion on the whole situation? are we just being super-paranoid or is there a reason to be afraid?
Avatar n tn But she is always sneezing and hiccuping. Usually she hiccups to a point where she thrown up. I fed her around 12PM and she only nursed for 7 mins (I timed it) she threw up 3 times in 15 mins.
Avatar n tn People can become infected with the Hepatitis C virus during such activities as •Sharing needles, syringes, or other equipment to inject drugs •Needlestick injuries in health care settings •Being born to a mother who has Hepatitis C Less commonly, a person can also get Hepatitis C virus infection through •Sharing personal care items that may have come in contact with another person’s blood, such as razors or toothbrushes •Having sexual contact with a person infected with the Hepatitis C
Avatar f tn Sneezing up a storm... MY WHOLE BODY HURTS !... Still at work..(11:20am) C/T day 2 !!! I feel like **** just from like 30 mins ago.... it is funny how your feelings can change so quickly.... Thought about going to the DR. but only for a quick second...WOW...why is it everytime I feel a pain.. I think I have to take something strong... It is getting to the tuff part now.... bout to take Advil.. and I brought my IcyHot Heat Therapy..patches with me.... to help my back... and knees...
429155 tn?1205676864 - While awaiting the scan results I was given oxycontin for pain relief, this seemed to do the trick for 2 weeks, 10mg 2x a day, then things hurt again so up the dose went 20mg 2x a day, then 40mg 2x a day, then 80mg 2x a day and up to 120mg 2x a day, recognise the scenereo anyone??..